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  • 11/14/2016 WaysToMakePassiveIncome,MakeExtraMoneyOnline 1/5

    Create Passive Income Easily - The Golden Pathway

    Your Journey. Our ExperienceDon't have to waste your time & money moving wrong path. Move on the path of W2MP and achieve your goal!

    Get Started Here Income Reports

    We recommend investors the best possible management system as well as a risk control system

    that works to ensure that their funds are being handled efciently,

    Our Core Values

  • 11/14/2016 WaysToMakePassiveIncome,MakeExtraMoneyOnline 2/5

    so that they may able to cherish every moment of their investing experience.

    Stable IncomeFixed Daily Prots with high


    ProtectionTake advantage of strong

    DDOS protection

    Instant PaymentsAll withdrawal requests up to

    $1,000 are paid instantly

    About UsW2MMP (Ways To Make Money Passive) is set out to be one of the worlds

    leading online nancial consulting groups. We bring out one of the best

    investment programs for our clients, which require very low capital but have high

    returns, which makes the whole investment program very lucrative. We have proof

    of income from one of the investors in the program to show you how lucrative the

    program is and this is updated on a monthly basis to give our clients condence in

    the investment program. All you need to do is to invest only the amount you feel

    comfortable with and we do all the hard work for you to give you daily returns of

  • 11/14/2016 WaysToMakePassiveIncome,MakeExtraMoneyOnline 3/5

    1%, 1.2%, 1.5% (depending on size of your investment) on trading days (Mon-Fri)

    where you can take your earnings out or re-invest to compound on it in order to

    create a substantial passive income. We invest our clients' funds in various high

    return markets like Forex (foreign exchange), Commodities, Private equity sector,

    high yielding stocks and bonds. We are sure you will enjoy our program as we

    begin to give you nancial freedom.

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    Proof of Account Summary

  • 11/14/2016 WaysToMakePassiveIncome,MakeExtraMoneyOnline 4/5

    Invest into a very comfortable, speedy, easy, safe, and relatively riskfree process.

    Account Summary March 1, 2016 July 31, 2016

    Account Summary March 1, 2016 June 30, 2016

  • 11/14/2016 WaysToMakePassiveIncome,MakeExtraMoneyOnline 5/5

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