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<ul><li> 1. MLM SponsoringSECRETS: 500 Recruits InONE Year Working LessThan 10 Hours Per Week(Youve GOT To Hear This)By David Wood</li></ul> <p> 2. WOWThats all that could come out of my mouththe first time I met Tom Challan. I was at aDani Johnson convention about 2 years ago(in 2007) back in the pre-internet days in mybusiness, and I was introduced to this MLMsponsoring dynamo.MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David Wood 3. Why does Tom Challan deserve suchreverence? Its simple He sponsored 500people in ONE YEAR from COLD LEADSworking less than 20 hours per week!MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David Wood 4. Ok, I know most of you who follow my blogare fans of Mark Weiser, another sponsoringmachine (hes the one that did Mike DillardsBlack Belt Recruiting course)MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David Wood 5. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodBut Tom Challan sponsored more than TWOTIMES the people Mark Weiser did In lessthan HALF the time. Not only that, but thesponsoring in his organization DUPLICATED tomore than 40,000 distributors in 2 years. 6. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodSeriously, the fact that hes not more wellknown in the industry just boggles my mind.I asked Tom Challan to do an interview withme to reveal his MLM sponsoring secrets. 7. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodLet me start by pointing out some thingsthat I learned from Tom Challan in thisbrief 20 minute conversation: 8. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodMLM Sponsoring Tip #1:Dont baby people and help them witheverything. Look, I know we all get involved inMLM with the grand idea that we can spend all ofour free time chasing everyone around helpingthem solve every technical problem they have.(Or wait, wasnt it time freedom and financialleverage that originally caught my attention?) 9. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodSomething Tom did that Ill be implementinginto my own MLM sponsoring efforts is thatIm going to start doing everything in a groupsetting. Simply put, working one on one witheveryone you bring on board is going to STOPyour ability to sponsor NEW people. 10. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodMLM Sponsoring Tip #2:Stroke peoples egos and leverageexcitement. Simply put, people want to feel likethey are special, and THEY ARE special. Youvegot to become skilled at finding peoplesindividual strengths and edifying thos strengths(Listen in to Toms example in the interview). 11. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodMLM Sponsoring Tip #3:DECIDE how many people that youre going tosponsor on a DAILY basis. One of the things that Inever quite heard before when talking with Tomis that he said that he DECIDED that he was goingto sponsor 1-3 people PER DAY into hisbusiness. (In case youre new to thisindustry, thats a LOT of people.) 12. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodMLM Sponsoring Tip #4:OUTSOURCE everything you possibly can to free upyour time. Sometimes as an entrepreneur, I strugglewith the idea of letting go of personal control, becauseI know my own competency is high in all of the areasthat matter. However, when it comes straight down toit, I dont want to be involved in all of the grinding dirtywork day after day that most leaders in this industrydo 13. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodFor example, I dont want to be on the phone24/7 doing 3 way calls. I dont want to domeetings 6 nights a week for the next 20years. I dont want to do ALL of my ownmarketing myself (Why bother when thereare people who are just as capable who willdo a GREAT JOB and be thankful for $4-$5 anhour?) 14. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodThis is really where the rubber meets theroad in MLM Are you going to doeverything yourself? Or are you going toTRUST and outsource to TRULY leverageyourself? 15. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodMLM Sponsoring Tip #5:Be coachable. Look, Tom Challan is a GREATexample of that. In fact, when I met him, hewas paying for personal coaching with DaniJohnson (Neither Tom, or myself are affiliatedwith Dani anymore, but shes a great MLMtrainer, weve just got different styles). 16. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodALL great leaders in MLM have a personalcoach who has a greater level of expertisethan they do. You need to be coached bypeople who have achieved the results thatyoure looking for. Tom Challan is one ofthose people. 17. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodMLM Sponsoring Tip #6:Learn to generate YOUR OWN leads. Look, I know that Tom sponsored500 people from cold leads but thats only because when he wasdoing his business he didnt understand attraction marketing principlesinitially. Thats why he encourages people to learn how to attractprospects through marketing technologies today, because if he hadcombined his sponsoring strategies with attraction marketing methods,he would have been able to double his results. 18. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David Wood(And he did In fact his second year he cut hishours down to 10 hours per week. He didntmention how on the call, but it was because helearned how to generate his own leads he stillsponsored more than 300 people). 19. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodTom is now a full time professional coach, andhes just getting started building up his coachingclientele. Right now, his coaching rates areridiculously low for the value that he has tooffer, and hes 100% committed to teachingpeople how they can create the same level ofsuccess and duplication that he did while he wasactively building a downline. 20. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodP.S. Ill be at Toms MLM Sponsoring Bootcamp,as well, either this next month or the monthfollowing. Expect to hear back soon with a reviewand some more exclusive content from Mr.Challan himself.This guy is THE MAN. 21. MLM Sponsoring SecretsBy David WoodIn Prosperity,David WoodFor more information, check out</p>