Let's Talk About Mindset

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1. What's Your Mindset Say About You -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What's Your Mindset Say About You? Believe it or not theres many different types of mindset out there. One that is particularly common is one I call employee mindsetquot; the mindset most people have. You see most people believe that other peoplequot; become rich, run their own business and have everything they want in life.Lets look at employee mindset:1.) They believe that a job is something you do from 9 5 (sometimes earlier or later) 2.) You get pay check at the end of every week/month 3.) This paycheck is never really enough 4.) Once a year you might be lucky to get a pay raise in the region of 2% - 10% 5.) Some of the things that people with the employee mindset do is: 6.) Everyday you have to travel to work also known as the commute 7.) You work for someone else and they profit from your ideas and your work 8.) Work is something to do and is not always enjoyableWhere does the employee mindset come from?From talking to people and researching, I believe it comes from our upbringing. You know were told work hard, dont copy from others, go to college, get a job, be happy with it, get married, buy a house, have kids, etc.This is the dreamquot; we are sold. Were never really encouraged to take chances, take risks, try our own business etc.REALITY CHECKTheres no such thing anymore as a secure job sure maybe in my fathers time there was, but not now. Now a days theres no security in your job any more, any day now they could call you in and tell you youre gone.Employee mindset is limited in everyway:1.) Creativity 2.) Salary 3.) ProspectsThe next article will look at the mindset of an entrepreneur which is available at:http://www.itsonlyajob.com -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(C) Richard Butler www.richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com 2. What's Your Mindset Say About You -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Richard Butler provides life and business coaching services to individuals and companies. He provides face to face, phone and email coaching.Richard is a qualified life and business coach and practitioner of NLP. He has written a number of articles on NLP and life coaching and has spoken at business seminars.He can be contacted on 087 636 1907-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(C) Richard Butler www.richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com