Leather Footwear in context of Bangladesh

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Leather (Footwear)

Md. Mominul islam Id : 13107419

What is leather (footwear) export & introduction ? Types of leather (footwear) export.

Leather processing is an old manufacturing sub-sector in Bangladesh. Availability of indigenous raw material facilitated the setting up of the industry in early 1940.

ShoesSandals Slippers Hiking or walking boots Sports boots

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Import countries of leather ( footwear) The procedure of exporting leather( footwear)

IMPORT COUNTRIES OF LEATHER(FOOTWEAR)(Value US$)COUNTRY2008-092009-102010-112011-122012-13AE: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES428506306971227983605811962810AR: ARGENTINA1539717623489685112136733AT: AUSTRIA59600164828968449004450943473841146AU: AUSTRALIA67796167644212293555636IT: ITALY1545329014212092194497682474887425250348BE: BELGIUM40057704620395619826861084665152463HU: HUNGARY156963596495460799218286

ProductsAmount in US$Raw hides and skins (other than fur skins) and leather505,535,546.82Articles of leather, animal gut, harness, travel goods240,082,385.04Footwear378,539,254.95

Country wise export data for leather and leather goods

Source for all these data is Export Promotion Bureau 2013-2014 Fiscal year total export

THE PROCEDURE OF EXPORTING LEATHER (FOOTWEAR):To get Export Registration Certificate (ERC) you have to apply to the Office of the Chief Controller of Import and Export (CCI&E) in prescribed form. Along with the application you have to submit the following documents:


Copy of trade licenseNationality certificate issued by Ward Commissioner or Union Parishad Chairman (for Bangladeshi nationals)Income tax payment certificate of the previous year (in applicable cases)

Valid membership certificate from the Chamber of Commerce or Registered Trade AssociationBank solvency certificatePartnership deed or Incorporation certificatePhotograph 2 copy.

Name : Md. Touhidul Islam Id: 13017442

Export Document's (Leather)Document's for customs clearance.

Requisite documents by Order

Shohag Mia Id: 13057456

Types of export documents in exporting leather(footwear). Methods of obtaining export documents in exporting leather( footwear).

Types of export documents in exporting leather: Export documents are two types:

1.Commercial documents2.Regulatory documents.

Commercial documents :This document physically effects transfer of goods and their title from exporter to impoter in helping realizing export proceeds Commercial document are also two types:a.Principles documents andb. Auxiliary documents.

Regulatory documents: Regulatory documents are those documents which are prepared by the government regulation.

Method of obtaining export documents in exporting leather:a.Collection of trade of license.b. Collection of trade of tin.c.Certificate of membership of chamber of commercial.d,.Collection of export license.e.GSP issue.f.Certificate of vat registration.g.Collection of fire license

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What is leather(footwear)export costing and pricing & Objectives of pricing

Price:Price is the amount of money charged for a product or service.

Pricing:Pricing is the technique by which the price of a product or service selected.

Export pricing:Export pricing involves fixing the price of export products or services which the exporter intends to sell in the overseas market.---Dr.M.M.Verma and Agarwal.

Pricing considerationCost of productionDemand for the productCompetition

Objectives of pricing:1.Survival2.Maximum sales growth3.Maximum current profit4.To establish leadership5.Maximization of market share

Shorab Hossain ID:13057478

Factors determining export pricing of leather(footwear) & Which methods are apply in the pricing of footwear .

Factors determining pricing

3. Other Factors :

1)Job costing 2)Standard costing 3)Process costing: it is actually follows textile industry or leather industry.

Methods apply to pricing leather(footwear)

Kowser Ahmed Sohag Id.13057491

What is export financing.The procedure of export financing in case of leather export

Meaning of export finance:Export finance is the finance needed for the purpose of export export finance means collection of necessary funds to accomplish export business in due time Export finance means ,the credit required by export for financing their export transaction from the time of getting an export order to the time of the full realization of the payment from the importer

Procedure of export financing

Types of export financingPre-shipment financepost-shipment finance

Pre-shipment finance1.Idea about types of pre-shipment finance.2.Identification of specific stage of utilization of credit fund.3.appliction to bank .4.processing of application .5. submission of loan application 6. sanction of loan .


7. loan agreement.8.disbursement of loan.9.maintenance of account.10.monitoring of accounting.11.repayment .12.bankers responsibility.

Post- shipment finance 1.application 2 .processing of application3.negotiation of documentation under export L/C4.credit by purchase DP and DA bill5.advance against bill for collection 6.sanctioning of amount 7.loan agreement 8.disbursement of loan amount9.maintenance of account

Tabiba Wadud

ID NO: 13217502 Export and Import Management Course No: 301 3RD Year 1ST Semester.

Contribution to GDP in exporting leather(Footwear) and way to maximize foreign market in exporting leather.

Contribution to GDP:

According to the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB),201415, the country posted a 23.40 percent growth in footwear exports Bangladesh earned USD 354.22 million from exports of leather footwear in the JulyMarch period in the fiscal year.

Figure 4: Top Exporters of Leather, Leather Goods & Footwear

`Promising Future` for leather products,Footwear ExportsBangladesh Leather Fabric Exhibion, 2014Industry: Leather ShoesLeather Trade fair in Chaina, 2015Date: 31 Aug- 2september, 2015Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center


Problems of exporting footwear and also point out some prospects.

Problems of Exporting Footwear1.Infrastructural problems2.Difficulties of distance3.Bureaucratic & policy obstacles4.Technology, productivity & human resources.5.Design capabilities6.Political instability7.Marketing laws8.Competition9.Documentation formalities10.Raw-materials.

Prospects of Exporting FootwearEffective investmentProduct & market developmentEnhance corporate social responsibilityTechnological developmentEnvironmental protection

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