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<ol><li> 1. Hi, my name is Larissa Choma and I have been working as a business consultant for manyyears. As I work with customers, I realize the importance of having access to theknowledge of other professionals. Early on, I thought I could provide any service acustomer requested. I learned that the customer gains more benefit from experts in eachmajor business discipline.Networking became essential because clients needed services in various fields, includingmarketing, graphic design, website development and other specialties. Each expertprovided connections to new clients for my consulting practice in return.Building a business is similar to raising a child since every action taken has direct effectson the health of the fledgling operation. Consultants are particular about the businessassociates who interact with clients. Helpful steps must be taken in the right sequence tofind potential network members. Build relationships Similar business values and priorities are important when twobusinesses are offering services to the same client. Partners who are mismatched willbecome frustrated, and the service levels will deteriorate. Every network partner willreflect on the referring partner </li><li> 2. Create a service list All products and services offered should be compiled on a list that canbe offered to potential network partners. This ensures that referrals are reciprocated. Obscureskills should be listed and described. Unique skills will draw business from network partners.Use familiar terms on the list to prevent misunderstandings. Return to the core Extraneous services take more time to complete. Tasks that are notcreating significant portions of the monthly revenue should be eliminated and outsourced to anetwork partner. Customers will be happier with the end result. Determine the type of partnership Referrals are the highest possible compliment that canbe paid to a network partner. Additional sales grow both businesses while the client istransferred to the business performing the work. Other partnerships will include asubcontracting relationship where the primary partner retains ownership of the client.Clients will have unanticipated requests that require significant research to fulfill the need. Anexisting network partner can be asked for a secondary referral for the product or service.Utilizing existing professional connections to find new network partners will ensure thatproduct and service quality is maintained. </li><li> 3. Questions about referred network partners are important because everyone who works for aclient will affect the reputation of other partners. Negative references must be avoided becauseof the perception given to a client. Not using a partner will communicate the concerns withoutverbalizing previous experiences. Issues with a network partner should be addressed directly toresolve the problem and retain the professional relationship.As the network grows, favorite associations will develop within the network. Some firmsrefuse to embrace duplicate types of companies in the network to avoid competing interestsand loss of business for the existing members. Multiple graphic designers should not be in onenetwork to avoid loss of work for the first graphic designer in the network. Encourage thosewith similar businesses to begin new networks that can refer work to each other.To know more about Larissa Choma and to avail her services feel to contact her at - Source - Source - Larissa Choma on Live Journal</li></ol>