NavigIn: An Indoor Navigation System

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  1. 1. An Indoor Navigation System Marketing Plan for Android App
  2. 2. Executive Summary Situation: With the increase in Indian economy, there has been a constant increase in the number of malls and supermarkets as well as the number of people visiting the malls and supermarkets. Problem: Lack of an indoor navigation system that makes it tough to search through the entire mall. This eats away time and energy due to which people prefer online shopping. GPS doesnt work indoors as it is blocked by walls. Solution: A software-hardware integrated solution that which will use VLC to guide the consumer to their desired product or shop inside a supermarket or mall respectively.
  3. 3. What is NavigIn?
  4. 4. Software hardware integrated platform Helps customers find their way inside malls Second phase involves navigation through hospitals
  5. 5. Company Overview Easy shopping experience for customers Most of the consumers encounter this problem which kills their time and consumes a lot of energy resulting in a shift from offline to online shopping NavigIn uses VLC using LEDs for communication. No additional hardware required by the consumers, just their phone NavigIn is also planning to offer a solution for the visually impaired which will make navigation inside their homes easier
  6. 6. Market Overview Currently, the companys market involves the supermarket and mall goers. Customer segmentation -Demographic: Age 18-40 -Psychographic: Students and working professionals who spend less time in malls and supermarket
  7. 7. Target Customer Working Professionals Students Entrepreneurs Retailers Age group 18- 40
  8. 8. Goal
  9. 9. Goal Talk to the retailers, design an app specifically for supermarkets and malls to make the shopping experience easier. App installation will be free for the users but the retailers have to pay to list their supermarket. Phase 1 Extend the idea to hospitals A platform specially for visually impaired people where they can move inside their houses with ease. Phase 2
  10. 10. Strategy
  11. 11. Target Market Customers: - Satisfying customer needs for an easier an more efficient shopping experience where they save time and energy - Customers can utilize the same time in looking at a variety of shops or products - Mainly age group 18-40 including students and working professionals Collaborators: - Supermarkets and malls ( listing their mall and supermarket in the app) - Marketing channel members will be the same - Communication partners: Social Media, App will be the basic marketing platform. Competitors: - Philips ( Not in India) - Insoft - Senion
  12. 12. Value Proposition Customer value : - NavigIn offers an easy shopping experience for its customers giving them a one of a kind shopping experience. - It positions itself in the market among youth and working professionals who to save time prefer online shopping but wont mind going to supermarkets with this kind of platform - Say goodbye to the hassles of shopping is the brand mantra for customers Collaborator value : - The retailers can attract the lost customers by integrating with our platform - Win back your customers is the brand mantra for collaborators Company value : - For the employees and stakeholders, it is a great a venture to invest in as we show them the vision and what we aim to achieve
  13. 13. Tactics
  14. 14. Product and Service A product that makes shopping easier and faster with a simple a mobile app List your favorite shops and we try them getting it on your phone! Brand Brand name:NavigIn Brand mantra: Say Goodbye to the hassles of shopping
  15. 15. Implementation
  16. 16. Survey from customers Sorting their preferences Approaching retailers of malls and supermarkets Showing them the future and vision Design and Launch
  17. 17. Disclaimer Created by Shivangi Gambhir, Manipal Institute of Technology, during a marketing internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.