Linkedin Best Practices

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Best Practices for using Linkedin


  • 1. Getting the most from Linkedin

2. About Me 4 Years Linkedin for business 3000+ hours in the cockpit LI Training for enterprise 20 Years in Technology 3. PurposeFamiliarize You with Linkedin Best PracticesHow to Get Results 4. We Depend On Relationships for Everything 5. Relationships Depend on Trust88% Choose to Buy From Companies They Trust85% Refuse to Buy From Companies They Mistrust 6. If You Wait Until You Need ItIT WONT BE THERE 7. What are my Next StepsGet Your Profile RightUnderstand Networking Best PracticesGrowing Your NetworkNurture Connections to Relationships 8. Your Profile ShouldTell US Your Story.Who You Are.What You can do.Why You are Interesting. 9. Your Photograph forms an Impression Trust?Confidence?Integrity? 10. Lets Look at Examples