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  • 1. Idea by Stephen GilbertPresentation byJamie Webb


  • Proposal:
  • The pitch at the site of James Whatman Way having the option of being divided into a selected number of lots which can be sold off to fans, businesses etc in order to raise extra funds towards the building of a new ground.
  • Benefits to the Club:
  • All monies raised from the sale of the individual lots can be put towards the building of the new ground.
  • Benefits to the Fans:
  • There can be a range of returns the fans can get from purchasing a site.
  • Freehold certificates for their individual piece of land.
  • Pitch Shares
  • Incentives (Cheaper season tickets for X years, entry to one game
  • per season for free for X seasons)
  • Benefits to Businesses: ????
  • Everyone who purchases a piece of land will be shown on the pitch map inside the stadium and over a double page spread in the programme which can provide an alternative advertising option.

3. Suggestion 1: The pitch split into 96 lots with 24 (5mx5m) lots and 72 (10mx10m) lots. N.B. Please note all pitches are based on the average 125m x 60m size as recommended by The FA 4. Suggestion 2: The pitch split into 25 lots with 12 (20mx20m) lots, 6 (25mx10m) lots, 4 (20mx10x) lots, 2 (20mx5m) lots and 1 prime (25mx20m) lot. 5.

  • Purchase Options:
  • There are a wide range of methods in which people will be able to purchase lots.
  • Set Prices Different lots are valued at different prices, dependant on the area of the pitch. E.g. Sidelines - 100, Infield - 150, Penalty area - 200, 6 yard box - 250, Centre circle - 300, Penalty spot - 400, Centre spot - 500
  • Auctions The prime areas such as Centre spot and Penalty spot can be auctioned off to try and increase the potential price.
  • Raffle Same as above
  • Recognition
  • Within the ground there will be map displaying everyone who owns a part of the pitch and what specific area of the pitch. Also within the programme a page (or double) showing the pitch and individual owners. (Owners can choose not to have their name displayed and replaced with the Maidstone United badge.