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Reflections From InternshipMy Journey at Carolinas HealthCare SystemLaTavia McQueen


About Me


Hampton Introduction2



I grew up in divided houses. Most of you know my godfather Mark and his wife Uconda Dunn. I actually met her first when I was 9, in Rocky Mount. She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and eventually married Mr. Mark who also went to UNC. However my real parents are Larry and Jackie McQueen who both work for Hospira. My dad went to NC State so as I grew up I was always being pushed and pulled into being a Tarheel or a Wolfpack but NEVER EVER a Blue Devil. 3

My Journey at CHS

July 8- August 21Grand total of 6 weeks and 2 days



What I Learned


At CHS I had the opportunity to gain knowledge and information on many different subjects. Who can guess the very first thing I learned and what I probably learned the most about?5

Proofreading, Proofreading, and PROOFREADINGReviewing and researching terminologyHow important it is to Plan. Partner. Participate.Your Health and Retirement


I proofread any and everything that was handed to me for grammar, language and just overall clarity and understanding. Its actually become such a force of habit that I proofread outside of work.Part of the proofreading process included reviewing and researching terminology. I learned the difference between pre-tax and after-tax, along with the definition of vesting.Most importantly all the reading and researching taught me that anything can happen and its never too early to care about your health and your future.6

New Teammate PortalWhiteboardingTaxonomyNew Teammate HandbookWebsite Design


I spent a great deal of my time with Lisa delving into the mysteries of the New Teammate Portal and what exactly is going on with the New Teammate Handbook.Along with learning that every healthcare facility heard a different rumor about what not to do with the New Teammate Handbooks, we accessed the New Teammate Portal and how to make it more effective to New Teammates.We whiteboared how we thought the New Teammate Portal should look to be more appealing to new teammates and make it easier to understand and find the items they need.Lisa showed me what a taxonomy was, which is a complete spreadsheet of a website and all its aspects. Including every page, link, picture, video and anything else. Then I created one on my own for the New Teammate PortalAfter creating a taxonomy I learned how to use Microsoft Word to create layouts for Web pages, which I used to design a few web pages for our team.7

New Teammate Portal Design


This is the first tab of our new version of the New Teammate Portal Design. We shortened the Welcome Letter From Debra just a tiny bit, changed her picture and added her signature.We also added a list of forms at the bottom and a link to where they can find them, but instead of taking them to page that nobody could find, it links right to the next tab to give the page for contingency.


New Teammate Portal Design


Changed Meet Your Teammates to Orientation Requirements with a detailed list, along with a link, of the necessary forms needed for New Teammate Orientation. The tab also included a Whats Next? portion that gives teammates a number to call the night before orientation to check for any changes as well as map that links to google so they can find directions from any address.The bottom of the page includes a link that will send teammates to the third tab where they can find out what they can expect within their first 90 days at CHS.9

New Teammate Portal Design


Changed Orientation Expectations to First 90 DaysThe most important things that need to be done during your first week at CHS and an interactive timeline on what they can expect at the beginning of their journey at CHS10

Careers Page


Assisted with the development of the Culture Landing Page for the CHS Career site.Also developed a new Awards page that now includes our Fortune recognition 11

Research Projects


In between fire drills and some of the other tasks I was given. Nicole also gave me a few research projects to embark on. This a just a small portion of the things I discovered..12

MillennialsMinoritiesNursesTalent Acquisition Approach


Research done to assist the talent acquisition team with filling some of the jobs at CHSI was asked to focus on figuring what appeals to millennials, and how to recruit minorities specifically minority nurses13

What are Millennials? Millennials are continuous learners, team players, collaborators, optimistic, achievement oriented, socially conscious and highly educated.

Kenan Flagler School of Business UNC Chapel Hill


Born between 1980-2000Largest generation in the U.S. representing 1/3 of the populationAlso called Generation Y


BenefitsCollaborationWork-life BalanceCoaching & ValidationFulfilling & Meaningful Career

What Do We Want?


Benefits: 81% want good benefits like health insurance and retirement (capstrat)Collaboration: 88% prefer a collaborative work culture (forbes)Work-life Balance: 77% want flexible work hours (forbes)Coaching: 79% would want their boss to be more of a coach/mentorSocial media proves we look for validationsFulfilling & Meaningful Career: 64% say iits a priority to make the world a better placeVenture Consumers looking strategically at opportunities to invest in a place where they can make a difference and the place makes a difference as well ( Judes is ranked #3 in forbes list of top places millenials want to workLocal hospital is #6Mayo Clinic #14


Recruiting MinoritiesUse marketing materials to showcase diversity and inclusionVisit career fairs in minority communities and collegesDevelop a relationship with organizations that cater to minorities


Pay attention to details to see if those flyers or posters really display a diverse work cultureBe sure there is a good representation of a diverse work environmentGaining a close relationship with Divine 9 organizations and other Hispanic organizations give you great access to a wide range of talent (undergrad, graduate and emerging leaders)


in NursingNew GraduatesDevelop competitive scholarships and tuition forgiveness programsJoin advisory boards of minority nursing schools and programsOffer special on-site interviews at minority schools

Use marketing materials to advertise additional benefits and appeal to familiesOffer sign-on bonuses for important positions

Sponsor a mentoring program in high schools and middle schools that focuses on potential nursing majors

Mid CareerFuture Nurses


Partner scholarships with our two nursing schools

Mentoring can include volunteer courses that give mentees some certification and experience in the field of nursingAlso give the opportunity for job shadowing, assistance with college admissions, and job searches17

Employer Brand



Who We Are

Carolinas HealthCare System is an award winning healthcare system that offers premium care to people in the Carolinas. 19



Core Values




I Suggest

Use internal communications and marketing materials for external useAlign with other nationally known organizationsApply Core Values to a teammate point-of-view (not just patient care)


We have many great materials that only employees get to seePRIDE could possibly be used for commercial usePut a face to One Experience Behaviors21

One Experience BehaviorsCaring





CARING: Behavior Expectation-Begin and end each interaction with words and actions that demonstrate caring for patients and teammates.Anticipate, listen, acknowledge and respond to the spoken and unspoken needs of teammates and patients.Ingrid Henly- Took financial classes provided by CHS that helped her save enough to purchase a homeCOMMITMENT: Behavior Expectation-Promote a clean and safe environmentLibby Boatwright- 2014 Pinnacle Nominee who committed over 30 years to being an RNINTEGRITY: Behavior Expectation-Demonstrate respect for teammates and patients.Kevin Johnson- 2014 Pinnacle Nominee who seeks everyday to make a difference in the lives of patients and teammatesTEAMWORK: Behavior Expectation-Acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments of our teammates and patients.Laronda Glinn- Began a weight loss journey with the encouragement of her teammates

Others: Dr. Grant Campbell (OB/GYN)-deployed to Afghanistan as a trauma surgeonAnna Wilson- created a history wall of Blue Ridge Hospital


Branding AgenciesOur Competitors

Cardinal HealthOhioHealthCleveland ClinicSusan G. KomenFinish LineBelkLowes Scripps Network


Carilion ClinicUnivita HealthAdams County Regional Medical CenterEndo PharmaceuticalsMedtronicNational Care AdvisorBerger Health SystemOBleness Health SystemQuantum Health


Local Agencies

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare SolutionsCarolinas HealthCare System Levine Cancer InstituteLevine Childrens Hospital Presbyterian HospitalsParkview HealthProvidence HospitalsRoper St Francis HospitalsStanly Regional Medical Center Wesley Long Community Hospital




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