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MMIC 2011 annual report

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Stronger and Better Together

2011 Annual Report

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For 32 years, our partnerships have helped MMIC become better and stronger. Our agents, brokers, clients, employees and business all benefi t when we work together. We don’t take these partnerships for granted, and through them, we are discovering more ways to serve the medical professionals who place their trust in us. We strive to provide peace of mind so that they, in turn, may serve their patients with confi dence.

Building solid partnerships has helped make MMIC the Midwest’s leading medical professional liability, risk management and health IT company. At our core are three strengths:

Insurance. Our 138 employees serve more than 430 hospitals and health care facilities, and more than 16,700 health care professionals, in eight core states. In addition to professional liability coverage, we offer alternative risk transfer solutions, Cyber SolutionsTM coverage, risk management solutions, and attentive claim services.

Information. We apply technology to enable interactions and manage data across the health system. Our evolving data warehouse provides us with a wide, deep swath of data and the capacity to transform it into meaningful solutions and value for our clients.

Technology. Our Health Information Technology division offers solutions for clients at the crossroads where technology and medicine intersect. Electronic health records are only the beginning of the ways that technology is revolutionizing the practice of medicine. And we’re here to guide clients every step of the way.

While MMIC is the business arm of our organization, MMIC Group is our recently formed mutual insurance holding company. In 2011, the MMIC Board made a decision to convert from a stock company to a mutual holding company. With this new structure, MMIC Group takes a leadership role in helping physician-owned companies grow and remain strong and viable.


Overview ............................................................................. i

Letter to readers...............................................................1

Business highlights .........................................................2

Financial highlights .........................................................9

Community giving ........................................................11

Mission and culture .......................................................12

Board of directors ..........................................................14

Senior leadership team ................................................15

To view our online version of this report,

which includes interviews with MMIC staff ,

visit MMICGroup.com.

Company overview

Stronger and better together


Page 3: MMIC 2011 annual report

We are very pleased with our results for 2011. First, as this annual report shows, we enjoyed fi nancial success this past year. We are grateful for this, because it provides the resources that enable us to continue our mission and partner with you to address many critical issues you are facing in 2012 and beyond. However, much of what made this year so satisfying had less to do with our bottom line and more to do with our mission — which is the heart and soul of MMIC — and the opportunity to further the long-term goals of this organization.

Our change to a mutual insurance holding company in November 2011 allowed us to establish ourselves as a physician-governed,policyholder-owned, mission-driven organization.

Our change in company structure gives us new opportunities to serve you, because it will help us expand our reach, increase our scale, and offer more support to you on a local level. It enhances our ability to remain a strong, independent competitor in today’s market, continuing our original mission, started by the physicians who founded us 32 years ago.

Although our new structure offers us a new future, it does not change the way we will continue to collaborate with you, our valuedclients, agents, brokers, and industry and community partners.

Our original values have not changed; they include the same promises that we will continue to honor. We will always listen to and be inspired by our customers and partners, and we will operate with integrity and moral courage in our quest to provide value and exceptional customer service.

We are pleased to present this annual report — a measure of our past work and a glimpse of the exciting work to come.

We look forward to moving forward with you — because we are better and stronger together.

A message from

Mark Odland, M.D., Chairman of the Board, MMIC,

and Bill McDonough, President and CEO

“We will always listen to

and be inspired by

Bill McDonoughPresident and CEOBill M D h

Dr. Mark OdlandBoard Chairman

our customers and partners.”


Page 4: MMIC 2011 annual report

Opportunities to grow stronger:

business highlights from 2011

MMIC expanded its reach in 2011 beyond its six core states, to Kansas and Missouri. At the outset, we believed our three-year stretch goal was ambitious, but reachable — writing $5 million in premium by 2013.

We are pleased to report that we have exceeded this stretch goal: we have written nearly $6 million in premium in these two states between late 2010 and February 2012. MMIC is moving up in the rankings in both Kansas and Missouri.

Our new clients range from small clinics to large multi-system medical centers.

