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  1. 1. Make Career in Photography Industry PHOTOGRAPHY: The art of capturing photos in a unique way is defined as photography. To get the perfect output all you need is Right angle, Suitable lens and perfect lightening. Lens may vary for different photos. If you want your photo to look unique from rest of the photos it is very important to have knowledge about editing the picture using some photo editing tools such as PHOTOSHOP so that you can add more charm to your photo Photography is commonly seen these days in our daily lives. There were days when people treated photography as a hobby. But the impact of photography on people has been changed a lot that now people started opting photography as a profession, rather jus treating it as a hobby. People started looking at this photography field in a serious note. Photography is also classified into various types based on the themes. In general they are categorized into 50 types; few of them are listed below. Wedding photography : Photographers in this field are being paid fairly these is not so easy to capture peoples emotions (bride and groom ) during the entire wedding is also important to highlight by capturing each and every ritual that does take place during wedding. Fashion photography: This includes capturing photos of models in fashion era and creating portfolios for models so that they can exhibit their beautifully captured pics in this fashion is very important for a photographer in this field to capture the beauty of a person so that the person can build up his career in the fashion world. Wild Life Photography: Wild life photography is one of the most challenging and adventurous style of photography. This field is very much apt for people who would love wild life and would love to do adventures in their life. Under Water Photography: Underwater photography first of all requires a water proof camera and a separate lens to capture under water life. Macro Photography: Macro photography requires Macro lens to capture every minute detail of a chosen subject. The image of a chosen object should be visible to the human eyes. Nature Photography: This is all about capturing the beauty of the nature. It doesnt involve only trees or flowers but also involves the natural scenery as seen through the eyes of the individuals such as Waterfalls, Mountains.
  2. 2. Panoramic Photography: This type of photography is to capture the images which are wide and kept under one click. There is also a special 3D feature that can be used while capturing the panoramic photography. There are many top Institutes in Mumbai that offer many photography courses that would teach them how to click pics in the above listed types (photography types). NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY: first photography school in India. Only institute that provides equipments required for photography, during the course. They have courses such as diploma in wedding and events photography, diploma in fashion photography and diploma in table top photography. And also teaches digital photo editing techniques. FX School: Teaches courses like ANIMATION VISUAL EFFECTS DIGITAL ART PHOTOGRAPHY FILM MAKING. Three main reasons to join FX school is CURRICULUM FACULTY and INFRASTRUCTURE