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Innovation is at the core of everything we do at MWV. And when it comes to packaging, we believe its more than just a product containerpackaging is the ultimate media platform for your brand. Every shopper interacts with packaging, so every touch is an opportunity to make a connection, build loyalty and drive sales. We work with brands to maximize this critical interaction by providing innovation grounded in meaningful insights from consumers, retailers and markets. We turn this knowledge into value to ensure were solving the right problems in the right way, increasing our customers' speed to market with the right packaging solution. From R&D to design, through materials, converting and automation, we help brands take shape.


  • 1. MWV Innovation
  • 2. We believe packaging matters from the manufacturing floor to the store shelf to the kitchen pantry 2
  • 3. Packaging should be more than a product container 100% of shoppers interact with a brands packaging. So every touch is an opportunity for that brand to make a connection, build loyalty and drive sales. 3
  • 4. Packaging innovation should be grounded in meaningful insights Insights come from many sources consumers, customers, reta ilers and markets. We build on these insights to ensure were solving the right problems in the right way. 4
  • 5. Packaging is a brand investment Packaging is the ultimate media platform for reach and frequency. A dynamic packaging brand strategy helps define and reinforce a brands essence and character. 5
  • 6. MWV Innovation Turning knowledge into value. Impact Inspiration Insights Assessing packaging needs, examining opportunities, and analyzing data and market trends to identify meaningful problems. Leveraging our technical expertise, creativity and networks in order to choose materials, create packaging brand strategies, and develop new designs and solutions. Delivering packaging that increases sales, enhances brands and improves peoples lives. 6
  • 7. Packaging Touch Points Lifecycle Selecting at the shelf Disposing of the package Using the package Taking home the package Storing the package 7
  • 8. Insights-Centric Innovation Retailer / Distributor We discover insights, and use them to create innovative solutions which address unmet or unarticulated packaging needs. Brand Owner Consumer We consider the end-to-end impact of potential packaging solutions on all relevant stakeholders. 8
  • 9. Our holistic approach to innovation 9
  • 10. Our Multidisciplinary Innovation Team Packaging Development Packaging Science & Engineering Mechanical Engineering & Design Modeling & Simulation Rapid Prototyping/Scale-up Dispensing & Delivery Systems Pharmaceutical Packaging Security Packaging Innovation Systems Open Innovation Innovation Project Leadership Innovation Management Sophisticated Data Analytics Materials and Analytical Science Paper Science Coatings Science Polymer Science Analytical Science Center for Strategy, Marketing & Design Brand Engagement Consumer & Customer Insights Market & Competitive Intelligence Industrial & Graphic Design 10
  • 11. CPG experience and cross-category expertise
  • 12. Center for Packaging Innovation 58,000 square feet of offices, design studio and laboratories 130 Researchers & scientists & designers $10 million investment Global Resources More than 65 Ph.Ds 1309 patents pending in 42 2957 patents granted in 62 countries 12
  • 13. Packaging Materials & Technology R&D Facility True speed to market service 48,000 square feet 5 labs Equipment prototyping Wood fiber development Coatings testing 13
  • 14. MWV Innovation Turning knowledge into value. Grounded in deep market research and robust consumer insight. Combined with a strong history of manufacturing and technical expertise, we zero in on packaging pain points and turn them into valuable solutions. 14


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