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My Call To Action talk at Leanconf on why you should put Lean Startup to practise, and not just understand or talk about it.

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  • 1. Lets get real

2. Leon PalsChairman Startup Foundation@LeonPals / @StartupFNDTN 3. How did I get here? 4. eBay for TwitterFirst productNo businessmodelLots of spamdigital menusPress + EpiphanyTough marketProduct took ton of timePre 2012:Editor ShareablesFirst startup experienceCool environmentTasks were less inspiring 5. Startup FoundationAn independent not for profit [or for impact]organisation, driving innovation by supporting startups 6. We have a diverse and worldwide network of volunteersMost work for organisations that are of significance to startups such as:Rockstart, StartupBus, Startup Bootcamp & UP global 7. Startup Foundation:ExperienceCovering Effectuation, Customer Development, LeanStartup and much moreGiving participants hands on experience 8. Rotterdam 9. Antwerp 10. Middlesbrough 11. Newcastle 12. Venlo 13. Cyprus 14. Amsterdam 15. Startup Foundation:MeetupsMonthly get togethers, workshops, talks and drinks 16. Brainstorms 17. Knowledge sharing 18. Keynote party 19. Workspace.. 20. Startup Foundation:Startup Port 21. Startup Foundation:Net 22. What have we learned? 23. Ideas are generic 24. Jargon & BuzzwordsMake Lean Startup less actionable 25. Customer Interviews =Customer ConversationsThe term interviews puts people on the wrong path 26. MVP = testTest implies your testing an hypothesis and you keep it efficient 27. Observation:More peers talk, read and share information aboutLean Startup than we see it being put to use 28. Tests 29. Why get hands on? 30. "Entrepreneurship is somethingyou learn best by doing it- Paul Graham 31. + it can be fun 32. IntroIs there a market for anonymous STD tests? 33. IntroAnonymousReliablePre-emptive 34. ProgressHow did their weekend go? 35. ClubbingDo new couples have fear about STDs?Should the team have anticipated getting into a fight? 36. Gay sceneProve you are STD freeThey get weekly checkups, for free 37. The promiscuousProve you are STD freeBingo 38. Text 39. But most of all 40. It is realityThe red pill 41. Put your ideas into practise, they will improveif you take note of what happens next 42. Put your ideas into practise, they will improveif you take note of what happens next- Leon Pals 43. So why do we see so manypeers struggling? 44. So why do we see so manypeers struggling?Fear 45. The greatest barrier tosuccess is the fear of failureSven Goran Eriksson 46. Three tipsTo flip the switch 47. Run a Marshmallow challenge 48. Do the work 49. Do a little, see if it works- Tendayi Viki, last night 50. Enjoy yourself 51. It is okay to start like this 52. Theorising/debating/planningMight make you sound smart, or not 53. Lessons learned 54. Gain credibility 55. You might create something 56. Red pillBlue pillAssumptionsMeetingsTheoryYour comfort zoneValidated learningsRunning testsExperienceWhere the magic happens 57. Thank you.Any questions?@LeonPals Thank you. Any questions?