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MTV: CASE PRESENTATION Sabrina Bazile, Etsehiwot Mebratu, Julie Messinger, and Raul Salinas

MTV Case Study

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Sabrina Bazile, Etsehiwot Mebratu, Julie Messinger, and Raul Salinas

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OVERVIEW1. Company Overview

2. MTV’s Objective and Marketing Challenge

3. Strategy Tactics: Product, Price, Place, and Promotions

4. Conclusion

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Company Overview American cable and satellite television program

• Headquartered in New York City

• Subsidiary of Viacom Media Networks

Original Concept (1980-1990)

• Play music 24/7 guided by video jockeys

• Mainstream pop culture

• Main target demographic were young adults

Transformed by adding reality shows

Current Main Goals:

• Solving MTV’s Marketing Challenge: Brand Dilution

• MTV’s Objective

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MTV’s Objective

MTV’s Objective

• Increase viewership and ratings of programming

Industry Issues

•Consumers no longer turn to television to watch music videos

•Rising cable prices

•Online streaming alternatives: Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube

•Audiences aligning their loyalties more with specific programs than specific networks

MTV’s Brand Problems

• Reliance on low-budget reality shows

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MTV’s Marketing Challenge

Target market too broad

Loss of unique selling proposition and competitive


ImitatableMoved from

original identity: pop culture, edgy

Brand Dilution

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ProductBlue Ocean, Target market,Features and Emotional Benefit

Strategy Tactics

Page 7: MTV Case Study

Product: Blue Ocean

Increase viewership

Social Media Integration

Fan Engagement


Cyber Thriller


Page 8: MTV Case Study



“American Horror

Story” for teens

Found Footage

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Emotional Benefit and FeaturesSynopsis: “Set in an all girl’s boarding school, a teen

girl discovers a murder via Snapchat from an

unknown sender. She sets to investigate the

murder, putting everyone she knows at risk. The

problem: the killer is watching her every move, and

sends her Snapchats to prove it.”


• Audience can vote for upcoming anthology via social media and website

• Online streaming on app and website

Emotional Benefit

• Validation

• Inclusion

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Target Market

Young adolescents 12-17

Social media savvy

Heavy pop culture and digital media consumers

Sensitive to trends

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PriceFinancial ramifications and impact

Strategy Tactics

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Price: Financial Opportunity

New programming with help to increase


MTV is focused on bringing in more programming to

attract more viewers

New show has the potential of

increasing ratings by 10% and ad revenue

to $1.20 billion

Growth will be dependent on

licensing revenues from alternative video


American Horror Story: 6.12 million viewers and 3.11


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PlaceRetail and Supply Chain

Strategy Tactics

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Supply Chain

Partnership is Key

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Strategy Tactics

Page 19: MTV Case Study

Media vehicle: Social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YoutubeMedia message: ”Terror wants to connect. Do you dare?”


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