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  1. 1. Discover My Most Important Productivity Tools. BroughtToYouBy: DBBusinessConsul4ng
  2. 2. Quality is my most important productivity tool Fewer but better interactions with high quality prospects is signicantly more productive than tons of calls with marginal prospects. Jill Konrath, Speaker, Author, Strategist
  3. 3. For sales-representa4ves daily life is about maneuvering between prospec4ng, lead genera4on, research, calls, emails, upda4ngtheCRM,sendingoutproposalsandcontent,mee4ngs, trainingandletsnotforgetaboutactualselling. It's a challenge to stay ahead and increase performance in the faceofrisingtargets. Do your salespeople suer from too much to do in too li5le 6me? Itdoesn'thavetobelikethat.
  4. 4. Sowhatcouldyouachieveifyouwere40%moreproduc4ve? Smartsalesleadersandteamsareinves4nginsalesproduc4vity toolstohelptheirteamachievemoreinthesameamountof 4me. Salesproduc6vityisnotaboutmakingmorecallsorsendingout moreemails. Itsaboutbeingsmartwithyour6metoincreasethevelocityof yoursalesprocess.
  5. 5. ForalookatresearchacrossanumberofsourcesincludingSales BenchmarkIndex,Forrester,Gartner,Salesforce,Vorsight,TOPO, theBridgeGroup,andHarvardBusinessReviewtogiveyoua data-drivenapproachtosalesproduc4vitythenfeelfreeto contactmeforachat. Alterna4velyfeelfreetobookacomplementarybusiness
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