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BLISS - Better Linking Is Super Simple. The power point presentation for EAHIL 2012 on networking for librarians. Information to help make the most out of the conference.

Text of Linking Librarians

  • 1. Linking Librarians BLISS(Better Linking Is Super Simple) By Bonnie Heim For EAHIL July 3, 2012 Brussels, Belgium
  • 2. Why you should listen to me... and why I should listen to you! Why am I leading this session today? Learn by sharing
  • 3. My collaborative projects MeLoW Google+ project with Guus Van Den Brekel HAPI Health Awareness Project Information, a comprehensive site for health awareness event information QH LibGuides leading a team across the state of Queensland, requiring Champions to work with Librarians to develop quality subject guides Linking Librarians BLISS: Better Linking Is Super Simple
  • 4. Outline What is your story? How to connect and why its important! Who should you connect with? Whats next?
  • 5. Can you tell your story in less than 20 seconds?! My story... Your story Four points to include Your name Where you work or where you are from What you do that is unique/common Something about yourself that is unique or memorable Practice Your story may change
  • 6. What are connections? ThemHim You Me Her
  • 7. Everyone please stand up
  • 8. Which are you? Cat person Dog personOther or none
  • 9. Which do you prefer? Summer Winter Spring Autumn
  • 10. Which are you? Manager/Director Senior Librarian Librarian or other
  • 11. Which are you? Social media queen/king Novice at social media Dont use social media
  • 12. Where do you work? Medical library University library Special library or other
  • 13. What makes you interesting? Travel?/Collecting things? Read a good book lately? Who has the most interesting hobby?
  • 14. Making connections Did you meet anyone new? What else Any do you have overlaps? in common?
  • 15. How to NetworkTell Ask Listen
  • 16. Importance of meeting others If your library is safe from budget cuts now, that doesnt guarantee it in the future Ask yourself what you have to offer others What do you do well? What does your library do well? What does your library offer? Ask what others can offer you What do they do well? What does their library do well? What does their library offer? Save time by not reinventing the wheel!
  • 17. Who do you need to network with? Other medical librarians Other librarians Your clients Look outside the library Business people Marketing people Management people Everyone is potentially a good connection
  • 18. Connecting versus meeting You may learn things you otherwise wouldnt have learnt Discussions tend to be longer which may lead to more ideas Your new connection may know others that would be advantageous to you
  • 19. How many ways can you connect and stay connected? E-mail In person Professional E-lists organisations Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Skype Pinterest FourSquare
  • 20. Tips for making the most of this conference Eat breakfast/lunch/dinner with people you dont know Have a prepared 20 second statement about yourself Introduce yourself to people you dont know Listen to what they say, ask questions, value input Have a business card or other item with your contact information ready to hand out Think of ways that will make your introduction memorable As soon as possible after meeting someone new, write down information that will help you remember them Send a quick e-mail/friend request/invite after the conference to keep up with your new acquaintance
  • 21. Be the person others want to meet! What are you passionate about? Ask the questions you want answers to! Be willing to share information! Reflect
  • 22. Communication is crucial Follow-up communication is very important Its ok if you dont connect with everyone you meet ...people will never forget how you made them feel Maya Angelou How well do you know your colleagues? Ask them to tell you something about themselves over morning tea.
  • 23. Points to consider when collaborating internationally Time zones Languages, ESL Method(s) of communication Cultural differences Knowledge of common tools Differences in versions of softwareBe sensitive to cues from others, keep an open mind and adjust as you go! Alexandra Rule, 2012
  • 24. Other ways to meet people Follow people on twitter * Subscribe to librarian blogs * Follow a library conference on twitter Start your own blog and ask others to follow you Join a Google + group (MeLoW) Join a Facebook group (Library related people) Join a twitter meet-up* Join a conference committee or organise an un- conference Attend other conferences*a list will be sent out after the conference
  • 25. Whats in it for you? You may be able to help someone You may learn something You will meet interesting people You may be inspiredWhats next? Be able to tell your story in less than 2 minutes Find your passion (hint, it doesnt have to be library related) Share your expertise Be inspired and inspire others! Send me feedback and a list of your favourite bloggers and twitterers after the conference!
  • 26. What are connections?You? Them Him me ? Her
  • 27. Where to find me @lv2photoworld and @healthaware_org on Twitter (slideshare link) Bonnie Heim on Google + and LinkedIn and Flickr and Facebook and Pinterest and FourSquare Down under... Sometimes!