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  • 1. Delivering the ArchitectureFor Sustainable Growthexperience the results

2. Profitable and sustainable results are achievedthrough a winning combination of efforts theright approach, effective execution, and anenergized team.Perhaps you look proudly upon your accomplishments, believeeverything is under control, and feel good about the future. If youare like most, however, you are concerned about the future andperplexed about maintaining growth and profit.Cutting-edge leaders look back, analyzing actions and decisionsthat could or should have been more effective.These leaders realizethat improvements would deliver more profitable results if all areasof the business were truly scrutinized, not just those assumed tobe problematic by management. An outside-in perspective helpsleaders balance the information received.If you find yourself thinking about how to grow revenue, now is thetime to look for a trusted third party with the knowledge, resourcesand expertise to guide you through the rough times and lead youto top-notch business practices with sustainable growth and profit.Experience the Northpoint ResultsNorthpoint can align your entire organization for sustainable growth,vertically from the executive team through to the customer-facingranks, and horizontally across the functions that create and sustainvalue for your customers.Our projects range from small to large. We analyze your entireorganizational structure top-to-bottom and functions right-to-left. We learn your business, absorb your culture, appreciate yourvalues and augment your direction and implementation. During theengagement process, we adapt our style to meet your unique andspecific needs.We typically enter a company at the leadership level. However,were proud of the strong relationships and respect that wefoster at all layers within the organization. The engagementprocess is something we do day-in and day-out, year-after-year,and have consistently helped our clients find new sources ofsustainable growth.Having Northpoint on board to helpdrive our major change programmade the initiative a lot easier. Ifound it tremendously helpful torely on a senior consultant to guideus through the process. It enabledmy team to stay focused on theday-to-day issues. Northpointdelivered tenfold .Northpoints ability to work withmany team players proved critical.Richard (Dick) Van Belzen,Northpoint Managing Director,provided great oversight.Northpoint managed our internalproject traffic, ensuring ourplanning and strategic focus weresynchronized. Everyone was on thesame page. Northpoint became amajor part of it and meshed verywell with our management team. 3. The Northpoint ApproachMany consultants are narrowly focused on one specific area of yourbusiness, such as pricing. Our perspective is broader, our approachis systematic, our goal is to drive top-line growth and our results areimproved gross profit.Many Northpoint clients view us as Revenue Growth Coaches experts at diagnosing the root causes of revenue shortfalls,developing a path through the challenges and guiding our clients tosustained growth. Because we find that 75% of growth projects faildue to an inaccurate identification of the real problem, we pay closeattention to getting the diagnosis right. We understand the costsand risks of change,therefore making prescriptive recommendationsand we are surgical at making the needed changes. We implementpractical, achievable programs that leverage your strengths and onlyset out to fix the core drivers of growth.We have the framework, skills, and experience to analyze yoursystem for growth and make sound, fact-based recommendationsfor change. Simply put, after implementing our recommendations,our clients are more successful and perform at the top of their peergroup. Our clients view Northpoint engagements as a high-yieldinginvestment, not an expense.We research your industry inside and out, understand your productsand utilize the best minds in the industry to determine the bestresults. Northpoint explores all possible drivers for revenue growth,organic and inorganic.Organic Growth: We are experienced in all elements of organicgrowth and capable of supporting all that apply, or diving into theone specific area that requires the most help for your organization.Key organic growth areas include the following: Innovation strategy and product / offering management Value proposition development and market segmentation Market attack strategy Market access and sales channel strategyIf we had tried to change our brand-ing and go-to-market strategy onour own, we would have struggled todeliver on time ... Northpoint is a keyreason we were successful.Northpoint approached ourStrategic Plan with a specificunderstanding of our company.They told us exactly what the planwould look like, and delivered. Theydid their homework and reallyunderstood our industry model.The benefit we found working withNorthpoint was their ability to helpus reframe our original requestbefore launching headlong intothe project. They had the breadthand depth we needed. We thoughtwe had a channels problem, whenin reality, several of our offeringswerent resonating with ourcustomers. 