We credit our initial success to our differentiating factors:

• Appointment of local agents and brokers in Kansas and Missouri

• A knowledgeable local team including staff who live and work in Kansas and Missouri

• Competitive product and service offerings

• Strategic sales planning with our agency partners

• Helpful sales tools and marketing programs, including our Peace of Mind advertising and marketing campaign (opposite)

• The ability to manage the cost of medical professional liability claims, and our low expense ratio

We will continue to strengthen relationships with our agents and brokers in Kansas and Missouri by conducting client and prospect events, delivering service locally and building strong relationships with associations — the same ingredients that have served us well in our fi rst 32 years.

MMIC extends its mission to Kansas and Missouri

An example of advertising from the Peace of Mind marketing campaign, launched in 2011 to diff erentiate MMIC as we entered Kansas and Missouri.


Stronger and better together

We protect your peace of mind. And we do it inlots of ways for physicians, facilities and hospitals. Whatever your situation, we’ve been there, and will be there. We’ve gotten good at it. Excellent, actually, with a proven success rate. It’s a peace of mind movement. And we’d love to have you along.

Join the Peace of Mind Movement at PeaceofMindMovement.com,or contact your independent agent or broker.

Page 5: MMIC 2011 annual report

Our expansion to Kansas and Missouri

was just one of several success measures

for MMIC in 2011. The following business

highlights reveal more of the story.


Page 6: MMIC 2011 annual report

Cyber SolutionsTM

In 2011, MMIC tapped its specialized capabilities in health care information technology to create Cyber Solutions data security coverage for physicians and hospitals.

Cyber Solutions is underwritten entirely by MMIC. “Cyber Solutions will help physicians and hospitals protect against a variety of risks that arise as they incorporate the latest technologies into their practices and operations,” said Jeff Pearson, vice president, Underwriting.

The expertise of MMIC Health IT — which also provides information technology products and services such as electronic health records systems and consulting — offers unique advantages in understanding the risks. “No other medical liability insurer has the added benefi t of the in-house knowledge and expertise of an operation like MMIC Health IT,” Pearson said.

Cyber Solutions became available effective January 1, 2012, as an endorsement to the policies of eligible physicians and hospitals. For more information, visit MMICGroup.com.

Alternative Risk Transfer SolutionsAnother 2011 highlight was the continued growth of our alternative risk fi nancing for hospitals and health care systems, which have the capital to assume and manage more of their own risk.

MMIC is succeeding in the alternative risk transfer solution (ARTS) arena by leveraging unique competitive advantages. First, the capacity to provide $21 million limits in excess of self-insured retentions, largedeductibles and other fi nancing measures; second, managing and reducing loss experience through quality control, risk management and claim management.

An added advantage for MMIC is that we can include specifi c coverage and service features that other carriers may not provide:

• Admitted paper, in the states where MMIC is licensed

• Separate limits per location or physician

• The opportunity for profi t sharing for clients who use MMIC’s claim services

• A proprietary litigation support program designed to prepare health care professionals for litigation and help reduce stress and anxiety during the legal process

• A day-long assessment of the client’s technology systems and support by MMIC’s Health IT division

Our ARTS accounts are now headquartered, or have locations in, seven of MMIC’s eight core states. In order to drive ARTS growth outside our licensed territory, MMIC formed a risk retention group. Read on for details.


Expense per physician














MMIC Industry** Industry is a group of participating peers.



MMIC by the numbers

Page 7: MMIC 2011 annual report

As technology and communications link employees in locations country wide, a health professional may work remotely, often several states away from a group or practice that employs him or her. Further, the group may be insured by MMIC and based in a state where MMIC is licensed to do business, but acquire health care entities based in a state where MMIC is not licensed.

Facilities and professionals who fall into this category can now be covered under MMIC’s Risk Retention Group, or RRG.

“For individuals employed by groups, clinics or hospitals in states where we are licensed, who move out of those states but continue to practice and work for their employers, the RRG can provide an easy and effective way to continue their coverage,” explained Jerry O’Connell, vice president, ARTS. “With increasing consolidation in health care, this may also be an option for MMIC accounts thatare acquiring organizations in other states.”

RRGs are authorized under federal law, which allows an insurer to be admitted in one state but engage in the business of insurance in other states, subject to certain restrictions.

Currently, approximately 270 RRGs operate in the United States.

