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Multiuser computer

Multiuser Computer

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Multiuser computer

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1981The first personal computer was presented by IBM company in August 12, 1981. From this date exactly

the modern PC‟s age has begun.

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1981 201029 years passed since that time, and no doubt, today we use different PCs.

Modern computers have gone far away from their ancestors by external appearance, power and facilities,

but general principles of human-computer interaction still keep working.

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Keyboard & Mouse

First of all, it concerns information input devices – “mouse” (1963) and keyboard.

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Light pen

A great deal of attempts were made to change PC interface for changing the principles of work with

computer in general

Light pen, stylus, touch screen – but all of them were destined for work of one man only.

Stylus Touch screen

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Touch screen

One of technologies we are interested mostly in – touch screen – exists since the end of 1977 when

Elographics company in joint efforts with Siemens succeeded in creating bulging touch screen adjustable

upon kinescopes of that time.

In 1982 on the World Fair Elographics presented the TV-set equipped with touch screen.

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Today this technology is widespread in payment terminals where touch screen is used as if a mouse.

Changes in interfaces and operating principles have difficulty keeping up with development of computer

facilities themselves and growth in diverse ways of information operating.

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Multi-touch screen

Now the multi-touch screen technology does exist. And the fact that it permits to recognize user multiple

touches opens new quality horizons in human-computer interaction.

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And today there are multiple examples of Multi-touch technology effective adoption – “Surface” and

“iPhone” for example.

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But there is no soft- and hardware on the market which would require real multi-touch interface providing

multiple simultaneous touches.

Multi-touch interface

Page 11: Multiuser Computer

What‟s significant – touch screen and multi-touch screen interfaces tend to minimize learning curve, they

are much easier-to-use and more understandable compared to what we used to working with by means

of usual PC‟s and operating systems.

Wells Fargo‟s cash dispenser interface

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Nowadays‟ PC is a unique tool for any person – be it a manager, chief or area specialist.

But they are destined for individual work.

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It‟s to be taken into consideration that people pass their working hours mostly in negotiations,

presentations, brain storms, work group meetings.

All that implies much communication and simultaneous work of large number of people.

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However, PC‟s are hardly intended for they are used simultaneously by more than one user owing to the

very fact that they are destined for individual (personal) work.

Page 15: Multiuser Computer

Real meeting

How is collective or group work carried out? As variants – meetings, negotiations? Such communication is

usually held at table, with some printed papers and minutes of meeting to fix important things which are to

be remembered.

Page 16: Multiuser Computer

By that the operation itself – or “work” – disappears, and what‟s kept is discussion only. Because there is

no such tool obtaining facilities and power of a PC, but at the same time providing collective and

simultaneous work of large number of participants.

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Online meeting

Acrobat Connect

What solutions does the market offer for such challenges? For example, these two products – and…

much of information noise.

The thing is that you will not understand how much complicated it is until you see another interface. Just

remind a teapot – you don‟t need instructions to heat the water.

Joint network

Microsoft Outlook

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Till today there is no computer created yet, aiming to facilitate the simultaneous work and collective

interaction of a certain group of people.

The key problem – there is no computer for several people (!!!)

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„What we offer is to elaborate multiuser computer destined for joint work of people group..

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What does the

multiuser computer


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Page 22: Multiuser Computer

Multi-Touch screen

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Wireline network

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Wi-Fi Bluetooth

Page 29: Multiuser Computer

The multiuser computer has to be equipped with a exclusively easy-to-use interface, which would let any

user accomplishes all operations he used to doing during a usual meeting, in easy manner and without

setting too much wits to work on it.

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Files PreviewDocuments, pictures, video…

Page 38: Multiuser Computer

Files commentingPlaced directly on a document surface

Page 39: Multiuser Computer

Transmission to projectorWhat‟s on the table – that‟s on the screen

Page 40: Multiuser Computer

Notes handprintedAs well as comments and pictures

Page 41: Multiuser Computer

TeleconferencesCollective video discussion with other Tables and computers

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Assign tasksIntegration with Microsoft Exchange

Page 43: Multiuser Computer

Web-browserObserving and commenting web-pages

Page 44: Multiuser Computer

Conversation recordRecord of conference discussion on the Table and mic‟s sounds

Page 45: Multiuser Computer

Data storageFiles, comments and records are kept safe in the context of the discussion held

Page 46: Multiuser Computer

SearchSearching for information in saved discussions and local networks

Page 47: Multiuser Computer

Wireless communicationWireless facilities plug in and data download

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Data Storage

Conversation rec.


File Preview

Files Commenting

Transmission to Projector

Notes Handprinted

TeleconferencesAssign Tasks

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