Marketing Tips for Start Ups

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Marketing on a budget, marketing tips and advice for start up sand small businesses. Market research, PR, social media and planning.


  • 1. Marketing on a Budget Charlotte Rainey 24th November 2013

2. What is marketing?The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. - CIMThe right product to the right person at the right time 3. research 4. Customers Who are they? Now and future Where are they? Can you reach them? What do they like? Tone of voice Who are profitable ones? Who influences them? What do they like about you? 5. competition 6. Competition Who are they? Where are they? Actual location, online, in catalogues. What do they say / do? What channels do they use What are they good at / bad at Consider - brand, price, strategies 7. Market Opportunities and threats Rule changes, regulations New entrants 8. Product / Service Price Discounts, value Value Quality Brand PackagingUNIQUE SELLING POINTS 9. get going 10. Marketing Mix Direct marketing Networking Advertising PR Sales promotions Exhibitions Direct selling Community Website Social Media Blogging Referrals 11. Plan 12. ideas 13. Social Media and Blogging Write your own blog Comment on other peoples blogs Get bloggers to review/talk about you Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube CONTENT 14. PR Have a newsworthy story Stories about people Quality photographs Well written copy Send to the right person build relationships, Twitter Understand journalists area and audience Customise each press release Offer unique stories 15. Direct Relationships Networking Referrals Go where your customers are Hand out information Posters Stalls Pick up the phone 16. Other ideas Be an expert speaker Email marketing, newsletters, special offers Gather email addresses Get testimonials Staff and partners are best advocates Sponsor, get involved in events Awards 17. Monitor and review Set targets Measure against targets Benchmark against competition How much does activity cost? What sales did it bring? Constantly review and update plans 18. Charlotte RaineyLuisa Communications charlotte@luisacommunications @CharlotteLuisa