4. Inorganic Growth projects help you access new markets, identifyand evaluate market-entry strategies, and select and engageprospective targets. Once a merger or acquisition is executed,Northpoint helps orchestrate the on-boarding and integrationprocess to drive full realization of the potential value. Key inorganicgrowth areas include the following: Value chain assessment Identification of market adjacency Targeting acquisitions of companies, technology, and channels Development of business alliancesInvest in the Value StackNorthpoint helps clients grow by improving their ability to createvalue.We use the Value Stack as our guidepost to the key drivers forvalue creation. The Value Stack is Northpoints unique and provenapproach for focusing on and framing value-driven practices thatpropel revenue growth.Most companies are familiar with the concept of a technologystack or the layered set of technology capabilities: applicationssit on top, followed by software services and operating systems inthe middle, and hardware at the bottom.Northpoints research indicates anumber of factors with a primarycost stack orientation: The cost stack receives 10 times the human resources of the value stack Utilizes more of the fact-based analytical talent Obtains the bulk of investments made with consultants The cost stack takes the front seat while the value stack offers more opportunity for sustainable growth.The Cost and Value StacksCostStack ValueStackNorthpoint has the knowledge,expertise,and resources needed inevery layer of the Value Stack.Theyhave helped us balance our cost andvalue investments with dynamicresults. 5. Many companies emphasize the cost stack in managing theirenterprises that is, they focus on understanding and tightlymanaging the activities that reduce the cost of delivering productsor services in an attempt to maintain a competitive advantage.Often neglected, however, is the value stack. A value-basedmanagement approach aims for the maximum price-value forofferings and intends to gain market share by providingconfidence and establishing a difference to valued customers.Value-focused management helps companies connect withcustomers, understand core product and service value, increasemarket share, and build a competitive advantage based ondifferentiation and loyalty rather than one-dimensional costsavings. In essence, value stack components help to buildsustainable engines of growth. Northpoint has the tools, framework,experience and success with every layer of the Value Stack.Accelerate your business with QuickLiftValue creation does not need to be a long-term, capital-intensiveactivity. Northpoint can help drive sustainable growth in shortperiods of time by deploying tested value-creation tools andmethodologies.QuickLift is our business acceleration practice that provides freshideas and perspectives through rigorous market research and Voiceof the Customer investigations.QuickLift implementations focus ondelivering practical, actionable solutions with immediate results.In challenging economic times, nimble companies that focus onbusiness intensification even with a limited time-line canrealize an immediate revenue lift.The ingredients to drive rapid-response growth in a challengingbusiness environment include the following:1. Deep experience in managing through downturns and crisis. The project leader must be able to make sense of problems quantitatively and creatively, and possess the vision to focus solely on activities that deliver the largest and fastest return on investment.Northpoint knew just how to reachall the key stakeholders in ourbusiness and make each onefeel that they were a major part ofthe process.With Northpoints help we learnedthat 87% of our spending wasdirected at a low growth businessarea.We realigned the R&Dspending to realize double-digitgrowth markets ...Thank youNorthpoint.I have worked with a lot ofconsultants, and many of themdesign very intelligent butultimately impractical solutions I dont have to worry about thatwith Northpoint.Northpoint was integral to ourstudy of market adjacencies. Wetrusted their well-developedinsights.Their ability to dig deepand provide insights, not easilyfound is unique to them vs. theother firms we had do similarwork. 6. 2. A well-tested portfolio of investigative tools and methodologies. Driving immediate business growth requires a highly-tuned set of tools to uncover hidden opportunities and value.3. A balance of creative and quantitative skills. Value creation is too often assigned to creative marketing roles, when, in fact, deep quantitative and analytical skills are needed to drive decision-making.4. A commitment to rapid deployment. Too many market investigations fail to limit focus to the most critical