Moving Into The 21st Century

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Moving into the 21st Century

Moving into the 21st Century

AgendaIntroductionExplanation of Key AreasCampus STaR Chart ResultsStatewide resultsSummary and ConclusionThe Texas STaR Chart(STaR School Technology and Readiness)

The STaR Chart is an online resource tool for self-assessment of your campus and districts efforts to effectively integrate technology across the curriculum.STaR Chart Key Areas The following will be a brief overview of the key areas covered in the STaR Chart online tool. To get a more in-depth explanation of the STaR Chart and its purpose and to get statewide and campus/district reports click on the following link:

Teaching and LearningRoles of teacher and learner must changeStudents can no longer be passive recipients of instruction, but they must become active participants in the learning process.Students must determine credibility of sources.Students must collaboratively construct, use, and communicate knowledge.Learning and teaching must focus on connections to students lives.

Educator Preparation and DevelopmentThere needs to be a retooling of the existing professional core of the educational system.We must secure time, resources, and effective models for educator professional development.There must be a change of supporting the move from traditional schooling to 21st century education.There will be an increase in need for teacher and administrators due to the baby boomer retirements and increased student population.Leadership, Administration, and Instructional SupportVision-building, administrator commitment, and skilled leadership play a pivotal role in success.A significant challenge is upon us to provide visionary school leadership with background needed to lead and nurture change.Rapid change makes it impossible for one individual to handle. There must be collaborative teams for ongoing planning.Leaders must model effective use of technologies as well as articulate clear expectations for faculty and staff.Infrastructure for TechnologyCampuses must have robust connectivity and tools needed to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process.Infrastructure capacity must support promising practices.Infrastructure must continue to be updated to incorporate new and emerging technologies.Infrastructure is the critical element which supports all other key areas.STaR Chart Ratings There are four levels of progress within the rating system of the Texas STaR Chart. A school is rated in each key area at a stage of Early Technology, Developing Technology, Advanced Technology, or Target Technology.

The following slide will show El Campo Middle Schools ratings in each key area from the 2007-2008 STaR Chart to the 2008-2009 STaR Chart.El Campo Middle School Key Area Key Area Total

Teaching and Learning 2007-200814 2008-2009 13

Educator Preparation 2007-2008 13and Development 2008-2009 11

Leadership, Administration 2007-2008 16and Instructional Support 2008-2009 14

Infrastructure for 2007-2008 18Technology 2008-2009 15ConcernsWe have concerns as to why the faculty feels we are going down in all areas.

These concerns must be addressed through our site-based decision making team and goals must be set to turn our campus back in the right direction.Statewide Averages for 2007-2008Statewide Averages Statewide averages show the majority of schools in the developing stage in three of the key areas and one area in the advanced stage.

At present our campus is showing the same scenario as the state. In 2006-2007 and 2007-2008; however, we were also advanced in Leadership, Admin., Instructional Support. Conclusions The Texas STaR Chart is a valuable tool that we must begin to use in our Site-base Decision Making Team and Campus Improvement Plan to make sure ECMS is moving the right direction into the 21st Century.