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  • 1. Mobile 2.0 Advertising show case:rzte ohne Grenzen (oG) |Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF).Promoting mobile as an interactive marketing mediumas part of a 360 campaign for a NGO.New York, November 2nd, 2010

2. Agenda. 1 About Digitalsunray Media 2 Mobile 2.0 | Web 2.0 show case: rzte ohne Grenzen (oG) 3 Success factors. Next steps. 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential2 3. Digitalsunray Media.mobile|creative|marketing|content|solutions3 4. About Digitalsunray Media. Structure Customers Founded in August 2007 Based in Vienna, Austria 100% self financed Team of 7 people Network of freelancer In-house development and co-operation with external technical partners Mission Statement Go mobile, Ad globile! 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 4 5. Service portfolio.MOBILE & DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGY CONSULTING MOBILE MARKETINGFULL SERVICEMOBILE PRESENCEMOBILE COMMUNICATION MOBILIZATION, CONTENT- MOBILE CAMPAIGN-APPS-, PORTAL -DEVELOPMENT, ADVERTISING MANAGEMENTCREATION LISENSING& CAMPAIGN& MEDIA & DESIGN & BRANDING CREATIONPLANNING DEVELOPMENT & HOSTING 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential5 6. Campaign pitch: rzte ohneGrenzen (oG).innovative | interactive | viral 6 7. rzte ohne Grenzen (oG) | Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF) | Doctors Without Borders. "Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF)" (http://www.msf.org) is an international humanitarian aid organization providing emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 70 countries. Mission The basic principle is voluntary commitment: MSF volunteers (expats) donate their time and qualifications for people in crisis. MSF seeks to raise awareness of crisis situations and to ensure respect for the human beings and their fundamental human rights Foundation MSF has been setting up emergency medical aid missions around the world since 1971. The Austrian partner office of MSF "rzte ohne Grenzen (oG)" (http://www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.at) was founded in 1994. 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 8. Social Networks to spread the word and recruit volunteers. For medical aid operations throughout the entire world, MSF is on the lookout for volunteers who are willing to provide some of their time and skills to be available for those in need. Social networks are the perfect space for this mission. Thus "rzte ohne Grenzen (oG)" is very active in all popular social networks and runs its own blog. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aerzteohnegrenzenMSF Twitter:http://twitter.com/msf_austria YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/msfaustria oG Blogs:http://blogs.msf.at/ 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 9. Campaign pitch | briefing. Creation of a new 360Campaign Above the line: TV, outdoor, print Below the line: Online, Mobile Innovative, Interactive, Viral Campaign target Develop an interactive campaign Create (brand) awareness and ultimately raise funds Use mobile and online as interactive channels Well integrated into main above the line campaign Reach (new) target audience via new digital formats Target Group Younger audience Business segment | companies Everyone 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 10. New campaign key visual & claim. 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 10 11. Mobile 2.0 | Web 2.0: Contribute!Interactive mobile campaign.11 12. Mobile campaign page: Step I Choose your donation box.Mobile:http://mspende.msf.at Splash/ LandingpageStart Chose sizedonationof donationbox Send-to-Friend 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 13. Step II Choose products | amount. Progress bar | Productadded Chose amongdifferentproducts Add more products Add to yourbox Donate now 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH- Confidential Digitalsunray Media GmbH Confidential 13 14. Step III Add further products.Progressbar Chose among 2nd productdifferent addedproductsAdd to your box Donate now 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 15. Step IV Confirmation.Donation process: Once you have completed your donation and/or the donation box is full, the user proceeds with the confirmation process.Confirmation User enters his mobile number Pressing the send-button triggers a SMS stating theamount again she/he wants to donate plus request toanswer with YES User gets a confirmation SMS with a link to the ThankYou page plus info to either forward it to her|his friends, colleaguesEnterand|or relatives mobile numberOR post it via facebook 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 15 16. Step V(a) Send2Friend. Enter your name Enter yourfriends nameSend-to- FriendEnterfriendsPost on mobile facebook numberaccount 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential16 17. Step V(b) Post on facebook. Enter yourfacebook credentialsShows status update on facebookPost on facebookaccount 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 17 18. Step V(b) Status update on facebook.Immediate status update: has filled a donation box for "rzte ohne Grenzen"Request to participate either Online OR Mobile 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 18 19. Mobile promotion: operator and off-portals. 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 19 20. Online. Above the line.Merchandise. Other means to help.Contribute. | Carry-on.20 21. Online campaign page and bannering.Online: http://www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.at/spendenbox/ 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential21 22. Above-the-line: Print | Outdoor | TV. http://www.tshirt.ag/de/aerzte-ohne-grenzen 21 means to help 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 23. Success factors. Next steps. 23 24. Success factors & Next steps. Campaign essentials High personal evolvement with the brand Strong awareness and brand building Strong community building and viral impact Pushing new fund raising possibility Donation focus combined with fun | community elements Strong focus on new distribution technologies and cross-format promotions Differentiation Room for improvement Mobile: One-click-to-donation, ie lack of smooth cross-operator | platform billing possibilities Next steps Fully integrated mobile billing experience White label approach The donation proposition as well as flow can also be transferred to other concepts as a white label solution for other NGOs and NPOs. 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential 25. In a nutshell | box 25 26. Every donation counts and helps worldwide! Mobile: http://mspende.msf.at Online: http://www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.at/spendenbox/ 2010 Digitalsunray Media GmbH - Confidential