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Pakistani core values

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Text of Pakistani core values

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2. Islamic Values Pakistani culture is actually apart of the contemporaryIslamic civilization which drawsits value and traditions fromIslam and rich Islamic history. Majority of populationcomprises of Muslims andfollows teachings ofIslam, i.e., belief in oneAllah, Prophet Hood of HazratMuhammadP.B.U.H, brotherhood, equalityand social justice etc. 3. Marketers Perspective As Islamic culture prevails in the country, somanager here will adopt such strategies whichmake the consumer realize that the specificproduct fulfilling their basic needs byconsidering their religious values.For this, manager will introduce such productwhich relates the Islamic values to their livessuch as, Abaya, Halal Food, etc. 4. National and Regional Languages Pakistan is a large country which comprises offour provinces. All of these component partshave their own regional languages.However, Urdu is the national language whichis spoken and understood in all parts of thecountry. 5. Marketers PerspectiveHere marketer see the regional language andaccording this introduce the new products inthe market and according to the languageadvertise the product. Marketers use different languages andsymbols in different regions, so thatconsumers can understand the conceptconveyed in advertising. 6. Use of Hi-Tech ProductsHigh profile consumer inPakistan use productsiPod, iPhones, iPods, computers and hi-techproducts in thecategories of householdappliances andentertainment system.Peoples worry aboutcareer so they use theseproducts. 7. Marketers PerspectiveMarketer is orientedtowards information.There is a possibilityfor the marketer todevelop a brandcommunity .Managers gives mostcareer opportunitiesthrough hi-techproducts for peoples. 8. Mixed CulturePractically speaking Pakistaniculture is a beautiful blend ofthePunjabi, Sindhi, Pathan, Balochi, Barohi, Seraiki and Kashmiricultures.Pakistani culture is rich invariety of dresses: The peopleof Punjab, the Balochi peopleand the Sindhi wear their owndistinct dresses. 9. Marketers PerspectiveWhen Managers findvariation in cultures theyhave a great opportunity tolaunch the differentproducts.Like; Sindhi Ajrak, fokemusicThese dresses are verycolorful and prominent andgive attractive look duringnational fairs and festivals. 10. Shopping is a popular pastime for manyPakistanis, especially among the well-to-do andthe thirty-million strong middle class. It is aritual sorts, among both urban and ruralPakistanis. The cities ofLahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Quetta are especially known for the greatcontrast in shopping experiences fromburgeoning bazaars to modern multi-storyshopping malls. The type of buyers, the shops they buyfrom, and the products they purchase varyacross geographical territories and the economicspectrum of the consumers. 11. As Shopping becomes a ritual rather then apast time for the people ofPakistan, therefore marketers are providingthe consumer with more bundle of theproduct choices they want. Marketers have changed the Productsposition in the mind of consumers. Theyprovided the consumers with a diverse rangeof Brands of just one product. Marketer place their products in the BigMalls e.g., Hyper Star, Metro, Mall of Lahoreetc rather than just placing it on one singleglossary store. 12. Pakistani Cuisine is a refinedblend of various regionalcooking traditions of South Asia.Pakistani cuisine is known for itsrichness and flavour. As Islamic Culture prevails inPakistan so Here People followthe Islamic law that lists foodsand drinks that are Halal andpermissible to consume. 13. Marketers introduce such products which add toconsumer taste and food quality that drive from hygienicproduction environment and quality assurance. Marketers are serving their customers with a wide rangeof foods and Species. When it comes to adding atemptation to relaxing moments in life Marketers alwaysserve their customer with variety of cuisines. Moreover, as people are now health conscious, somarketers also focus on nutritional aspects of their targetmarket. 14. Customs & Traditions The customs and traditions of thepeople of a country represents thehistory, faith, language andenvironment of a country. The cultural patterns of Pakistanspeak of our rich cultural heritageand traditions. Pakistan are followers of Islam andIslamic traditions yet at the sametime some local and foreigncustoms and traditions found a wayin our daily lives and have nowbecome a part of Pakistani culture. 