MMIC is offering the RRG option to accounts that are headquartered and conduct most of their operations in MMIC’s eight core states, where the company is licensed to underwrite business on an admitted basis, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Missouri.

Risk Management garners effi ciencies MMIC Risk Management and Health IT continued to combine forces in 2011 to deliver the strongest possible lineup of risk consulting services. This cross-company effort is helping our clients integrate risk prevention and mitigation solutions related to health care technology.

Risk Management has added new resources for customers on the MMIC website that focus on long-term care and high-risk clinical areas, including obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery and anesthesia. The OB product contains tools and resources including online electronic fetal monitor training and a webinar. In 2012, we will launch a refreshed risk managementwebsite with more tools, programs and

The Risk Retention Group


“MMIC has provided us with a variety of recommendations and advice. For example, they’ve reviewed our risk management policies and procedures for us. When we need to track down a law or regulation that concerns our medical center, they’ve provided that information to us.”

Darla HandsakerDirector of Quality Management

Mary Greeley Medical CenterAmes, Iowa

MMIC RRG, Inc. is registered in seven states, and eventually will be registered in all 37 states where MMIC is not admitted to do business.

Looking forward

Risk retention group

Page 8: MMIC 2011 annual report

Stronger and better together

online training for clients, including an introduction to risk management for new risk managers, products focusing on emergency department risks and addressing the changing health care environment as organizations merge.

Also in 2011, the Risk Management team increased its services while decreasing costs. By moving to web-based education in place of regional roundtables, the average cost per program dropped from about $20 per participant to under $6 for the live webinar. That number drops again when we count the number of people who watch the webinar from MMICGroup.com using on-demand viewing. Additionally, by videotaping and posting the Patient Safety Symposium, we counted an additional 1,200 hits on the program following the live presentations.

Health IT gets boostMMIC’s Health Information Technology division, or Health IT, has been part of our value-added offerings for more than a decade.

During this time, Health IT has built a strong portfolio of products and services, including:

• NextGenTM electronic health record (EHR) and practice management systems

• Consulting services, including strategic IT, meaningful use, HIPAA and EHR data exchange consulting

• Technical services, including network, managed IT and remote backup services

• Development services, including website development, search engine optimization and custom reporting for quality initiatives

To enable more of our insured customers to benefi t from our expertise in health care technology, we’ve signifi cantly expanded our investment in this division and strengthened our Health IT sales effort.

In late 2011, MMIC recruited John Woodward to serve as Health IT’s vice president of sales. Woodward brings more than 20 years of experience selling clinical software and health information solutions to medical customers. He will lead Health IT strategy development and focus on building a world-class consultative Health IT sales team.

Read on for an example of how Health IT serves MMIC clients.


Health IT continues to look for ways to put data into the hands of our clients for better decision making. The increased availability of patient information at the point of care provides a more complete picture of the patient’s health history, and supports physicians in data-driven decision making and lowering risk.

Looking forward

Health IT

>16,700 Number of health care professionals insured in 2011

MMIC by the numbers

Page 9: MMIC 2011 annual report

New clinical advisor role


“I have felt from day one, working with MMIC Health IT, that we were in good hands and among friends. The same personal service we experienced 10 years ago is still experienced today. Each little and big thing they do is so appreciated!”

Brodie WheatonLakeside Sports and Pain Clinic

Excelsior, Minnesota

Health IT guides transition to electronic health records: a case study

Most large hospitals and health care systems have made the move to electronic health records (EHRs), but many independent physicians and smaller groups — for example, those with 20 doctors or fewer — still need to implement the technology and are fi nding it a daunting task. Family Practice Associates, based in Winner, SD, was in that position when it sought help from MMIC Health IT in 2011.

“In selecting a vendor, we were deliberate and careful with our process,” said Teresa Marts, M.D., a physician with the group. “We took the time to identify the goals that were most important to us, which included better work-fl ow, especially around phone calls and nurses’ activities, and the ability to create meaningful reports. And, we really wanted a system that was user friendly.”

MMIC Health IT offered its expertise in a complete range of health information technology products and services, including EHR consulting and the NextGen™ EHR and practice management systems, system customization, training and full support services. NextGen not only met, but exceeded, the expectations of Family Practice Associates. Marts said one NextGen feature the physicians

particularly like is the ability to access everything in the EHR from one page, including the list of medications, the record of previous visits, and “just about everything.”

