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  • 1. Brief

2. Client Research Secondary target audience Northern Echo readers High production and editorial values. Community spirit upheld by use of local advertisers. 3. Client Constraints Things that need to be considered Secondary audience of Northern Echo readers this will affect content and aesthetics. The use of only local advertisers this will affect which potential advertisers are chosen. High production and editorial values this will raise costs of production. Weekend supplement strategy this will affect print numbers and raise the costs. 4. Genre ResearchAlternative Womens lifestyle There is a gap in the market for alternative lifestyle magazines aimed at young people. 5. Influences: The Simple Things New and successful alternative lifestyle magazine. 6. Influences: Psychology Today All articles are backed up by facts and research they are not all self help. Not a soft approach like most typical womens lifestyle magazines. 7. Genre Research Both successful magazines one is only recently established. The Simple Things shows new alternative lifestyle magazines are viable and potentially successful. 8. Audience Research Target Audience: Females/17-24 Year old/ABC1 Aimed at ABC1 but is applicable to the life of 17-24 year olds. Difficult to balance between the socioeconomic groups and the age, as the two things can contradict. The issues addressed in the magazine will be ones that affect 17-24 year olds. Articles will be written in a style to suit ABC1. 9. Mock Ups 10. Mock Ups 11. Audience Viability Two different versions were created of the Sociopath article: Factual article Least popular with target audience Imagery better for this version Layout too simpleAnecdotal & factual article Most popular with target audience The article is more interesting Best layout more explosive More easily relatable to audience 12. Audience Viability More relatable and interesting 13. Commercial Viability Personnel Personnel Journalists Photographers Models Subeditors Researchers Graphic Designer Image Ediotrs Lighting assistant Make up assistants Hair StylistsHours neededFreelance rate8 16 9 12 6 4 10 6 3 3Total cost 22 23 20 15 14 20 0 0 35 25Total personnel expenditure:Additional Notes176.00 368.00 180.00 180.00 84.00 80.00 0.00 0.00 105.00 75.00Including image editingIncluded with photographer Included in studio hire1,248.00Equipment Equipment Studio space rental: Flash lighting studio kit: Camera: Total Expenditure:Hours needed 9 9 2 daysHire rate 25.00 0 20/per dayTotal cost 225.00 0 Included with studio hire 40.00 265.00 14. Commercial Viability Total Expenditure17%4%Editorial Personnel Equipment Printing79% 15. Commercial ViabilityTotal expenditure: 7233.60 Total Income: 6140.00 Profit/Loss: -1093.60 16. Commercial Viability Advantages of an advertising only model: Dont have to charge for the magazine Dont have to split profit with retailer Appeals more to the target audience because the magazine is free 17. DistributionDistributed free within the Northern Echo Gets distributed all over the North East Free distribution Guaranteed audience Large secondary audience 18. Constraints Considering the Press Complaints Commission Need to follow all guidelines and rules Consider the Editors Code of Practice Regulate all editorial content and aestheticsPCC codes that need to be considered: Privacy Harassment Children Accuracy Discrimination 19. Schedule Potential schedule problems focus around not enough time for all aspects of production. Dealt with by Booking extra studio time Hiring staff on an hourly rate work as much as needed 20. My Product Simple layout People-based image on the cover Sociopath/Martial arts Reflect target audience Use a variety of fonts for the different sell lines Aesthetically pleasing 21. The Sociopath Next Door Anecdotal article with a psychological perspective Informs people of how they can spot a Sociopath from their behaviour Includes anecdotal evidence so the audience can relate easily People-based imagery Explosive layout to represent sociopathic behaviour White & Black medical connotations Orange gender neutral 22. Martial Arts For Women Article highlighting the benefits of martial arts for women Includes aspects of fitness, social life and safety People based imagery all women Elegant but powerful Simple and sharp layout Black & White imagery elegance Pink femininity 23. First Impressions Article with tips on how to improve first impressions Based on Psychological research People based imagery all full length images Explosive layout all text and imagery intertwined Text split into different points More imagery than text Red & Yellow colours alarming, bold and bright 24. Conclusion USP nothing else like it on the market. Wanted to create something that was unconventional Something that is different or alternative is new and exciting = more attractive Doesnt have to compete with existing products of the same genre Establishing a new magazine The Simple Things proved it was possible in this genre 25. What has been created An alternative lifestyle magazine Aimed at 17-24 year olds Self financed through advertising Weekend supplement that adheres to all standards of the Northern Echo