15. Marketers Perspective Several brands launchdifferent products accordingto the different events. LikeValue Packages are offeredduring the weddingseason, Basant etc. They launch differentproducts according toreligious events like Shab-e-Barat, Shab-e-Qadar, Shab-e-Miraj, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha 16. Achievement Orientation Progress is linked to thevalues reviewed earlier andthe central belief thatpeople can always improvethemselvesthattomorrow will be betterthan today. Progress often means theacceptance of change newproducts or servicesdesigned to fulfillpreviously unsatisfiedneeds 17. Marketers PerspectiveMarketer make ads in which addingattribute about products change beliefs ofconsumer.Marketers use intrinsic and extrinsicmotivational factors in their brands. Thesebrands reinforce a feeling of accomplishmentin individuals and are perceived as rewards. 18. Family orientation In Pakistan families not onlyincludes ones own family butalso the extended familysibling , grand parents. This logic work equallypurchase and oneself and allfamily members. The commitment of the maleconsumer to the family is suchthat he as chief wage earnersupports the entire family andwomens purchase theproducts for whole family. 19. Marketer view As there is only one earner forthe whole family the marketerlaunch products that are ineasy access of consumers. Consumer feels the need toeconomize the manager mayalso down the high pricedproducts to the medium pricesaccording to the situation. E.g., Unilever launch suchproducts which are mainlyaccessible by the middle class. 20. Saving OrientationSaving is still an inherent ofPakistanis.Most Pakistani Families haveto depend on personalsavings for their living afterretirement and for theirmedical expenses.Saving as a habit prevails inall sections of the society. 21. Marketer view Marketers offer low priceproducts for people. They provide products oninstallments, so that consumercan split their purchasebetween traditional purchaseslike jewelry, and appliancesrequired for a convenientliving. E.g., Tanishq is offering Goldon discount rate for thepeople who spend savings onpurchasing jewelry. 22. Advertising in 1960 Many ads were still in black andwhite. Wide use of text. Images were mostly hand-drawn. People were conservative and Family-oriented with traditional gender roles. The beginning of simplicity 23. Advertising in 1970 to 1980More colored ads.More use of headlinesMore creative use of images.The actors and actressesbecame brand symbols andsource of providinginformation.The trademarks of the addswere the quality ofpictures, and music themes ofproductE.g naz pan masla add meremuthe my band hai kya bata dona. 24. Advertising in 1990 to 2000Digital art becomes more effective.Graphic design becomes sophisticated.Branding becomes dominant.From headlines to slogan.Logo becomes dominant.Recognizable product shapes.Bisconi bicusts 25. Advertising in today Sponsored programs commercials Unique Selling Propositions Positioning Brand equity Segmentation Advertising effects introduced withvisual effects. Celebrity endorsement and convertedinto brand ambassadorship. Brand name, the consumer ispersuaded that the product being soldis of first-class standard 26. Advertising in today Create a statement to their targetaudience e.g Pepsi and dew. Modern advertisements promote thequality of the product Presentation a logo complete with aslogan, the picture which gives theaudience the impression that it is morerealistic, more related to them. Show different flavours of the productsalso helps to attract customers andsuggest there are other alternatives Like;Nestle and Shezan. 27. Celebrity endorsementconverted into brandambassadorship.The popular actors andactresses became thebrand symbols and thecelebrity endorsementsbecame the new sourceof effectivecommunication.Product is associatedwith a famouspersonality . 28. Celebrity in which isbeing advertised then itmust be a good productbecause a super starwould not just use anyproduct; it must be of ahigh standard.Marketer use productdevelopment strategy andoffer different colours andflavours. 29. Logo becomes dominant.More creative use of images.There was still extensive useof text.Having the image larger thanlife also makes it seemsignificant . This helps theconsumer know from just afirst glance what product it isthat is being advertised. 