Mary Carpenter, M.D., also with the group, admitted to having strong opinions about how the implementation would go. “I was pretty sure that I wanted new templates made [for example, for health and wellness information]. I was wrong about that. We use the standard templates almost exclusively and they work great for us,” she said. Carpenter was especially impressed by NextGen’s electronic prescription function. “That was defi nitely a success,” she said. “I also like the fact that even when I am not in the offi ce I am able to keep track of my patients’ refi lls, labs, etc., in a real-time fashion and I think that provides better care for my patients.”

For more information about any of MMIC’s broad portfolio of products and services, visit MMICGroup.com.

MMIC has named Laurie Drill-Mellum, M.D., M.P.H. as its fi rst Chief Medical Offi cer. In this newly created role, Drill-Mellum will work with MMIC’s Risk Management, Health IT, and Claim departments to develop integrated risk reduction and risk mitigation strategies. She will also build a network of physician consultants that will work with MMIC clients to deliver risk strategies for physicians and hospitals throughout MMIC’s eight-state region. MMIC’s partnership, which will lead to an integrated risk management strategy for all MMIC insureds, is rare in the medical professional liability industry.

Looking forward

Page 10: MMIC 2011 annual report

Our claim team goes above and beyond to support our customers. Here are three examples.

For 2012, MMIC is offering a “consent to settle” endorsement for physicians’ and surgeons’ policies and clinic policies. As the name implies, this specifi es that MMIC will not settle any claim without the consent of the fi rst named insured in that policy. This isn’t entirely new — it’s been a general practice for years at MMIC. With an endorsement, however, the client has the specifi c, stated assurance that MMIC will act on claims entirely in the interest of the policyholder. (This endorsement is not available in Wisconsin, where “consent to settle” is prohibited by statute.)

In addition to the consent to settle endorsement, claim is pleased to continue the Litigation Support Program, led by Ronald Hofeldt, M.D. Hofeldt helps demystify the litigation process and prepare clients for what they’ll encounter. Tim Schultz, assistant vice president, Claim, said that every such case received by MMIC — about 30 each month — is referred to Hofeldt. In each case, Hofeldt contacts the doctor who is the subject of the claim. It wasn’t always like that.

“Previously, we offered doctors similar services via a toll-free number, but the doctor had to take the initiative and call,” Schultz said. “The service received perhaps fi ve calls each year.”

Hofeldt has worked with health care professionals for more than 20 years. He educates them about the strategic and emotional realities of litigation. “I clearly recall our conversation early in the process,” one health professional wrote to Hofeldt. “You spent over an hour on the phone with me and described what I could expect to happen, how I would likely feel and what the gory details of the behind-the-scenes process would be. Your caring was genuine, and your advice was invaluable.”

Another source of support for our clients is available when a potential medical liability claim is thrust into the “court of public opinion” and the reputation of the defendant and his or her employer is immediately at risk. MMIC has offered crisis management assistance since 2010, and in 2011, expanded its panel of crisis consultants available for policyholders by adding the Minneapolis-based public relations fi rm of Padilla-Speer-Beardsley.

“When a client is the target of a suit, crisis management experts bring one more type of expertise to the situation, helping ensure that it is managed properly and in the best interests of the client,” said Tim Smith, vice president, Claim. “They counsel clients not only on communicating with the media, but on how to deal with employees, patients and the community at large.

The service is available to a policyholder when an event could generate adverse publicity or negative public reaction. It includes media relations, spokesperson training, communications counseling, and help with the implementation of processes to deal with affected patients.

97% MMIC retention rate for 2011

MMIC by the numbers

Stronger and better together



Page 11: MMIC 2011 annual report





BondsStocksOther Invested AssetsCash/Short Term

Financial highlights

For the 19th consecutive year, A.M. Best has affi rmed MMIC’s “A” (Excellent) rating for 2012. This strong rating demonstrates our ability to maintain a high level of fi nancial stability while meeting our obligations to policyholders.

