Organisational Transformation & the Importance of Flow

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This brief slideshow shares the comparison of a Project Management mindset with a Flow Mindset, and the impact these have on the success of any Organisational Transformation.

Text of Organisational Transformation & the Importance of Flow

  • 1. by Heidi De Wolf at Future Catalyst Website: Twitter: @futurecatalyst
  • 2. Does your organisation need to transform itself to survive tough economic times? YES?!!
  • 3. Project Management Mindset Flow Mindset Believes transformation has a start and finish date, and behaviour change is brought about through tools, policies, processes and KPIs Understands transformation is about continuous improvement and evolution driven by necessity, outcomes and peoples strengths Begins with the end in mind - Writes models and strategies behind closed doors and then communicates them Embraces uncertainty - Open and transparent communication leading to co-created emergent strategies involving all stakeholders Command and control transformation with lots of urgent, reactive change attracting high risk meets high resistance Systems Thinking transformation with proactive and incremental change, dispersed responsibility and risk awareness builds resilience Search for stability Embraces risk and agility There are no emergent solutions, only disengaged staff Emergent solutions are developed daily and taken forward by engaged, self-motivated staff Only deals with tensions and inefficiencies at the end all at once, leading to restructures led from the top Everyone takes the responsibility to deal with bitesize tensions and inefficiencies as part of the transformation journey OUTCOME - Transformation fails, there is an instant return to Business As Usual and a (re-)recruitment of staff OUTCOME - Transformation is gradual, people help build external solutions without burned bridges
  • 4. VS Its the difference between ...
  • 5. And ... Your mindset matters!!!
  • 6. Its the difference between ... A few people controlling the journey from A to B versus ...
  • 7. Thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts on Organisational Transformation and the Importance of Flow! Heidi De Wolf @FutureCatalyst Everyone working together and embracing the opportunities of flow