Optimizing the Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Ben StewartOmnichannel Innovation Manager

Omnichannel experience design

Ben StewartOmnichannel Innovation ManagerBen Stewart is a business transformation leader with a focus on the combination of strategy and operations. Ben currently leads omnichannel innovation and customer experience programs at Patagonia, where he is delivering enhanced shopping experiences based on the application of data analytics and design thinking.



Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis



Why omnichannel?2015 QUALTRICS LLC.Inventory efficiencyImproved conversion.

Because its what our customers want


Omnichannel isnt new to us: its in our DNA2015 QUALTRICS LLC.If you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, you may return it to us for a repair, replacement or refund. Damage due to wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge.Few businesses have the confidence to try to master all four business styles [i.e. MO, ecomm, retail, wholesale], but when you do master them, the four means of distribution work very powerfully in concert. We consider each to be essential to Patagonias relationship with the customer.-Let My People Go Surfing

Omnichannel offers two kinds of problems to solve2015 QUALTRICS LLC.The easy wins:In-store Patagonia.com returnsShip-from-storeOrder-from-storeSharing ecommerce customer data with the storeThe big questions:What is the role of the store?How do our customers move between our channels?How can digital tools help our customers?

Dont reinvent the wheel (for the easy stuff)


Let someone else figure out the answers to the easy questions

Tackling the hard questions102015 QUALTRICS LLC.

Source: Damien Newmans Design Squiggle

Exploratory tools:Customer interviewsReading and researchListening post surveysDeep dive tools:Customer interviewsTargeted surveysPrototype and test:Mockups and customer interviewsWeb a/b testsConcept stores


Develop hypotheses being a good listener helps112015 QUALTRICS LLC.

Source: L2 Intelligence Omnichannel Retail Report; Deloittes Digital DivideWhat does this mean for us?

Purchase 1Purchase 2

A little bit of knowledge can provide a lot of clarity12First PurchaseFuture Purchases

What defines these customers?


Get outside the building: talk to customers and find out whats really going on13Why do I buy Patagonia?The quality and multi-use nature of the products provides me with great value; Ive received above average customer serviceHow do I buy Patagonia?Extensive online research followed by a trip to the store to make sure the product fitsGeorge: Retail EnthusiastNancy: Convenience-DrivenAaron: Budding Eco-ActivistWhy do I buy Patagonia?The products fit almost every part of my life (travels, at home, working out); wash-and-wear clothing is important to meHow do I buy Patagonia?When its convenient, I go online; I connect with Customer Service for fit and product recommendationsWhy do I buy Patagonia?I need items that will last during my outdoor adventures, and am motivated by Patagonias environmental mission

How do I buy Patagonia?Recommendations, coupled with online research, often when I have a trip plannedFigure out whats happening inside the black box why are customers doing what theyre doing?Sometimes a narrative is more compelling than just the data

Jason: Wholesale retailer Patagonia retailerJennifer: Patagonia retailer Patagonia.comErin: Wholesale retailer Wholesale retailerShreya: Wholesale retailer Patagonia.com13

Find significance with operational data142015 QUALTRICS LLC.Surveys + interviews tell us why and howOperational data tells us how much

Test and learnHow does getting a repair affect our relationship with our customers?152015 QUALTRICS LLC.

How do customers balance product selection vs product availability in store?Weve learned a few thingsCustomers like repairsCustomers are pre-shopping onlineOne of the biggest complaints we have in our stores is product availability

Tying it all togetherOmnichannel tactics are matching retail offerings to customer expectations162015 QUALTRICS LLC.Butits not just about turning on a checklist of tools and featuresUsing qualitative tools can help define the right questions to ask, and answer them too

Thanks172015 QUALTRICS LLC.