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  1. 1. Lasik New York City - Mandel Vision (883) M6a3681By:Nelson Lin 1 xvanted to thank Dr.l/ Iandel and his staff for greatservice.I got lusik in 2010 and it was one ofthe best decisions i have ever Inude.Dr.fvlundel is l'untustic and I would highly recommend Mandel Vision to anyone looking for at great doctor.
  2. 2. New York City Lasi 8 (888) 8Mandel Vision 8888(()3()3lBy:Jon WangDr.Mandel performed LASIK on me about three weeks ago (23 March 20|5).I could not be happier about my de- cision to undergo LASIK with Dr.Mandel.My vision is absolutely perfect and I am still astounded waking up being able to see perfectly.after years and year of glasses and contacts! What I loved most about Dr.Mandel and his staff was how thorough.kind.caring.professional everyone in the office was.My initial consultation lasted about 2 hours where they explained every test /process in full detail. http :// '= .niunde| *ision. con1./
  3. 3. New York Lasik - Mandel Vision 88t8(()3()b'l By:Victoria RosnerMy sister and I both had LASIK with Dr.Mandel two weeks ago.and we are amazed at the outcome.It denitely put Inc at ease knowing that a surgeon with Dr.Mandel's credentials and history of excellence would be performing the procedure.and I have not been disappointed.Dr.Mandel and his staff are true professionals.From the initial consultation we knew that we were in the best hands.Every step.from the consultation to scheduling of the l. ASlK to the procedure itself.and aftercare.has been wonderful. http : //'= .niande| *ision. con1./
  4. 4. Lasik Manhattan (888)86il/ landel Vision 888-8(3(>3()8 IE **A'**By:Damon Casucci[just finished my Lasik surgery with Dr.Mandel.WOW is the word to use.His staff made you feel so safe and inforlned.When I was done I felt like I was given super powers.My vision is perfect!He is the best.http : //wxvvsatnandelvision. con1/
  5. 5. Manhattan Lasik Mandel Vision88t8(()3()b'lBy:Amber BrienIf you 'ant to keep your eyeballs healthy and in-cheek.l)r Mandel is your man!Ilc was recommended to me by a friend when I was considering lnsik surgery (this was in 2007).I visited his office for a free consultation.which involved a complete analysis of my eyes (this isn't your regular eye exam!).Very intense.but so fascinating.Handsdown having Dr Mandel perform my lasik surgery was the best investment I haxc ever made for m) e_ es.I've gone to to Dr Mandel for ever) follow-up since and I have recommended Mandel Vision to friends considering lasik surger) .The staff at Mandel Vision are genuinely awesome and on-point. http :// '= .niande| *ision. co1n. /
  6. 6. NYC Lasik - Mandel Vision (888) 866-3681By:Devora AslikenazyJust had LASIK done a week ago and could not be happier! ! I'm seeing better than I ever had with contacts or glassesll Dr.l/ Iandel is brilliant and really knowledgable and his staff rocks.Also.I had lvlissy as my Lasik consultant and I couldn't have done it without her--Sl'll; "S Tlll-.BF-. ST!lIynu're considering LASIK I highly reccomend Dr. l/1andel! !
  7. 7. l/ landel VisionN8H8(()3(n' lBy:Jeff StoneI'll begin and conclude this review with the same feeling:lncredihlc. lt's truly incredible what technology in the medical licld can accomplish today.More's incredible and en_ioyahle when that technology is used by professional.experienced.efficient.friendly and funny Dr.Mandel and his stalT. 'l'III-I NORM:It's unfortunate how rare it is to experience an efficient and timely medical appointment.It's frustrating to schedule 2 hours on our calendars for in 30 minute appointment since we know it'll run long. htlh : //*'= .niandelision. eon1.. /
  8. 8. NY City Lasik - (888)86l/ landel Vision 88t8(()3()3lBy:Polina TrachukLASIK was something I have been considering for years.When it finally came to choosing a doctor.I'm glad I chose Dr.Mandel.Dr.l/ landel and staff worked with my busy schedule to allow me to have the procedure done.and were extrenlely friendly throughout.The procedure itself was quick.I was in and out the door within one hour.and in- volved minimal discomfort.I returned to work the very next day.Im so happy to have perfect vision.and owe it all to Dr.Nlandel. http :// '= .tnande| *ision. coin. /
  9. 9. Lasik Manhattan NYl/ landel Vision88t8(()3()3lBy:Juan Pazmino(ireat service.I see better than 20/20 now thanks to l)r.Mandel and the staff at Mandel Vision.I had and continue to have a pleasant experience at Mandel Vision.I was explained the entire Lasik procedure with detail and also received information to read to get more acquainted with l~. yc Surgery facts and different practices.l)r.Mandel makes sure you understand your choice of procedure thoroughly and explains your options well.livery one at Mandel Vision was wonderful from my first appointment up until now.I felt at ease during the procedure thanks to Dr.Mandel and his assistant (iubrielle.they gaye me peace of mind.It was fast and I felt comfortable the entire time. http :// '= .tnande| *ision. eoin. /
  10. 10. Manhattan NYC Las I/ Iandel Vision 8888(()3()3 IBy:Anthony Rudovicljust want to thank Dr.Mandel and his staff for this wonderful opportunity to see again.They did an outstandingjob with rny lasik experience.I was very nervous at rs!going into this surgery but Dr.Mandel and his staff were very professional and helped me along the way.It has been 24 hours since my procedure and I have better than 20/20 vision.Witli NO pain or discomfort.I highly recornmend Dr.Mandel if you are looking for an amazing eye doctor.Thank you!http :// '= .Inunde| *ision. con1./