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  • 1. This was my first design of the noticeboard. I had to change the back ground of some of the things because I had a red background on what team?! and Big Game Friday 3pm with the noticeboard itself being red it would be too much red and you wouldnt be able to see it. I wanted to writing things myself for example the science decathlon sign as if the students themselves have done it.

2. This is the final product the menu and science decathlon sign had to be change because teachers disagreed with the design and didnt think it looked right and the audience wouldnt be able to read it. So its all red. On the sign up sheet for blocking in the actual play they want Sharpay to write on it on the nights, so I havent wrote them on myself. 3. This is Sharpays locker we painted it pink and we decided that we wanted all three painted because she has special treatment and I got her initials and glittered them up so you know that it is Sharpays locker as she has her initials on pretty much everything.