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This is the presentation about how new thinking and how it will help you to engage people and organizations with new working and enterpreneurship.


  • 1. Hownew workingwill help to reveal true potential ofyour company and your people? 2011 by Andrew Issaenko


  • The knowledge of successfulentrepreneurshipandnew(net)workingis within You!


  • 5themes

to Discover 4. Leading Entrepreneurship New (Net)working Inspiration How doYou Succeed 5. Leading 6.

  • Leading: Coaching and Directing

7. Leading: Level of Involvement Level Of Support Level Of Direction Level of involvement Supportive Coaching Delegating Directive 8. Leading: Good and bad practices Level Of Support Level Of Direction Moving from Directive to Delegating and back Supportive Coaching Delegating Directive 9.

  • Leading: Team Integrity as must be

10. Team Integrity: = Personal integrity

  • Strong visionhelps to createshared understandingof team goals
  • Everyone hasown picture of own roleand meaning
  • Everyone wants adeserved recognition inownpersonal way
  • Guided Motivation and Enthusiasm of Everyonehelps to achieve maximal effect inpersonal contributingto the work ofentire team

11. Integrity:ConditionsandResponses Leads avoid hey-you ofthose people communication! Condition Response Personaldeserved recognitionFeelingas a personally rewarded Feeling personally rewordedPersonal interest in contribution Personal interest in contribution More trust, better and sincere relations Build trust and good relations in a time of peace Help in the time of crisis or deadline 12.

  • Rewarding: Competition and Cooperation

Best Result in Business is achieved by combination of both 13. Rewarding: Instruments InstrumentOutcome Feeling of doing important job Motivates person to work harder to complete tasks Encouraging regular competitions within teamwith small gifts to mark winning Gains better results from tasks with increasing personal engagement Recognition of some personal strength externally Motivates personal interests to correct weaknesses elements inpersonal improvement process Have a clear vision ofdesired personal resultfor everyone The member is less motivated to leave the organization/team and knows what he works for. 14. Vicious to Virtuous transfer: System 15. Leading: Good Stories

  • Giving books to offshore team members with personally addressed notes from the onshore teamencouragedmotivation and dedication of the offshore team
  • Competition forProfessional of the weekpersonal distinctionwith the aim onachievements of specific weekly team goals
  • Facilitating Add-hock feedback from upper managementto showimportance of the project results to the team
  • Humor in daily work to support friendly relationshelpedin resolving most difficult situations

16. The Entrepreneurship Environment 17. Why it is so important?

  • Internal innovationsarecomplicatedto managebyhierarchical ruling and human miscommunication
  • Companies needtoinnovate at all levels to copemarket changes
  • Local entrepreneurshipmeans not only localinitiative
  • Entrepreneurship environment is basedonencouraged and controlledlocal initiative


  • How do we build it?

19. How do we build it?

  • Awareness at all levelsoforganization/department goals
  • Seeingideaslocallytoimplementopportunitiesglobally
  • Knowing where to look forideas and how to start withopportunities
  • Realizing what is in that for me?andwhat is here for the organization?


  • Opportunities: Risks and Chances

21. Building it:Chances&Risks

  • We want something we caneasily sale(demand) butCan weeasily make (supply)this?
  • We caneasily make(our advantages)itbutCan weeasily saleit(market trends, competitor movementsand risks) ?
  • Shared Awarenessand acceptingnecessary compromises and balances isa part of winning for all parties


  • Awareness HorizonsbutNo limitations

How to Keep shared awareness and sharp horizons? 23. Awareness: Perception of Opportunity Individual Perception of added value of opportunityIndividual Perception of required resourcing Enthusiast We do it right now! Planning and Manage Let us plan and track this Only if we do not spend too much time on that Penny in the bank of ideas 24. Negotiation: Sharing awareness Individual Perception of added value of opportunityIndividual Perception of opportunity risk Enthusiast We do it right now! Planning and Manage Let us plan and track this Not too much time! Bank of ideas 25. Opportunity: Increasing Awareness Individual Perception of added value of opportunityIndividual Perception of opportunity risk Opportunity Awareness Enthusiast Planning and Manage Let us plan and track this Not too much time! Bank of ideas 26.

