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<ol><li> 1. Most business owners share the amazement that a social networking site has become thetop trafficked website on the globe. People from all walks of life are wondering how awebsite with basic functionality could bypass all competitors to come out on top. Manyclients of Larissa Choma have been wondering about this particular change of scenariowhere marketing and advertising methods have undergone a sea change in the past fewyears. </li><li> 2. According to Larissa Choma a number of theories about the remarkable success ofFacebook have surfaced in recent months. Outside development of games and applications has drawn millions of people into theFacebook community. Communication is strong between the Facebook administrators and the members. Virus protection is sound for anyone who visits a page or watches a video.None of these theories explains why there are one billion Facebook users. MySpacehas 25 million users that enjoy significant advantages over Facebook members.MySpace supports customized profiles and easier-to-use privacy settings. How couldFacebook draw more users when the functionality is inferior to its competitors?HISTORY OF FACEBOOKAt inception, Facebook was an exclusive online social club that was created for peoplewith an email address that ended in .edu. College and university students joinedFacebook, which was considered an elite club for the college-educated person.Exclusivity was the primary draw for membership. Advertising campaigns oversold thecapability of the website, but the sense of belonging to something special prevailed. </li><li> 3. High school students were allowed to join the Facebook community in the effort to expand.Many college students felt slighted since the younger set would change the tone of the socialcommunity. After that, the age limit was lowered to 13 years with parental consent. Once theyouth joined, the platform was opened to anyone who wanted to join. Youngsters told theirparents to join, which caused exponential growth.Secret of Facebook Success according to Larissa ChomaOne theory states that Facebook motivates the user to be involved and share personal insightsbetter than every other social media service. Providing a motivational environment separatesFacebook from its competitors. Research conducted using the BJ Foggs Behavior Model statesthat ability, motivation and trigger are required. These three elements must converge at thesame moment for behavior to occur. Absence of the desired behavior indicates that one, ormore, of the three elements is lacking.Use of the BJ Foggs Behavior Model allows website monitors to detect the causes ofperforming the desired behaviors. Many different types of websites are using this model todiagnose the reasons that website visitors do not rate hotels or restaurants. Adjustments to thesite create the three elements that will drive the behaviors that make sites successful. </li><li> 4. Facebook has mastered the use of the Behavior Model to inspire active involvement acrossmultiple pages that are visited on a regular basis by each user.The Future of Facebook as seen by Larissa ChomaFollowing the initial public offering, or IPO, many analysts placed pressure on Facebook toprove its long-term viability as a company. Free services face unique challenges to generateinvestor value. Facebook faces threats from other social media websites that can whittle away atthe user base. These threats will devalue the advertising that generates business revenue.Investors are waiting to see what happens as competitors enter the market and compete forvaluable social media users.Facebook members create the interest that draws others to the site. Continued efforts to updatethe content and communicate thoughts are essential to the longevity of the social media giant.Users have many choices in the social media realm. Facebook must continue to reach out to newusers to offset losses to the competition.To know more about Larissa Choma and to avail her services feel to contact her at - Source -</li></ol>