Marketing Internship - Final requirement

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  • 1. Journal Entry:My first week was a great experience. It wasneat to experience the office lifestyle. Fromalways working at a restaurant to working inan office, it is much different. At first theygave me tasks that would familiarize me withtheir server. So I was searching forfiles, making sure they were named correctlyas well as formatted appropriately. Later inthe week I begun working with their TVstation. They needed someone to create abinder that included a printout of every slidethats on the station so they can refer to theslides in meetings.
  • 2. Journal Entry:So far I am enjoying my time at Miromar.They do a great job at giving me tasks thatwill educate me, rather than waste my time.This week I got into some photoshop work.They have logos from the outlets that all thestores have sent them. My task was torecreate these logos and ensure that they arein a proper format for the interactivedirectory on Miromar Outlets website. Then Iwill have to upload these images to theproper locations online.Also, this week they invited me to abrainstorming meeting with Miromar DesignCenter. Miromar Design Center is hoping torevamp their entire marketing campaign andstart fresh with a new campaign. Theyallowed me to sit in on this meeting andspeak any opinions that I may have. This wasa fun and educational experience for me.
  • 3. Journal Entry: My main task this week has been pretty fun for me. My project has been to revamp newspaper clippings that have Miromar references in them. Someone in PR finds every newspaper or magazine that Miromar is ever referenced in and clips these articles out to put in a large display book. My job is to scan these articles and then revamp them so they appear to be a higher quality. I get rid of the grey in the paper and try to liven up the color in the images. This way, when someone is browsing through all of Miromars accomplishments, they look more appealing.This task actually inspired me to start upmy own side job. Using the skills that Ilearned, I have been able to help familyand friends restore newspapers that holdmemories which they wish to cherish foryears to come.Even though I have yet to profit from thisskill, I have made an advertisement that Iplan to use to sell my services to thosemay be in need of these talents.
  • 4. Journal Entry:During this week I wasnt given any extrawork that is not already on my to do list. Somost of it was repetition. The work that Icompleted this week was uploading MiromarOutlet logos to their website, downloadingpicture files that were sent from a majordesigner in the Miromar Design Center andscanning and revamping every newspaperarticle that Miromar was mentioned during2009 and 2010.
  • 5. Journal Entry: This week, just like last week wasnt filled with any new work. I focused on my most time consuming task, which was scanning and revamping every newspaper article that Miromar was mentioned during 2009 and 2010. Lots of time was spent on this task and I finally completed it this week. Also, during this week I came up with a structured way to control their usage of paper. They were in need of a better inventory system for the 20+ types of paper that they use. I developed an easy to use spreadsheet that they can fill out even after Im gone, which shows how much paper was used at different times of the years and its product numbers for easy re- ordering.This isnt the inventory system that I createdbut it contains many of the same elements.It included detailed paperinformation, costs, usage, bi-weekly countsand recommended orders.
  • 6. Journal Entry: This week, I was given the 2011 newspaper articles so I completed all the scans and started the revamping. Also, I helped in the printing and folding of 50 new menus for Miromar Lakes Beach Club and compiled a binder of designer folders for the owner to approve so we can use them in collateral. To finish off the week, I began working on their marketing summary. A marketing summary binder is put together every year for a conference in October. Since the conference is in October, every marketing summary binder is only completed up to that date. My job is to complete years 2009, 2010 and 2011 from October to December. I may have not mentioned this yet but I am also a server at Miromar Lakes so it was very nice to work in the marketing department because IUnfortunately, since I am not in the was able to see our menu before itoffice, I cant put out menu design went to the resturaunt. This gave mein here. a chance to critique the design and contents of the menu. :-D
  • 7. Journal Entry:This week didnt include many new tasks.The only new task was to edit Facebook andTwitter settings. There was a few things thatneeded to be adjusted so they gave me theusername and passwords and I went in andchange what needed to be changed. Besidesthat, I registered some more URLS toGoogle, Bing, Yahoo and Gigablast. And thenI continued to work on the marketingsummary, a very long and tedious task.
  • 8. Journal Entry:This week, I worked a lot on the marketingsummary. I am almost complete, I should befinished next time I work. I also worked onpaper inventory and tried to find all theprices for every paper type that is used inhouse. Another task that I was given, was todesign the Miromar Realty YouTube channel.This was a task that I found to be quite fun. Ifyoud like to check it out it is This is the YouTube page that I created (Kind of matches the color scheme of this presentation)
  • 9. Journal Entry:This week I participated in a video shoot forMiromar Design Center. They chose about 9people from the offices that fit they rolesthey were looking for. The video shoot wasfor part of a commercial; it was about a 10second shoot where we are just shoppingaround the design center atrium. Besidesthis, I worked on paper inventory, findingpaper costs, 2009 marketing summary andregistering URLS to popular search engines. Ihave almost completed the marketingsummary, just one last section is goingthrough internal proofing and the after that Iwill be complete. J
  • 10. Journal Entry:This week I was told that my YouTubechannel for Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Clubas so good that the head of Miromar Outletswould like me to design one for him. Thiswas nice to hear and gave me another funproject to work on. So this week, I worked onsome more newspaper revamps and did somework on the YouTube channel. My workloadhas dramatically decreased and the thingsthat Im working on are beginning to becomemore and more repetitious but Im getting alot of much needed work done for Miromar.So Im glad that this isnt just a bump in a loginternship.
  • 11. Journal Entry:This