  • Speeding: Add-Hock vs. Plan

27. Add hock vs plan: How to combine ?

  • EntrepreneurshipusesNetwork advantage
  • Supporting Project Networkshall bedaily routine (Agile, SCRUM principle)
  • Network can help you withresources f0r add-hock activities and better coordinate planned activities
  • Living Planningis used tocommunicate to stakeholders aboutprogressand environment of realization


  • Entrepreneurship:No limits

The only limit to your impact is yourimagination and commitment . Tony Robbins A famous American self-help author and success coach 29.

  • New (Net)working

30. Opportunity: Leading of realization Stake Holder(s) Influence (Volume) Stake Holder(s) Interest in OpportunityEngaging with opportunity planned work activitiesInfluence: Others Support Engaging by relevant results Influence: Others Support Influence: Others Support Target audiencefor and keeping engagedand informed Clients/investors Target audience towork directly on the opportunity activitiesOpportunity Evangelists(your selling network) 31.

  • New Networking: Stewardship ofyour evangelists

Believe you or not, The number does really matter 32.

  • New Networking: Leading by example

33. Opportunity: Leading by example Time for Realization of Benefits Required resources Engage your network to obtain first results faster. Plan selling the opportunity to them. Perceive with the consent of management as a part of business development plan for unit or organizationOpportunity Activities to gain fast realization of benefits for influencing perception of opportunity Risky areas to consider carefully andengage management and your networkinto discussion 34. Realization: Managing expectations Expected Result Perceived Result Personal effort investment and personal marketing ( trust of people ) Dissatisfied , turning against the opportunityInsuredin the opportunity I thought that we havealready done that (but perceived as apart of daily tasks )Becominginvolvedwith the opportunity 35.

  • New (Net)working: Building Partnership

Symbioses of Active and Supporting Roles 36. New Networking: Building Partnership Entrepreneurial (New) Leadership (Active) Influencing (Classic)Leadership (Supporting) YOU People to coach and learn from ( strength your position with them ) People to work with ( your desired partners ) Working force ( supportive evangelists ) People to follow closely ( your desired clients ) 37.

  • The art of largelybrand building . If not a brand, it will be viewed as a commodity
  • -Philip Kotler

New Net(Working): ThePersonal Marketing Professorof International Marketing at the Kellogg School 38. Inspiring: What drives it? 39.

  • Inspiring: Increase of business value

40. Inspiring: Increase of business value Internal qualities External qualities How do I improve my strength with latest developments? Can known weakness be the source of opportunity for improvement? StrengthTrends Weakness Opportunities 41.

  • Inspiring: Using interplaying data

42. Internal qualities External qualities Inspiring: Using interplaying data YOUR VISION Selected Benchmark DataGlobal Development Analysis (Wolfram-Alpha)Lessons learned Data Systems of structuring the Operational Knowledge (SIGMA7,PRINCE2, ISEB, ASL) 43.

  • Inspiring:Learn from your network

44. Inspiring: Learn from your network People, who are interested in you How useful advise of people will be for the realization of opportunity? Engagingpeople with particularideasinteresting to youto get a fast feedback Partnership ofideas sharing and mutual work Observe changes of your network to see who might becomeinteresting to youor who becomesinterested in you Select carefullyandthink in advancewhatdriving forcecould be for them to give youwhich feedback 45.

  • Inspiring: Bridging of your network

Long Term VisionDetermination 46. Inspiring: Bridging of your network Your Network Possibly Interested for Them Their Network Interesting for You Think ofown added value you could bring to the partnershipbetween people and engage them with your network but do not be too much value centric Engage in mutual projects. Support network with regular engagement ( personalholiday greetings) Observe changes not only of personal networks, but networks of the companies and interesting domains tosee latest development .Asking them for being engaged and coming with concrete business proposals to their people in whom you are