30. Here the actual productbecome dominant. Recognizable productshapes. So just from looking atthe brandname, product, theconsumer is persuadedthat the product beingsold is of first-classstandard. 31. Marketers were notused children in theirads for push theirsales.Pakistani childrenwere not allowed towatch each and everyads in the television somarketers are not takeadvantages of it.So that marketershow only products inthe ads even thisproducts only forchildren. 32. Marketers are usingchildren in their ads to pushtheir sales.Pakistani children areallowed to watch each andevery ads in the television somarketers are takingadvantages of it.After see the ads children topush their parents forparticular products.For example ads of Horlicks 33. Some of ads arevery relevant tochildren to promotetheir products inthe marketotherwise theycant. For example adsof Johnson &Johnson. 34. Many companies are raisingmoney for charity.This is the one key benefit tothe firm is enhancing its image.Customers who are under 30especially purchase brands thatare helping, improve the world.Nike raised million for cancerresearch by selling the millionbracelets.Youngers think it is cool to weara rubber bracelet to financecancer research. 35. In 1980s era music/singingnot use commonly in ads.But nowadays peopleattracting towardmusic/singing, mostlyyounger.Marketers are takeadvantages of it.Marketers use music asreminder in their ads, LikeWalls musicTele-fun (090078601) 36. In 1980s and the era afterthat, Coke had the same targetmarket. As They are targeting theIndividual.In 1980s era, Coke Ads lays outhow an individual enjoy consumingcoke.This Ad is conveying the messagethat As coke is delicious andrefreshing so after having it youllfeel yourself relax. And to PortrayRelaxation marketer showed a ladyrelaxing on an easy chair while 37. Cokes basic strength is its brandname and Cokes strategy is not tochange the brand name and logoswhich are in the consumers mind.Now coke is creating an influence onthe mind of consumer that By HavingCoke youll be motivated to do thingswhich will in return brought happinessto their life.In other words, marketers arecreating such strategies which convincethe consumer that the particularproduct is purely made for them. 38. Service Shoes wereusually designed andmarketed at a domesticaudience.Mostly Ads were givenduring the period of saleon some Festivals.Advertisements promotethe quality of the productand describes the producttype. 39. Service Shoes have nowchanged their view fromindividualism to familyorientation. Their sloganis conveying the samemessage i.e., Shoes ForEveryone.By purchasing it, theywill receive somebenefit, whether it belifestyle, status, convenience or financial. 40. Many ads wheremarketers used only thosepersonalities that wasrelevant to products.These types of ads notplay with emotions of thecustomers.LIKE; Surf Excel,Super Nirma 41. There are many adswhere marketers usechildren even the productsare not for children.LIKE; Surf ExcelThese types of ads onlyto win emotions of thecustomers.Using children in ads inPakistan here many peoplecant afford the productbut children force them tobuy. 42. Difference 43. Difference Consumer have notawareness of smoking andhealth so they usedcigarette. Warnings and remindersshould not be avoided butmarketer not usedreminders about cancer onsome products/ads. Marketers only push theirsales. Improved consumerunderstanding of the healtheffects of smoking. further improvements couldbe expected from a ban oncigarette advertising. Used reminder sign andwarnings on products andthis type advertising wouldhave little effect on sales. 44. The trademarks of the advertisements in thisera were the quality of pictures, selection ofsongs and music themes for the productrecall.The best trend ads of the time were producedfor Dentonic: Aik chutki Dentonic Ki Chutkibajatay hee 45. The sports figures became icons andcricketers, hockey players suddenly startedappearing in ads very frequently.The competition level rose to high levels andsucceeded in bringing such great ideas thatcould build campaigns. 46. Pepsi has now changed their trend of takingSports celebrities in their ads.They are now targeting the youngstersbecause as per the latest research, Youngstersare the largest consumer market, And to catchthis particular segment, Pepsi is taking MediaCelebrities and the Youngsters in their ads tocreate the essence that Pepsi is the productthat they actually want.