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<ul><li> Local Store Marketing: How the fundamentals fit into popular and new technology.<br />September 21, 2010<br />Word of mouth for all to share.<br /></li> <li> My Heckler Magazine Days The falling of the ivory towers and the birth of UGC <br /></li> <li> Record Retail<br /></li> <li> Restaurant Marketing<br /></li> <li> Niche Social Media<br /></li> <li> The Future of News<br /></li> <li> New Game / Same Rules<br />Social Media refers to places online where people share with friends<br />The technology is new, but the phenomenon is old: people like to talk and share.<br />Help your brick and mortar clients understand the fundamentals of social media before trying to sell them on it. Education is key.<br />Tell your clients that the fundamentals of customer loyalty and core competence are still #1.<br />Foot traffic and buts in seats is still #1 for sales conversion. Make sure you are using the new technology to drive sales, even through the side door.<br /></li> <li> What do people share?<br />They share news about themselves and their families<br />They share photos<br />They share news stories and videos that are funny, cute or scary.<br />They share their opinionsoften loudly.<br /></li> <li> What websites are important?<br />facebook<br />twitter<br />Youtube<br />yelp<br />foursquare<br /></li> <li> Time<br />The most popular activity online is Social Media<br />It represents over 13 minutes out of every hour US adults spend online (the area in blue)<br /></li> <li> Growth<br />Growth is accelerating in Social Media use.<br /></li> <li> What exactly can you do<br />Apply Process. Be Authentic. Be Creative.<br /></li> <li> Prepare: Build community<br />Build assets on Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, Yelp and YouTube around your brand and your core interests<br />Listen and analyze conversations online around issues that matter to you<br />Engage and message around key themes over the course of weeks to build credibility and community. Create content, real content.<br />Be platform agnostic go where your customers are. <br />Market last<br /></li> <li> General Growth<br /><ul><li> 500+ million active users (July 2010). </li> <li> 50% of users log on at least once each day. </li> <li> Fastest growing demographic is 35 years &amp; older.</li></ul>User Engagement<br /><ul><li> 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day. </li> <li> 900+ million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events). </li> <li> Average user is connected with 80 pages. </li> <li> Average user creates 90 pieces of content monthly (status updates, videos, links, pictures). </li> <li> 150 million active users accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. </li> <li> Mobile users are twice as active as non-mobile users</li></ul>facebook<br /></li> <li> facebook L Wine Lounge<br /></li> <li> Get Creative<br /><ul><li>Connect the virtual to the physical </li> <li> Dont be afraid to make mistakes </li> <li> Dont spam </li> <li> One quality connection is worth more than 1 million bogus friends</li></ul>Here, we started the List a chalk board in the wine lounge where people can buy someone a future drink. Publicly, the Foursquare Mayor is celebrated. We showcase it on Facebook and the results are great.<br />facebook<br /></li> <li> <ul><li>Relaunched/renamed in August; was Google Local </li> <li> Google Places data shows up when people search for a specific location, a certain type of location, and even Google Maps, so it's important to keep information updated. </li> <li> Objective: help people find businesses, help businesses reach out to prospects. Think Yellow Pages, however Places is available online and mobile (where large% of people search for stores, services, biz) </li> <li> I see it as Yelp integrated into Google Search because: People search keywords (mexicanfood or jeans) plus location (Sacramento) and are given a list ofmercahnts to choose from, or in many cases, one key merchant.</li></ul>Google Places<br /></li> <li> Google Places (search done Tues, 9/21/10 at 9:07pm)<br /></li> <li> <ul><li> Businesses can take the keys to their listing for free (by claiming their page) and update information, content, specials, menu, photos and real-time updates as well as the ability to respond to their customers. </li> <li> Why would you pay for a Yellow Page ad ever again?</li></ul>Google Places<br /></li> <li> <ul><li> Business owners (and users) can edit data, add coupons, including ones formatted for mobile, give opinions. </li> <li> Places gives great stats, tracking, keywords, etc. to business. Analytics. </li> <li> Remember, Google is king of search, how we navigate the web today, so accurate data in your Place will naturally boost search results.</li></ul>Google Places<br /></li> <li> <ul><li> Resource </li> <li> April 20, 2010 TechCrunch article: Google Escalates The Location War With GooglePlaces </li> <li> http://techcrunch.com/2010/04/20/google-places/ </li></ul>One out of every five searches is location related. (80 Million a day, give or take.)<br />Managing this for your clients, upselling them on additional tags, and placing search related ads as a media buy all have potential revenue and return implications.