Opening governance in social and sustainable entrepreneurship

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Opening Governance in Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division Plenary Session 2015

Norris Krueger, PhD School of Advanced StudiesUniversity of PhoenixOpening Governance in Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship



Assessing Impact

Americas Greenest Industry??

Paper and pencil now!

Jill Kickul & Sophie BacqFrank Belz & Julia BinderTobias Hahn & Jeff YorkJosep, Simon, Angel & DavidDianne Welsh, Bruce MartinPatrick Murphy, Bob DIntinoAnica Zeyen, Markus BeckmannIan Fisk, Linda Rottenberg, Jacqui NovogratzTom DeanPaul Hudnut & Andy HargadonZoltan Acs , Jennifer Woolleyshoulders


Ashoka/Bill DraytonGive someone a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish But why not re-invent the fishing industry?

Business model assumptionsSocial Media / Social ProofDisruption or

Triple Bottom is More Complex, Yes?Or does adding constraints???

Trajectories & Cognitive Frames?

Assumptions, DefinitionsVenn Diagrams?

Feynman Questions?Complexity

Take out that paper & pen(cil)Draw as fast as you can follow your gut

THREE (3) Circles in a Venn diagram forEconomic ReturnsSocial ReturnsEnvironmental ReturnsWhat does YOUR diagram look like? Independent? Overlapping? How overlapped?1st approx of your mental prototype of sust entrepAssessments map onto mental prototypes?Venn Diagrams?

Reward outputs not inputs/process?Residual claimant?

Walking dead?(no, not the TV show)

Risk-uncertainty tradeoffs 3X?Substitutes -> Tradeoffs -> Synergies?Impact Assessment

Americas Greenest Industry?

Norris Krueger

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