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Video in Content Marketing


  • 1. Video In Content MarketingVideoKilled the Radio StarVideoBreeds the Web star

2. Hello, Im Dawn Willson Content Marketing ExpertMy Site Ive been around the block a few times1. Child Prodigy Artist2. Studied Film/Video, Mass Comm., Rhetoric, & Sociology3. TV Producer (& Commercial Videos)4. Writer5. Web producer6. Interactive TV Pioneer (Web on TV)7. Online Marketing Director8. Content Strategy9. Social Media Strategy 3. When growing up (70s & 80s)TV was the ONE big thing 90s - (college) computers & the webbecame ANOTHER big thing 2000 We thought the two wouldnaturally converge on TV but, the technologywasnt there(HDTVs didnt exist yet) 4. The technology went mobileand social.(new dawn media was born! 5. What does that mean for you?More places to get a story.Our attention span may be on a thousand mediums, but we all still want the same thing a good story. 6. Storytelling has existed andbeen practiced long, longbefore the web existed. 7. What makes a good story?Every story has astructure an arc tokeep the audienceinterested and engaged. 8. Good stories have characterarcs.Conflict:- CBS Fires Charlie-Charlie Defies CBSBecomes Hero- Charlie Gains 2million TweeterFollowers- Charlie Goes onTour- CBS Offers JobBackResolution?Next Arc:- People Watch TheTrain Wreck- Transformation 9. Where the Audience is:Google sites handle about 88 billion searches each month.YouTube is the second most popular search engine second only toGoogle.Facebook is now over 800 million users.Twitter has nearly 400 million accounts.Yahoo! is the number 1 news source used online.LinkedIn is at 200 million usersSuper Bowl XLV, in 2011, the most-watched American televisionprogram in history, drew an audience of 111 million viewers. Again,important to note this is the MOST watched TV program every yearand it has a lot less viewers than Facebook. 10. Infotainment -The guy in the office cubiclecopes with stress by seeking outentertaining videos on YouTubeand then shares them with hisbuddies on Facebook andTwitter we market to thataudience.Understand that consumers are inthe drivers seat so content needs toinspire strong entertainment value todrive conversation. 11. Content Marketingthe creation and distribution of educational and/or compellingcontent in multiple formats to attract and/or retain customers. 12. Social Video Marketing!!!Unique short videos thatare targeted to specificaudiences get passedaround very quickly onsocial networks. Make me laugh. fastest wayto achieve conversation status in socialnetworks. Surprise me. for the person Entertain me. Populardetermined to solve a problem, video is afast remedy. Provide it with the unexpected web videos are todays newyou get word of mouth.Superbowl commercials exceptthey happen every day in the form of Give me a reason to talk. short, entertaining video clips. 13. Potion in the motion In the world of instant media, people today have little time and may be a bit lazy in the reading department. They want to get it in 30 seconds. Theyd much rather see how a product works, than have to read how to figure it out. And theyre much more likely to purchase when they can see how cool the product is. 14. Advantage #1: VIDEO DRIVES SEOYouTube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine online behind GoogleVideos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on thefirst page of search results.Advantage #2: VIDEO DRIVES ACTIONEmail click-thru rates increased by 50% when video was included. Up from 18%without it. (Web Video Marketing Council) 15. Advantage #3: Video Search drives sitevisits.Internet will become the Fact:broadcast market of Publishing video on choice and text search willyour website will liftorganic search turn into video search.engine ranking andincrease unique visits. Video is judged by itsthumbnail. They are searching foranswers How-to!! People dont watch avideo. They watchbatches of videos.(You want to tap into thatRelated Videos section.) 16. What we do We keep it short. Include real people Let viewers share and vote an respond in multiple ways Provide content strategy before video production Insert special versions of your videos, such as clips Ensure that it is versatile so it can move between sites. We keep it engaging! 17. Integrated Video Content Split Videos weincrease clicks bysplitting and spreadingdifferent portions of thevideo content atdifferent distributionpoints. this is acompelling tactic that,when done well, hasthe ability to movetraffic! Example: Users watch video in one location, then have to go to another place at Example: One video is a starting point and another time tothen multiple story-lines are optioned so view the consumers can choose their own conclusion.adventure. 18. The proof is in the puddinghappy clients new dawn mediaincreased Exhibit BoothSales by 110% for theNDIA (National DefenseIndustry Association) lastyear. 90% Other clients have statedthat videos, once added totheir online marketingcampaign & social mediastrategy increasedcustomer loyalty and salesby 90%. 19. new dawn media providesvideos made by experts aswell as videos made by users.The former guaranteesreliability and the latterensures authenticity. Eye-catching & entertaining How-to videos reduce the Marketing as a servicecosts across all customerservice and support Saving you moneychannels. 20. Will Web Shows be the death knellfor TV programs? KEY: SOCIAL VIDEO MARKETINGNo. Not if the KEY: SAME MESSAGE, DIFFERENT MEDIUMContentStrategists &Producers aresmart.Integratingthe contentvia manyplatformsshould bepart of thedistributionstory line. 21. It is important touse a variety ofvideo formats Testimonial Video Webisodes Mini Documentaries Interactive Video Video Widgets Guerilla Video Video Mail Mobile Video 22. Video Mail is HUGEVideo Mail draws consumers closer fromtheir own inbox As corporate IT departments have wised-up to employees who are watching YouTube at work, many companies have blocked access to the site. Consequently, more people are forwarding emails with video Even if you just have a box on an email that attachments or emails looks like it is a 30 second video, it will still get with links to video hostedclicked on and watched. on alternative video sites. Older demos prefer email. 23. FACTS: Over half of all online traffic is VIDEO ONLINE. Video is NOW taking over the web. Video should be the core element of your marketing strategy. Mobile is taking over the web. You should be creating cross-digital platform content strategy. new dawn mediaspecializes in Social Video production. new dawn mediais increasing sales with video by 110%! new dawn mediaproduces Online Content Marketing &VIDEO productions for companies and organizations acrossthe country.