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  1. 1. +2010 2222 8871 Novatech Engineering Company Profile
  2. 2. That Build Our Business The Core Values Inspire Others Work Smart Success & Excellence Delivery
  3. 3. When We Inspire Others Our people work at their best. They take on big challenges, become self critical, and are accountable for quality and results. When inspired, people are committed to make others better. This ripple effect continues to inspire individuals and companies across the world.
  4. 4. When We Work Smart We collaborate Build partnerships Increase productivity Deliver quality products
  5. 5. When We Deliver Excellence & Success We Partner With Continuing Development Competent Global Partners Together With Our Talented, Professional, and Qualified Team, For Opening Possibilities And Delivering Engineering Solutions With Excellent Results.
  6. 6. We Partner with Companies from Around the World THERMAX (INDIA) Together we are inspired to produce better products YAMADA (JAPAN) 3M (USA) HIRSCMANN (GERMANY)
  7. 7. 3M Purification Life Sciences Process Technologies
  8. 8. Efficient & Economic filtration Solution from a World Leader in Purification The corner stone of 3M Purifications philosophy is service to customers, not only in product quality and prompt delivery, but also in validation, application support and in the sharing of scientific information. 3M Purification Life Sciences Process Technologies
  9. 9. A complete line of filtration products from a single source: High Performance Products Sustainable Designs Engineering and Technical Support User Friendly Features 3M Purification Support Filter Validation
  10. 10. 3M Purification is a leader in advanced depth filter systems and membrane-based separations, offering a wide range of products for all stages of pharmaceutical processing and sterile filtration from bench-top to pilot-scale to manufacturing-scale operations. 3M Purifications core filtration technologies address the most demanding applications in pharmaceutical processing for small molecule and API applications. Regulatory requirements demand the highest quality product standards along with documented evidence of manufacturing processes. 3M Purification products in the LSPT industries meet the demands of regulatory agencies throughout the world and are used by the largest and most respected pharmaceutical manufacturers in the industry.
  11. 11. 3M Purification Core Filtration Applications: Adsorptive Depth Filtration Optimized color reduction Precipitate control Streamlined process Encapsulated Zeta Plus Solids Removal, Recovery & Reclaim Effective removal of bulk catalyst Reduced exposure concerns Efficient operation
  12. 12. Solvent & Bulk Chemical Filtration Broad chemical compatibility Improved throughputs Variety of filter options Endotoxin & Bioburden Reduction Effective Prefiltration Bacteria control Improved downstream protection Sterilising Grade Filtration (liquid & gas) FDA compliant Higher capacity Lower cost of ownership
  13. 13. Utilities & Plant Services Increased efficiency Higher throughputs Fewer change-outs Filter Validation Products and services Full documentation Consultation
  14. 14. Some of 3M Purification Clients
  15. 15. Steam Boilers & Chillers
  16. 16. An engineering company providing sustainable solutions in energy and environment. THERMAX Believe That to stay competitive, companies need to adopt sustainable development practices. The systems, products and services developed by Thermax help industry achieve better resource productivity and improve bottom lines, while maintaining a cleaner environment. Even as we convert costs to profits, we help to protect the environment in our own limited ways. A win-win for industry and the society at large.
  17. 17. We heat, cool, power and we clean The company also designs, builds and commissions large boilers for steam and power generation, turnkey power plants, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, waste heat recovery systems and air pollution control projects. Thermaxs business portfolio includes products for: heating, cooling, water and waste management, and specialty chemicals.