<br />Google Places<br /></li> <li> <ul><li> People use Yelp to write amateur reviews, read peer reviews, get information about merchants, and to discover other places they may be interested in. </li> <li> Business owners can claim a listing, update all content and info, add menus, photos, and detailed merchant data </li> <li> Yelp provides great stats; page views </li> <li> Important for restaurants to: </li> <li> take advantage of the free page advertisement and create an incentive or post specials here </li> <li> respond to reviews from Yelpers; both negative and positive </li></ul>Yelp<br /></li> <li> Yelp<br /></li> <li> Yelp pushes business info out to users your potential customers.<br />Best of Yelp - A large percentage of people visit the homepage who have never posted a review on Yelp. They visit to find restaurants and Yelp publishes the top 5 most highly reviewed restaurants. You can also search for restaurants by different categories: type of food, neighborhood, wifi, patio, late night, happy hour, etc. - another reason that it is so important to keep your business information accurate, complete and up to date.<br />Yelp<br /></li> <li> 2. Weekly Yelp Email Blast - different topic every week, features about 10 different local businesses each time that users are reviewing. This goes to your email inbox.<br />3. Yelp competes with Foursquare with the Yelp check in feature, which is very similar to Foursquare's and not as popular.<br />Yelp<br /></li> <li> 4. You can promote events from your profile. Event promotions go out as direct emails to your friends on Yelp.<br />5. Most cities have a Yelp community manager. Reach out to him/her and they can provide you with extra promotional opportunities like Elite events, features in email, and giveaways.<br />Yelp<br /></li> <li> Yelp Engage one by one<br /></li> <li> Yelp<br /></li> <li> Think Yelp + Google Places combined and only for mobile.<br />Mission: the ultimate user generated city guide<br />Why Foursquare is important to the user:<br /><ul><li> check in at current location; see where your friends are; </li> <li> earns points and badges;find new places you've never heard of; </li> <li> get tips from friends for what to order at places new and old</li></ul>Why Foursquare is important to the business owner:<br /><ul><li> Ability to claim your business and create incentives. </li> <li> Example: L Wine Lounge incentive </li> <li> Every 5th check in you get a free appetizer </li> <li> The Mayor gets a free cocktail</li></ul>foursquare<br /></li> <li> <ul><li> Ways to engage customers </li> <li> Encourage users to leave tips about your business (2 for 1 beers on Fridays, favorite entree, secret drink not on the menu). </li> <li> When a user leaves a tip for your business, users see the tip (a) when they check in to your business or (b) when they check in to a business near yours - meaning that they may have never heard of your business and will now try it, or maybe they have heard of your biz but this prompts them to remember it and come back for more. </li> <li> Mayorshipsnaturally create competition among users; an added incentive will stir up even more competition!</li></ul>Foursquare Tips<br /></li> <li> Gaming Mechanics Badges and Points<br /><ul><li> Users love to earn new badges and work to earn them. Gaming mechanics create addictive behavior. </li> <li> Example: Come to the L Wine Lounge between 4 and 6pm and check in on Foursquare - tell all your friends to come too! We are trying to earn the Swarm badge and we need 50 people to check in to get it. </li> <li> We blasted this all over social media for 3 days prior to the event and moved over 50 people to the L Wine Lounge at a slow time of day.</li></ul>Foursquare Gaming Mechanics<br /></li> <li> Marquez estimates foursquare alone has boosted business 5 percent to 10 percent a month from people who like to check in often to earn what are called badges and the title of mayor.<br />Sacramento Business Journal citing L Wine Lounge owner Marcus Marquez<br />real pr results<br /></li> <li> Engage<br />Find local Bloggers<br />Invite them to connect in the virtual and physical<br />Solicit articles from key bloggers<br /></li> <li> Ditch your site start a blog<br />Rally an Army - Scale the voice of your brand and of your customers<br />Company social media<br />Employee Workshops<br />Blog Site<br />Employee Content<br />Guidelines on Policy<br /></li> <li> Twitter Rules.<br />Google Kogi BBQ<br />The media has made a case study on how a merchant can use Twitter<br /></li> <li> Prepare and Share:Tie it all together<br />Harmonize in-store promotion with Social Media to amplifyandextend any campaign<br />Website address on all promotional materials<br />Callouts to follow/friend on Facebook and Twitter on all promotional materials<br />Social Media training for those key employees to scale reach<br />Enable all mobile devices<br /></li> <li> Surprise! Youre a media company.<br />But the good news, local merchant, is once youve built an audience, you can speak to them:<br />Recipe contest on facebook, Sports Jersey Night, Quiz Night, Be A DJ, Couples Quiz Challenge, I Love College, Name That Tune 90s Edition, Kids Night, Clothes by the pound day, etc.<br />Solicit questions from twitter<br />Private meet ups, fan surveys, scanvenger hunts with clues online<br />Hidden facebook tab only for facebook fans. It could have hidden coupons, recipes and fun videos.<br />PR campaign through key bloggers (think Moms)<br /></li> <li> For more and to contact me, hit me here:<br />sonny@sacramentopress.com<br />facebook.com/sonnymayugba<br />mobile tel: 916-320-3560<br />Thank you for your time<br />September 21, 2010<br /></li> </ul>