The primary purpose of MMIC’s investment portfolio is to support long-term underwriting operations and to enhance the fi nancial strength and stability of the company. Our investment strategies and guidelines are developed and supported by the board of directors, senior leadership and outside consultants.

As shown in the following illustrations, MMIC has diversifi ed its portfolio to improve investment income year over year. At the end of 2011, MMIC’s investment portfolio exceeded $492 million, of which 70.5 percent was in bonds, 19.8 percent in stock, 7.2 percent in other investments and 2.5 percent in cash and short-term investments.

Policyholders’ Surplus

(In thousands)


(In thousands)

Combined Ratio

2011 Invested Assets by Class

Net Investment Income

(In thousands)

Direct Written Premium

(In thousands)

Dividends Declared

(In millions)






























































Page 12: MMIC 2011 annual report

December 31 2011 2010Assets

Invested assets $507,547 $471,589

Other assets 115,450 73,712

Total assets $622,997 $545,301

Liabilities and members’ surplus


Unpaid losses and loss adjustment expenses $250,342 $249,153

Other liabilities 121,432 70,383

Total liabilities 371,774 319,536

Members’ surplus 251,223 225,765

Total liabilities and members’ surplus $622,997 $545,301

Year Ended December 31 2011 2010

Net cash provided by operating activities $3,394 $7,738

Net cash (used in) provided by investing activities (6,417) 284

(Decrease) increase in cash (3,023) 8,022

Cash at beginning of year 8,463 441

Cash at end of year $5,440 $8,463

The unaudited condensed consolidated fi nancial information includes the accounts of MMIC Group, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, MMIC Insurance, Inc., MMIC Health IT, Inc., and MMIC Agency, Inc. and has been derived from the audited consolidated fi nancial statements prepared on the basis of United States generally accepted accounting principles. These statements are available to members upon request from the MMIC Finance Department.

MMIC Group, Inc. and subsidiariescondensed consolidated fi nancial information

(unaudited, in thousands)

Year Ended December 31 2011 2010Revenues

Net premiums earned $113,367 $108,053

Net investment income 17,412 17,133

Net realized and unrealized gains on investments 13,521 10,601

Other 4,529 5,216

148,829 141,003

Losses and expenses

Losses and loss adjustment expenses 72,822 76,865

Policyholder dividends 7,500 6,000

Underwriting, acquisition and insurance expenses 20,528 19,830

Other operating expenses 9,501 7,046

110,351 109,741

Income before income taxes 38,478 31,262

Income tax expense 9,393 7,594

Net income $29,085 $23,668

Condensed consolidated statements of operationsCondensed consolidated balance sheets

Condensed consolidated statements of cash fl ows


Page 13: MMIC 2011 annual report

MMIC is proud to partner with the following organizations:


Iowa Center for Assisted LivingIowa Health Care AssociationIowa Hospital AssociationIowa Medical Group Management AssociationIowa Medical Society


Kansas Association of Family PhysiciansKansas Association of Osteopathic MedicineKansas Health Care AssociationKansas Healthcare Financial AssociationKansas Hospital AssociationKansas Medical Group Management AssociationKansas Medical Society


Minnesota Association of Family PhysiciansMinnesota Care ProvidersMinnesota Hospital AssociationMinnesota Medical AssociationMinnesota Medical Group Management Association


Greater Kansas City Medical Managers AssociationMissouri Association of Nursing Home AdministratorsMissouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and SurgeonsMissouri Association of Rural Health ClinicsMissouri Hospital AssociationMissouri Medical Group Management AssociationsMissouri Society of the American College of Osteopathic Family PhysiciansMissouri State Medical AssociationMedical Group Management Association of Greater St. Louis


Nebraska Health Care AssociationNebraska Hospital AssociationNebraska Medical AssociationNebraska Medical Group Management Association

North Dakota

North Dakota Longer Term Care AssociationNorth Dakota Medical Group Management Association

South Dakota

Assisted Living Association of South DakotaSouth Dakota Association of Health Care OrganizationsSouth Dakota Health Care AssociationSouth Dakota Medical Directors AssociationSouth Dakota Medical Group Management Association


Wisconsin Association of Family PhysiciansWisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the AgingWisconsin Center for Assisted LivingWisconsin Health Care Association Wisconsin Health Information Management AssociationWisconsin Healthcare Financial Management AssociationWisconsin Hospital AssociationWisconsin Medical Group Management Association

MMIC’s Gifts Initiated Via Employees Committee (GIVE) is our employee-driven philanthropic team. Through the GIVE committee, MMIC donates time, talent or money to numerous community organizations throughout our region each year.

