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Are you looking to start your OWN MLM Business, here is a little presentation that details the Basics of MLM Business and the key considerations, when you design a Business Plan, Compensation Plan & Marketing Plan for your Network Marketing Business

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  • 1.The Basics of MLM Business The Basics of MLM Business Mr. Jason Team Leader BDG AJ Square Incorporation Mr. Jason Team Leader BDG AJ Square Incorporation

2. What we focus In this Presentation What we focus In this Presentation 11 How to Plan your MLM Business ? 22 How to Setup your Business ? 33 How to Build your Network ? 44 How to maintain & scale you business ? 3. About AJ Square ITES Company specializing in Web Development & Open Source Technologies 10+ Years of Experience Offices in USA & India 80+ Programmers CMMI Level 3 Practice & ISO 9001:2000 Certified 4. About Mr. Jason aj.bdgops.3 in/jasonajsquare 6+ Years of Experience in Software Consultancy Worked on Multiple Matrix MLM Deployment ranging from Binary to Board Matrix Has a Solid experience in working with Start-ups in USA, Malaysia, Ukraine & UK 5. MLM Planning Plans are nothing; planning is everything. Dwight D. Eisenhower Business Plan Compensation Plan Marketing Plan 6. Business Plan The Business Plan Contains 1.Executive Summary 2.Mission Statement 3.Company Background 4.Product / Service Description 5.Marketing Plan 6.Competitor Analysis 7.SWOT Analysis 8.Operations 9.Financial Planning 10.Timeline Request FREE Business Plan Template ( Word Doc)Request FREE Business Plan Template ( Word Doc) Do answer key questions such as who, what, where, when, how, why, and how much? 7. To Dos Dont Start Small Research Well Study Competitors Test Marketing Campaigns Fill out with Excessive Text Add Useless Statistics Overestimate revenues Underestimate expenses & costs Address strengths and weaknesses Business Plan 8. Important Hints Specific to Network Business Model Your Product / Service should be High-Quality + High-Demand in Nature Ethical business practices and transparent reporting Address all legal & privacy policies rightly Business Plan 9. Compensation Plan Your compensation plan defines your success It should be Motivating It should recognize & acknowledge the performance 10. Compensation Plan 11 Define Entry Criteria Free (or) One-Time Enroll Fee (or) Invitation Only (or) e-Pin 22 Define Active Membership Criteria Based on min. no. of down lines (or) One-Time Enroll Fee (or) Subscription (monthly / Yearly) 11. Compensation Plan 44 Define Network Mechanism Uni-level (or) Binary (or) M x N (or) Forced Matrix (or) Australian X-up (or) Board Matrix 33 Define No. of accounts per user Unique Single / Limited Numbers Unlimited 12. Compensation Plan 55 Define Internal Currency / Wallets 66 Define Product / Service Catalog List of products /services you wish to sell & their price in terms of internal currency 13. Compensation Plan 77 Define Sign-on Bonus Sign-on Bonus is mostly one time bonus given to fresh or first account of the member. 88 Define Referral Bonus A bonus given to the up-line/sponsor of New registered member 14. Compensation Plan 99 Define Level Commissions Based on the Network you selected, define level commissions 1010 Define Minimum Purchase Define minimum purchase of active membership 15. Compensation Plan 1111 Define Daily Bonus Based on the business volume, set a achievable daily bonus 1212 Define Weekly Bonus Based on business volume, set a achievable weekly bonus 16. Compensation Plan 1313 Define Pairing Commissions / Bonus Paring commissions will help the matrix to grow in a balanced way. Set a motivating pairing commissions 1414 Define Monthly Bonus The most critical & driving force for any network business. Set a right monthly bonus. 17. Compensation Plan 1515 Define Leadership Based on no. of down lines define the motivating designations & leadership levels and set higher percentage of commissions 1616 Define Achievements & Awards Based on the business activity in a defined time-frame, define achievements & awards 18. Compensation Plan 1717 Define Withdrawal / Payout & Tax Set minimum withdrawal, withdrawal commissions, Tax and frequency of withdrawal 1818 Define Penalties Define penalties for inactivity & non- payment 19. Compensation Plan 1919 Define Exit Criteria For legal establishments, its important to set an account closure method 20. Compensation Plan To Dos Dont Focus on metrics Establish and communicate incentive plan Adjust the relative weighting Determine eligibility Corporate performance measures Overemphasize corporate financial Award incentives indiscriminately across staff Measures and payouts 21. Marketing Plan Brand & Website Contents Brand & Website Contents Interactive & Videos Interactive & Videos Focus on Brand Name. Make it simple & positive. Target audience correctly, focus Global or Domestic. Make sure your website & contents reflect your target Prepare a Slideshow / Presentation Create a Video with voice over explaining your business plan & compensation plan 22. Maintain a subscription list , with opt-in signups Setup daily / weekly newsletter campaigns Marketing Plan Email Marketing Email Marketing Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization Optimize your website, so they appear in first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing Focus on Brand & High Volume Keywords 23. Marketing Plan Advertising & Pay Per Click Advertising & Pay Per Click Purchase ads in Google Ad words & Yahoo-Bing Network Focus on Brand & High Volume Keywords 24. Marketing Plan To Dos Dont Consider the Products Ask a friend or adviser to read the materials Work suits your talents and goals Avoid unsolicited commercial email Avoid violating the terms of search engine services Avoid deceiving your prospect Don't spend more money beyond your budget Evaluate the Plan Be willing to learn 25. What next. ? All Planning Done 26. Select Right Tools Select Right Team 27. Completely Web Based AJ Matrix Best MLM Software Build with PHP MVC Framework Tested - Secure - Scalable Highly customizable Developer Friendly 99% Open Source Code 28. Fullest Admin Controls from Plan to withdrawal limit AJ Matrix Highlights Support to all Industry Standard Matrix Uni-Level Matrix Binary M x N Forced Matrix Australian X - Up 29. AJ Matrix Key Features User Friendly Admin Control Panel Function Based Menu Navigation Grid View with Integrated Sorting & searching Iconic Controls & Contextual Help Secure & supports multiple administrators Easy to Configure Matrix Settings Set Registration Fee & % Commissions Set Network Type & Depth - Width Set Level Commissions 30. AJ Matrix Key Features Product Catalog Supports Physical Products Supports Digital Products like Software, eBooksSet MSRP, Member Price, VAT & Level Commissions Maintain Inventory Genealogy Tree Search By Id View Up line, Sponsor & Down line View the complete Tree 31. AJ Matrix Key Features User Account Secure My Account Page for Users Referral URL & Replicating Website Full Transaction History & Earnings History Maintain Inventory Payment System Payment Mail alerts to admin Complete Payment History for Admin & User All major payment gateways integrated 32. AJ Matrix Key Features Admin Tools Integrated CMS with WISIWYG Editor Video Support Integrated Advertisement Management Integrated Newsletter System Backup Database Block IP 33. AJ Matrix Advantages Lifetime License. No need to renew annually No restriction to users limit or plans 30 Days FREE Support 1 Year FREE Upgrades 34. AJ Matrix Try Live Demo As a Guest As a Registered User & As Administrator EXPERIENCE OUR SOFTWARE 35. AJ Square The Right Team MLM Consultancy Software Server & Maintenance SEO / SEM Email Marketing 36. Thank You Mr. Jason Team Leader BDG AJ Square Incorporation aj.bdgops.3 in/jasonajsquare Lets START