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  • 1. Optimized TalentAcquisitionand Development 8 Critical Steps toBuilding Your Essential TeamPeak Focus LLC 2011 All rights reserved.Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

2. Define E x p e r i e n c e a n d Te c h n o l o g y1 A t W o r k F o r Yo u . . . 8 C r i t i c a l S t e p s F o r C o n n e c t i n g Yo u rAttractB u s i n e s s t o t h e R e s o u r c e s Yo u N e e d2 Systems are put in place to ensure a predictableoutcome. No one makes up the manufacturing process for a widget every time they make a new one. So, why should finding and developing the right talent - the idealFilteraddition to your team to help you reach your goals - be anydifferent?3A well defined process, the right tools and deepexperience to back it all up are critical for getting it right the first time. Not only do we have the right tools,Refine we have deep experience in helping companies just like yours prepare a plan and ultimately enjoy full confidence in4 your new hire, further development of their skills and, in theend, their continuedcontribution to yoursuccess.Interview 1 Why settle for5 a preconceivednotion of yourneeds when theyreas unique as theInterview 2 candidate youreseeking?6 Because we believein building sustainablebusiness systems, using our 8-step process described, well coach you through developing your own unique, repeatableRecruittalent acquisition and development system. Working as part of your team, well help you learn to confidently use the7 tools and refine your processes. When youre ready to fly solo, well train your selected team members to fully use your own Harrison Assessment (HA) Develop tools as part of your acquisition and development system.No worries - were always close by should questions or new8 challenges arise. Lets take a closer look at each of these critical steps. Peak Focus LLC 2011 All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 3. DefineWhy soimportant?Successful hiringstarts with a welldefined need and acomplete (detailed)description of theperfect person tosolve the need. Success: Complete description of the idealWithout a well candidate for the position.defined jobdescription (includingall the core piecesCreation of a job description,job, a description of the overalllisted), there is no including:purpose of the job and mainway to efficiently eligibility (can they do the job), tasks required to do the job well.attract or filter suitability requirements (will Special circumstances related toapplicants - resultingthey do the job),working conditions should alsoin a waste of time, weighting of those articulated, including expectedeffort, dollars andtravel and telecommutingpossible harm to the Eligibility factors include possibilities or reputationprofessional and technicaland brand. experience, size of prior And, it must take into companies for which the consideration your companys candidate has worked. DNA - your internal culture, how you work, the level of quality and Suitability factors include professionalism you expect. motivation, team skills, communication styles, problem solving and analytics. A well crafted job description will fully describe what is expected of the ideal candidate. It should also include location of thePeak Focus LLC 2011 All rights reserved.Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 4. AttractWhy soimportant?The ability to attractthe best possiblecandidates requiresconnecting withthem on a varietyof levels. Knowing(and describing well)what you have toSuccess: Attract the best quality applicantsoffer which would in the shortest time frame and at the least costappeal to them isparamount. Knowing(dollars and effort).where and how toSome positions are best filled byto hire from the employed andmake the connection referral basis, while others do notproducing population. This planis also critical. This is require that level of individualized must include adequate resourcesespecially true if theattention. and a well defined process.campaign is open tothe public.Some positions require veryCareful consideration must bespecific skills or qualities, andgiven to getting others to tell yourOver 85% of therefore are more difficult to find story but only after articulatingknowledge worker(not the general population, but a the exact story youre asking thempositions are filledspecific sub-group). to tell on your behalf.(directly or indirectly)by word of mouth. Key descriptors which will helpefficiently identify the bestWho will actively tellchannels (markets, professions,your story? schools) through which candidateswill be reached must be pulledWhat story are youfrom the previously developed jobasking them todescription.share?A well planned marketing andattraction campaign must beestablished, especially if tryingPeak Focus LLC 2011 All rights reserved.Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 5. FilterWhy soimportant?Especiallyimportant for opencampaigns, useof the HarrisonAssessment systemeffectively removesthe complexity offiltering by hand Success: Efficient and cost effective filtering,and greatly reducesfirst on eligibility and then on suitability tothe administrativeoverhead of sorting create a short list.and selectingWhether hiring one person or aacceptable minimum matchresumes by hand. large new team, effective filtering correlation (the % match). based on minimum eligibilityThe automaticrequirements is essential.Depending upon the level offiltering is only as position and the ability to attractgood as the original Use of a Harrison Assessmentthe best candidates, the cut offfiltering decisions(HA) campaign allows complete is generally in the 80% or higher(factors, definitions, customization and weighting ofrange for most campaigns.questions andeligibility factors based on theweighting of factors). prior established ideal candidate. Automatic filtering with the online Eligibility Questionnaire is the most cost efficient and unbiased (objective) way to create a short list of those who have the right hard skills. Assuming the eligibility factors were well chosen, defined and properly weighted, the only remaining decision is thePeak Focus LLC 2011 All rights reserved.Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 6. RefineWhy soimportant?This refinement stepis important for tworeasons: to make the mostof the interviewteams time, and keep the costsdown while Success: Selection of the short list ofincreasing the finalists.probability ofmaking a greathire the first time. The phrase hire for eligibility,Regardless of method chosen, fire for lack of suitability is the remaining candidates needThe decision toapplicable at this juncture. Withto be invited to complete the HAinvite one at aeligibility established, the nextSuitability Questionnaire online.time (manually) or step is to determine suitability ofhave the Harrisonthe remaining candidates.Once again, a minimum percentAssessment system correlation (score) must bedo it automaticallyOnce the minimum match score established - this time takingis generally based is established, creating the short into consideration the weightedon bandwidth and list is accomplished by one of two combination of eligibility andbudget.methods: suitability scores. Any candidates 1) a complete individualized scoring at or above that threshold review of the candidates should be considered for an remaining and individually interview. Their reports should be created requests to complete the generated and fully reviewed. In suitability portion of the HA, the HA system, this includes aJob Success Formula (JSF) score 2) automatic HA system and full JSF report, individualized invitations are created and sent Interview Guide and How to to candidates scoring at orAttract report. above the minimum match score (threshold). Peak Focus LLC 2011 All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 7. Interview 1Why soimportant?Whether done inperson, via phoneor video chat, astructured interviewprocess must befollowed to uncoverany potential issuesor outstanding Success: Using a structured interview, cullquestions with the candidates to generate the short list.short list candidates.Utilizing the Harrison The pool should be cut by atRegardless of the actualAssessment tools least 50% and as much as 80%remaining number in the pool,provided (interviewdepending upon the number onits imperative that those keptguide, how to attractthe short list and the quality of on the short list are people youreport), the interview the candidates based on the would seriously consider hiring.must be focused, and interview.Passing someone along with anyconsistent acrossuncertainty is likely only going tocandidates.If the campaign is designed towaste resources. find one new employee, ideally a pool of at least 5-7 remaining candidates is preferred. If the campaign is designed to identify more than one new hire, a larger pool is usually desired - following similar guidelines of 5-7 candidates per opening where possible. For higher level positions, a first cut short list might be as few as 3 people.Peak Focus LLC 2011 All rights reserved.Unauthorized duplication in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 8. Interview 2Why soimportant?This is your teamslast chance toeffectively determinethe best fit for yourparticular openposition.Not unlike theSuccess: Selection of the top candidate tofirst interview, to make an effective, astructured interviewprocess must be Depending upon the level of thepitfall you can avoid with properfollowed. The added position and other factors, this planning and execution of thatcomplexity is thatinterview is preferably a face-plan.of the roles each to-face event involving a teaminterviewer willinterview approach. It can beThe e