In 2011, the GIVE committee had the privilege of donating $117,000 to the following charities:

• ARC, St. Paul, MN• Ascension Place and St. Anne’s Place,

Minneapolis, MN• Bridging, Bloomington, MN• Bundles of Love, Apple Valley, MN• Camp Odayin, Stillwater, MN• Capable Partners, Golden Valley, MN• Central Iowa Shelter & Catholic Charities,

Des Moines, IA• Children & Families of Iowa, Des Moines, IA• Children’s Cancer Connection, Des Moines, IA• Civil Air Patrol, Red Wing, MN• Des Moines Area Interfaith Hospitality Network,

Des Moines, IA• Highland Friendship Club, St. Paul, MN• National Kidney Foundation Serving MN,

the Dakotas and IA, St. Paul, MN• Northern Voices, Roseville, MN• Open Door Mission, Omaha, NE• Pink Ribbon Riders, Battle Creek, MI• Prism, Golden Valley, MN• Rapid City Club for Boys, Inc., Rapid City, SD• Siena/Francis House, Omaha, NE• Spare Key Foundation, Minneapolis, MN• St. Joseph’s Emergency Family Shelter,

Des Moines, IA• TLC, Olathe, KS• Together, Inc., Omaha, NE

MMIC in the community

The MMIC Board of Directors has formed a Contributions Committee. It will concentrate MMIC’s fi nancial giving on eff orts to promote and enhance physician leadership and the safety and quality of patient care in our region.

Looking forward

New Contributions Committee


Page 14: MMIC 2011 annual report

MMIC was founded by physicians and we remain focused on those roots. We operate in partnership with physicians who provide governance to help us achieve our mission.

Our Mission. To provide insurance and information solutions that help our customers address the risks inherent in health care delivery.

Our Vision. We will help shape the future of medicine through our industry leadership in insurance and technology.

Our Values. MMIC is a special place to work — it’s a small company with a big heart. And starting with the CEO and throughout the company, we embody our values. At MMIC, we:

• Always listen to and are inspired by our customers and partners

• Operate with integrity and moral courage in our quest to provide value and exceptional customer service

• Provide a challenging environment for our employees that fosters support, trust, respect and accountability

• Promote an environment that rewards strategic thinking, innovation,creativity and prudent risk taking

• Remain agile to meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment

• Model stewardship in the communities we serve

• Be humble

The MMIC culture: growing stronger and better

“What I like most about working for MMIC are the people, challenging work and the fl exibility to do my job.”

Amy WolfSenior Marketing Analyst

“At MMIC I am empowered to use my knowledge and experience to make decisions with the support of management. Also, the fl exible work schedule is great!”

Allen BoschSenior Underwriter

“I am proud to work here because MMIC takes pride in its employees and its customers and treats us all with respect.”

Colleen McCannAccounting Specialist

In 2010 and again in 2011, MMIC Group was named one of the Top Workplaces in Minnesota in an employee-based survey projectfrom the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Top Workplaces recognizes the bestcompanies in the metro based on employee opinions about company leadership, career opportunities, workplace fl exibility, compensation and benefi ts. The analysis included responses from more than 33,000 employees at Minnesota public, private and nonprofi t organizations.


Page 15: MMIC 2011 annual report

Our conversion to a mutual insurance holding company has afforded us more opportunity to expand our mission-driven organization in two ways.

First, MMIC continues to explore the possibilities for expanding its reach to states contiguous to our eight core states. In this way, we will be able to grow through organic sales in admitted states.

Second, fostering partnerships with other physician-owned companies will help ensure our mutual long-term success. By forging new partnerships, we can:

• Provide more comprehensive solutions to more policyholders

• Achieve economies of scale and reduce expense

• Share knowledge, expertise and resources

Our goal is to align with other physician-owned companies that have a similar culture, geography and claim philosophy to MMIC. A key benefi t to our approach is that both companies can keep their Board, brand and go-to-market strategy.

