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Text of Measuring[1]

  • Measuring How to be PRECISE and ACCURATE
  • How to Measure MASS MASS the amount of MATTER in an object; measured in grams (gm) Triple Beam Balance
    • Place an object on the pan.
    • Slide the rider with the largest mass along its beam until the pointer drops below zero.
    • Move it back one notch.
    • Repeat the process on each beam until the pointer stays at zero.
    • Add the masses on each beam to find the mass of the object.
  • How to Measure VOLUME (Liquid Volume) The amount or liquid; measured in milliliters (ml) Graduated Cylinder
    • A meniscus is the curve of the surface of the water in a graduated cylinder.
    • Water "sticks" to the walls of the graduated cylinder, but only on the sides and not the middle.
    • When you look at the surface, the water level is not straight its curved like a smile.
    • Measurement should be at the BOTTOM of the meniscus.
    • Read the meniscus at eye level in to get an accurate reading. read the meniscus at eye level.
    Read the volume here
  • How to Measure LENGTH
    • Most metric rulers have lines indicating centimeters and millimeters.
    • The centimeter lines are the longer, numbered lines.
    • The shorter lines are millimeter lines.
    • When you use a metric ruler, line up the 0-centimeter mark with the end of the object being measured.