  18. 18. THERMAX overseas NETWORK Thermax Inc., USA Thermax Europe Ltd., UK Thermax (Zhejiang) Cooling & Heating Engineering Co. Ltd., China Danstoker A/S, Denmark RIFOX Hans Richter GmbH Spezialarmaturen, Germany PT Thermax International, Indonesia Thermax Senegal Sarl
  19. 19. THERMAX Domestic NETWORK Joint Ventures Wholly Owned
  20. 20. UTILITIES Waste Management
  21. 21. Large Boilers And Fired Heaters Why Clients Use THERMAX Large Boilers & Fired Heaters
  22. 22. Heating applications for wide ranging industries Steam Boilers up to 40 TPH capacity, up to 66 ata/ bar pressure and 485C temperature. Fired on oil, gas, solid fuel (over 150 types of fossil and biomass) Thermal Oil Heaters and Vaporizers up to 25 Gcal/h capacity, up to 380C temperature, for indirect heating with thermal oil in liquid and vapour phase as heating medium. Fired on oil, gas, solid fuel (fossil and biomass) Hot Water Generators up to 17 Gcal/h Capacity and 200C temperature, with fuel as oil, gas, solid fuel (fossil and biomass)
  23. 23. Heating applications for wide ranging industries Hot Air Generators of up to 3 Gcal/h capacity and 200C temperature on coal and biomass. Combustor for fixed, traveling and reciprocating grates Thermosyphon of up to 6 Gcal/h capacity and 302C temperature with water as heating medium and using oil, gas, coal and biomass High pressure Boilers for process industry, delivering 98% dry steam up to 4 TPH capacity, pressure up to 75 bar on oil and gas firing. Higher pressures available on demand in coil construction
  24. 24. Heating applications for wide ranging industries Heat Recovery System on gas/ oil engine, capacity up to 5 MW Energy Plants providing combined steam, hot water, thermal oil through common source using biomass/ fossil fuels Waste Heat Recovery Boilers on sponge iron exhaust flue gasses Solar Thermal heating that can be integrated with existing heating system for temperature up to 210C, with hot water or steam as heating medium
  25. 25. Cooling Thermaxs absorption technology solutions are based on: Heat recovery Live energy Specialized application
  26. 26. Clients Benefits Efficient and optimal use of heat energy from boilers/ engines/turbines or processes In-depth process and application knowledge of heat recovery systems Zero Ozone depletion potential Minimal carbon footprint Significant reduction in operational cost
  27. 27. Some of THERMAX Clients
  28. 28. The World Of Laboratory Instruments Competence and quality for more than 50 years
  29. 29. HIRSCHMANN Products have been used in laboratories for 50 years in over 100 countries around the world. HIRSCHMANN laboratory instruments, volumetric analysis glass instruments and precision capillaries are more than just sophisticated high-quality tools for laboratory specialists. They can be individually adapted to suit user requirements. HIRSCHMANN developed advanced problem solutions for customers for daily work in medical laboratories, research and applications in industry. "Innovative thinking is the engine of progress" is a leitmotif of the Hirschmann corporate philosophy.
  30. 30. Range Of Products Peristaltic pumps Liquid Handling Volumetric measuring instruments Precision capillaries Microplates Laboratory glass Sterile plugs Microscopy requirement Laboratory cleaner Calibration service
  31. 31. Some of HIRSCHMANN Clients
  32. 32. Air Powered Diaphragm Pumps
  33. 33. Yamada Corporation is a family owned engineering company headquartered in Tokyo Japan and has been involved with the design and manufacture of AODDs since the 1950s and currently has over 300 models available in the standard pump line-up. Yamada has over 60 years experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of fluid handling products, with a comprehensive range of pumps and accessories that are well known throughout the world for their quality and reliability
  34. 34. YAMADA overseas NETWORK YAMADA AMERICA, INC. (Illinois, USA) Market: NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA Established 1986 YAMADA EUROPE B.V. (Hengelo, The Netherland) Market: EUROPE, AFRICA Established 1986 YAMADA SHANGHAI CO., LTD. (Shanghai, China) Market: CHINA Established 2007 YAMADA CORPORATION (Tokyo, Japan) Market: ASIA, OCEANIA YAMADA CORPORATION SAGAMIHARA FACTORY (Sagamihara, Japan)
  36. 36. Feature of Diaphragm Why user chose Diaphragm pump? Air Valve Mechanism Air Inlet Diaphragm Liquid Inlet Valve Seat Ball Out Chamber Valve Seat Ball Liquid Outlet
  37. 37. Characteristic of diaphragm pump No Motor (No Electric Power Source) NO EXPLOSION No Shaft (Gland) Seal NO LEAK Handling Slurry MIXED LIQUID & SOLID Viscous Liquid STICKY LIQUID TRANS. Self Priming SUCK UP FROM DRY CONDITION Compact, Simple, Easy Drive ,Easy Maintenance
  38. 38. Some of YAMADA Clients
  39. 39. Engineering Possibilities For Delivering Excellent Solutions +2010 2222 8871 Novatech Engineering Thank You !