Miami wedding photographers ultimate guide to wedding photography

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  • 84 West Studios | 11850 State Road 84 #A10, Davie, Florida 33325 | (954)236-9000

    Miami Wedding Photographers: Ultimate

    Guide To Wedding Photography

  • 84 West Studios | 11850 State Road 84 #A10, Davie, Florida 33325 | (954)236-9000

    Miami wedding Photographer photographers make the big day look better and a

    memorable one by capturing the perfect moments on camera. Photographers

    produce pictures that only make people smile whenever they look at the pictures

    later and make them relive the moment all over again.

    Wedding photography has evolved over the years and Miami has become a

    beautiful wedding destination that is very popular with wedding photographers.

    There are two primary approaches that Miami wedding photographers use today:

    Traditional and Photojournalistic. Traditional wedding photography provides for

    more classically posed images and a great deal of photographer control

    interaction on the day of the wedding. A Photojournalist style of wedding

    photography takes its cue from editorial reporting styles and focuses more on

    candid images with little photographer interaction. These are two major types of

    wedding photography styles and many styles will fall in between. A third style that

    is becoming more popular is a fashion-based approach. In contemporary/fashion-

    based wedding photography, a photojournalist will combine candid images of the

    events of the day with posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion

    photography that is found in magazines like Vogue or Vanity Fair. This style often

    involves more innovative and dramatic post-processing of images. A fourth style

    that is popular in Asian countries, especially in China, is wedding studio

    photography that produces glamour wedding shots.

  • 84 West Studios | 11850 State Road 84 #A10, Davie, Florida 33325 | (954)236-9000

    Every photographer has a different way of editing their images using computer

    software (the high-tech version of a darkroom). This is called "Post-Processing."

    Most photographers do some basic lighting and color adjustments, but you can

    also use an editing software to create a unique look. There are three different

    popular styles right now. Clean and lightly processed photos appear natural

    keeping the beauty of the beach destination of Miami as natural as possible.

    Matte processed photos have a low contrast look with muted pastels similar to a

    vintage film. High contrast processed photos involve vibrant colours and a rich

    look. Miami wedding photographers at South Florida weddings have been doing

    an excellent job at weddings and have many different photography styles. Hire

    one of their photographers to have the best wedding pictures at a beach

    destination wedding that will be remembered forever.

  • 84 West Studios | 11850 State Road 84 #A10, Davie, Florida 33325 | (954)236-9000

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