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  • 1. Leslie Gomez Vanda Pinto
  • 2. The Company
  • 3. From the day we launched, LinkedIn hasbeen about helping professionals build and maintain trusted relationships online. Reid Hoffmann, founding CEO
  • 4. Officially launched on May 5, 20031st month 4,500 members => Today + 100 million worldwide1st million achieved in 494 daysNew member joins every second of every dayIn over 200 countries and territories, in six different languages1,000 full-time employees started off 2011 allover the globeManagement team is composed of seasoned executives Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Vaillant "Cinco de LinkedIn
  • 5. Jan -Sept 2009 2010 Net revenue $80.80 $161.40 Total expenses $84.10 $148.90 Net income (after tax) $3.40 $10.10Cash on hand (as of Sept 30, 2010): $89.6 millionTotal assets (as of Sept 30, 2010): $197 million
  • 6. Three products: Hiring solutions (job listings) Marketing solutions (advertising) Premium subscriptions
  • 7. 10 Million Users (September 2010)30 million members (May 2010)1 million members
  • 8. Leadership, leverage and results the fuel that powers the scary smart folks at LinkedIn.Leadership from anywhere in many formsLeverage scale everything you do in a massive way.Think globally! Go big! Take risks. Figure out how good you are.Results tell us what you are going to do. Measure it. Thenconstantly push to iterate and get better. Work hard and have fun!
  • 9. Threat of New Entry 4/5Supplier Competitive Buyer Power Rivalry Power 2/5 4/5 2/5 Threat of Substitution 3/5
  • 10. STRENGHS WEAKNESSES- Strong image - Low Time Spent per Session per UserPremier, trusted professional networking site LinkedIn: 6.5min/session-High added value Facebook:55+min/dayNetwork and carrier development -Unique Visitors of LinkedIn very low-Quality members 2% of facebook user use linkedin60% = decision makers and 80% post graduated 40% of LinkedIn users use facebook-Diversified revenue streams -Freemium subscriptionAdvertising, job listings, premium membership NO bigger added value compared to free subscription OPPORTUNITIES THREATS-Outcomes of the Alliance with Twitter - Intense CompetitionMore visibility of LinkedIn + Attracting new users Professional and non Professional social networks-Become the standard of online - End of social Network trend as a CV, no moreword or pdf CVs-Enhance the professional experience Professional videos, lecturesPhoto album sharing from trainings andconferences
  • 12. Establish a Professional Profile- Name, picture, Professional Headlines, Complete Resum Stay in touch with colleagues and friends- Updates on profile, jobs, locations, project and contact info- Send and receive messages to connexions- Add new people in your network and get introduced Explore opportunities- Find and Post Jobs- Sales leads- Ideal business partner Find Expert and ideas- Ask or answer questions to make your profile visible- Interact with experts on specific business areas and get strategic info
  • 13. NEW FEATURES- Linkedin Jobs (2005)Helps members use their network to find employment opportunities- Newsfeed (2006)LinkedIn members can be kept up to do date with their connections, throughthe newsfeed- Linked Answers (2007)Allows users to ask questions for the community to answer- Linkedin for Mobile (2008)- Linkedin Application platform (2008)Allows other online services to be embedded within a members profile page(Amazon reading list, TypePad)- CardMunch AcquisitionMobile app maker that scans business cards and converts into contacts
  • 14. 1. Keep in touch with colleagues/students/teachers2. Hire people and get references3. Networking and making new business relationships4. Career opportunities5. Sales Herv Bloch Senior Sales Manager chez Emailvision
  • 15. Online communication channels reduce thedistance between peopleAllow interactions to happen more quickly thanthey might have otherwiseHuge amount of money tracking onlinecommunities1st consumer-based social medial tools used bycompaniesSN into core areas of the value chain (MarCom,Human relations & customer service)Use of social networking to generate leads
  • 16. INDIA"Got Sponsorships for AIESEC International Congress 2010 With LinkedIn" USA"Executive Recruited for Senior IBM Position Based on LinkedIn Profile"In just two weeks, over 2000 linkedIn professionals recommended HPProducts and services AUSTRALIA"Sold a house using LinkedIn AUSTRALIA"Uses LinkedIn to find talent and recruit candidates in the water sector" GERMANY"German Franchise Business Owner Secured Contract With US ConsultingGroup via LinkedIn"
  • 17. A job portalAn open source of management consultancyApplications addressing business needsA business virtual locationLinkedin as a business card
  • 18. IT ASPECTS
  • 19. WebsiteMobile applicationsDeveloper platform (APIs)Around 20 applications that can be used from andwith Linkedin
  • 20. Personal Information tied to a pictureLack of physical contact makes easier to build falseprofile (Id Spoofing)Excessive blabbing can lead to reveal intellectualproperty to a competitor (technological information,address book)Information about how people are connected, their workand position is precious for potential hacker
  • 21. Targeted attack via Linkedin with Spam or WormsNo way to authenticate identitiesPhishing - attempting to acquire sensitive informationNo encrypted connection, so login and session can besniffed (eg: by ISP, police,)Man in the middle attack
  • 22. WRAP UP
  • 23. Expand your professional networkMake visible your personal valueDevelop your businessBut be carefulFrolleague relationship can turn to dangers relationshipsVirtual actions can have very real consequencesDont forget that everybody can know many things aboutyou, more than you may think!!!
  • 24. Avoid personal details and confidential informationGet to know your connection before connect with themEvaluate connections consequences before connect withsomebodyKeep your professional and social lives separateManage your online reputation as effectively as possibleUse free linkedin trainings to ensure you get the bestfrom it
  • 25. Q&A