Paying off credit cards

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  • 1. Paying Off Credit Cards BY GORILLAPAY.NETVirtual Merchant Account
  • 2. Credit Card Debt Credit card debt can pile up pretty fast. Its all too easy to run that little piece of plastic. If you are looking at a mountain of debt and are feeling suffocated, there are ways to alleviate your headaches. Set a plan in motion to pay off your cards one at a time and make sure you stick to it.Virtual Merchant Account
  • 3. Bad Credit Happens to Good People Here are a few tried and true tips to help you pay off your credit card loans and keep yourself ahead of payments. Bad credit happens to good people. Dont get overwhelmed by the looming bills. Help is possible.Virtual Merchant Account
  • 4. Set a Payment Plan The first step to paying off credit cards is to set a firm payment plan. If you have more than one card to pay off, pick the one with the highest balance on it to pay off first. Pay as much as you can every month.Virtual Merchant Account
  • 5. Be Diligent Once that card is at a zero balance, then move onto the next. Be diligent every month in making those payments and you will be able to chip away at those large figures. Before long, you will be surprised at how fast the balances drop down.Virtual Merchant Account
  • 6. Next Step Once you have paid off a large chunk of your credit card loans, choose only one or two cards to keep on hand. Cancel all other cards. Its ok and even advisable to have a one or two cards in your name to build credit. If you have to put anything on the cards, pay them off as soon as you can.Virtual Merchant Account
  • 7. Extra Tips Put a percentage of your income on your cards each month if you have to. Make a goal to never exceed a certain amount of money on each card. When you are nearing that amount, put the card away in a safe place where you wont be tempted to use it.Virtual Merchant Account
  • 8. Make a Realistic Plan If you can make a realistic plan for paying off your cards they will be easier to manage. Dont let these high interest loans kill your credit. Watch out for late payment fees and always make your payments on time.Virtual Merchant Account
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