Going forward, we will continue to be better and stronger together.

MMIC plans to grow


Page 16: MMIC 2011 annual report

Lee Arostegui, M.D. Secretary Emergency Care Consultants, PA Minneapolis, MN

Sue Crook, M.D. Suburban Radiologic ConsultantsMinneapolis, MN

Peter Dehnel, M.D. All About Children PediatricsEden Prairie, MN

Michael Del Core, M.D. Creighton Cardiac CenterOmaha, NE

Laurie Drill-Mellum, M.D., M.P.H. Ridgeview Medical CenterWaconia, MN

Robert Beattie, M.D. DirectorUND School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dept. of Family MedicineGrand Forks, ND

Mary Carpenter, M.D. Director Family Practice Associates of Winner Prof., L.L.C.Winner, SD

Mark Liaboe, M.D. Vice Chair of the Board of DirectorsDubuque Internal Medicine, P.C.Dubuque, IA

Paul Matson, M.D. SecretaryThe Orthopedic & Fracture ClinicMankato, MN

William McDonough President and CEOMMIC GroupMinneapolis, MN

Robert Meiches, M.D. Chief Executive Offi cerMinnesota Medical AssociationMinneapolis, MN

Mark Odland, M.D. Chairman of the Board of DirectorsHCMC – Surgery DepartmentMinneapolis, MN

Darrell Tukua Retired Partner

KPMG, LLP Blaine, MN

Ed Whitver Ex-offi cio memberExecutive Vice PresidentIowa Medical SocietyDes Moines, IA

MMIC Insurance Board of Directors

Patricia Hoffmann, M.D. Associated AnesthesiologistsDes Moines, IA

Gene Lariviere, M.D. Surgical Services, PCVinton, IA

Mark Liaboe, M.D. Vice Chair of the Board of DirectorsDubuque Internal Medicine, P.C.Dubuque, IA

William McDonough President and CEOMMIC Minneapolis, MN

Robert Meiches, M.D. Chief Executive Offi cerMinnesota Medical AssociationMinneapolis, MN

MMIC Group Mutual Insurance Company Board of Directors

Mark Odland, M.D. Chairman of the Board of DirectorsHCMC – Surgery DepartmentMinneapolis, MN

George Schoephoerster, M.D. St. Cloud, MN

Christopher Tashjian, M.D. Ellsworth Medical ClinicEllsworth, WI

Gregg Teigen, M.D. Obstetrics GYN West P.A.Minnetonka, MN

David Thorson, M.D. Family HealthServices Minnesota PA White Bear Lake, MN

Ed Whitver Ex-offi cio memberExecutive Vice PresidentIowa Medical SocietyDes Moines, IA

John Van Etta, M.D. St. Luke’s Internal MedicineDuluth, MN

William Youmans, M.D. Camden PhysiciansMinneapolis, MN


Page 17: MMIC 2011 annual report

Niles ColeSenior Vice PresidentFinance and Chief Financial Offi cer

Brenda DevlinVice PresidentHuman Resources

Laurie Drill-Mellum, M.D., MPHChief Medical Offi cer

Steve HeimelVice President of OperationsHealth IT

Jay KoepsellVice PresidentFinance and Controller

Steve Lacke Vice President and Chief Actuary

Bill McDonoughPresident and Chief Executive Offi cer

Jerry O’ConnellVice PresidentAlternative Risk Transfer Solutions Jeff PearsonVice PresidentUnderwriting

Senior leadership team

Deb PenrodVice PresidentInformation Technology and Chief Information Offi cer Tim Schultz Assistant Vice PresidentClaim

Tim SmithVice President Claim

Julie StaffordVice PresidentSales, Marketing and Communications Lori Trygg, J.D.Vice President and General Counsel

Peggy WagnerVice PresidentRisk Management

John WoodwardVice President of SalesHealth IT
















By the numbers

Total Medical Professional Liability Premium (in millions)

MMIC Share of Total (by percentage)


Page 18: MMIC 2011 annual report

For copies of this report, visit MMICGroup.com for a printable PDFor contact [email protected]

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