Let's Get to Work: Mythbusters Transition-Style!

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1. Lets Get to Work: Integrated Employment Summit Beth Swedeen, WI BPDD Executive Director January, 2015 Mythbusters Transition-Style! 2. Three years ago, a crack team of educators and community members 3. Undertook participation in a national 5-year Partnerships in Employment (PIE) grant to change policies leading to more integrated employment for youth with significant disabilities. This endeavor included our 3 state agencies (DHS, DVR, DPI). And let loose a fury of innovations and practices that included: Consortium, Policy Team, School Pilot Sites, Coaches 4. In the next 20 minutes, well share with you which youth transition myths get busted, and which we can confirm! CommunityastheRE 5. Myth #1 General education is great for young kids. Its not that useful or possible in high school. 6. Myth #2: High school activities are fun, but not that useful 7. Myth #3: Family Involvement Matters 8. Myth #4: IDEA says schools must do transition, so its all up to the teacher 9. This better be a bust! 10. Myth #5: Collaboration is key to successful employment outcomes. 11. Myth #6: All work experiences are equally valuable. 12. Myth #7: How we talk about work doesnt impact employment outcomes. 13. Consider the difference between Do you want to work? and What kind of a job do you want? 14. Myth #8: Public Policy doesnt affect my work; thats why we elect politicians 15. Big time busted! 16. What have we learned: epilogue More LGTW students are participating in typical school and community activities with their peers without disabilities (a nearly 50% increase in integrated activities). Students reported working in the community makes their life better. Number of employers who hired LGTW students nearly doubled within 6 months. Community surveys indicated most people who attended Community Conversations believe that students with disabilities can work (25% of responders are employers). Schools reported increased employer contacts after hosting events. 17. Student Outcomes Number with Paid Community Employment Cohort 1 Cohort 2 Spring 2012 15% Baseline Fall 2012 28% Spring 2013 47% 5% Baseline Fall 2013 45% 33% Spring 2014 61% 37% Fall 2014 79% 50% 18. Which myth are YOU going to bust first!?!