On Page SEO 101 - 5 core Step Of On page SEO Optimization Must Know!!

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1. 5 core step of SEO On pageOptimizationAnwarTameemPublished onwww.seo-care.com 2. SEO On page OptimizationOn page (SEO) Search engine optimize is very first step of SEO. Its a fast and must do methodfor your blog or business website. If you already a blog or website and search for SEO then thispost will be for you. Every webmaster should care about on page seo Optimization. Why Onpage Optimization? It will make your website or blog more readable and will increase searchengine rank. There are two types of SEO# on Page SEO# off Page SEOToday I will discuss about On Page SEO Optimization. On page SEO optimization can make yourwebsite or blog Impotent to search engine and get Organic visitor. We have to consider 5 stepfor on page SEO Optimize.1. Web Master Verification,2. Title Tag and Meta Tag,3. Keywords,4. Avoid Duplicate Contents,5. Site Map and Link Structure Analyze 3. First Step of On page SEO Web Master Verification:First Step of on Page SEO is Web master verification. You have to verify your website or blog withGoogle, Bing, Alexa, Pinterest webmaster. Google and others webmaster verification is impotent forindex your site on their search result. You Have to Put different Tags On your website head section forverified your website by Google, Bing and others. Its very simple but has to do carefully. If you donewell with some Webmaster verification then your site or blog are ready to get Traffic and audience fromSearch engine according to your content. Go to Link below then signup and Verified your Site -Google WebMasterBing WebMasterAlexa WebmasterPinterestSecond step of on page SEO Optimize, Title Tag & Meta Tag:2nd step of on page SEO optimization is Include your Title Tag and Essential meta tags on your website.Title tag contain your Blog Or site title with HTML tag. Title Tag structure Your Site or Blog Title This tag also place on Website Head section. Its very impotent to select great Title for your website thatreally reflects your website content. Its best to write title with 70-80 Character though Google andOthers search engine supports Up to 156 Character. Impotent keywords of your website or blog will givegreat value if you place it on the starting of Title. Meta Tag is another impotent component of On pageseo That can make your website or blog more Visible with Search Term and get more visitor. Usuallypeople use Meta Description, Meta Keywords But more Mata tag you can use on your site li keAuthorship or else.Meta Description StructureIn Meta description there is no limit you can decorate it as your wish with Targeted keyword. But Best isuse 3-5 keyword.3rd Step of On page SEO Optimize is Keyword: 4. Keyword is most impotent thing on your website On Page Optimization. You have to use relevant andresearched keywords. It will make your website visible to your audience. There are many Keywordresearch tool available in Internet. But Google AdWord Keyword tool is best I think it will be great andyou can easily signup on it by Gmail account. Y7ou can analyze your CPC and Keyword competitionaccording to country. Its make sure your targeted keyword is Ok or you have to change Keyword willrepresent your content via Search engine so Keyword is impotent part of On Page SEO optimize.4th Step of On page SEO Optimize Avoid Duplicate content:Its very true that Unique content is King. If you dont use to post unique content then Google will notgonna Show you on Index or search result. Latest Google Update Panda 4.1 gives more attention to Lowcontent or duplicate content and poor user interface. You have to make sure your website is wealthywith content and every device Responsive. Avoid duplicate content is part of On page SEO cause if youhave Not sufficient valuable content then SEO cant give you visibility or traffic. So you Have to Museensure that you have to avoid duplicate content to get more benefits from on page SEO optimization.5th step and Most Impotent Step of on page SEO optimize is Site Map and Link Structure Analyze:Site Map is like navigation of your website. Site map submission is most effective way to make yourwebsite more visible through Search engine. Site map submission to webmaster is like tell Search RoBotto Index and crawl your website. If you have Static website you can do site map submission with Googlewebmaster and If you have WordPress Or other CMS based website You can use Plugins or add-ons forSite map.Link Structure is impotent cause if you customize your website URL with your Post or Content relativekeyword search engine will give more value of your site content. There are many Small Optimizationthat make your site Great rank and Organic search result that will be continued on going on my blog andHope I will give Easy understanding SEO post and I will also try to give you Search engine Marketing andInternet marketing knowledge that you must have to Know before start a successful online/InternetMarketing Knowledge. So hope always with Us to Learn and discus We started very soon and keepconnecting with us to learn About Internet Marketing, SEO, SMM, and SEM.Thank you everyone