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This white paper outlines how you can create landing pages that will move online visitors to prospects in three steps.

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  • 1. LANDINGPAGES THAT HELP YOUR ONLINEMARKETINGTAKE OFFConverting Visitors toProspects in Three Steps MID ATLANTIC14073 Crown Court | Woodbridge, VA 22193 T. 703.494.7888 | F. 703.494.7955 | 888.205.8899 NEW ENGLAND PO Box 305 | Barrington, RI 02806 T. 401.289.2500 | F. 401.289.2503 | 888.205.8899

2. CREATING RESULTS, LLC WHITE PAPER SERIESLanding Pages That Help Your TestingOne of the most significant benefits of online Online Marketing Take Offmarketing is the ability to monitor and adjust in realtime. The most simplistic way to evaluate alternatives Converting Visitors to Prospects in Three Stepsis to use an A/B test. Just as the name describes,serve half of the visitors concept A, serve the other Studies have shown that building targeted online landing pages canhalf concept B. Using the metrics gathered from improve a campaigns conversion rate by upwards of 50 percent.the analytics, an advertiser can see which version ismore successful. Elements easily tested in the A/B Yet, most companies targeting the 50+ market do not achieve maximumformat include overall design, offers, the positioning of return because their online strategy stops at the ads. This is the pitfall ofelements on a page, and even desired outcomes. many otherwise well-planned online marketing programs.Keep in mind that the fewer variations between your As markets continue to fragment and consumers find increasingly cunningA and B concepts, the more actionable your findings ways to avoid advertising, consumers are beginning to ignore all but the mostwill be. Too many changes/differences will leave you personal and relevant marketing. By customizing landing pages specific towondering what was responsible for the differing each target audience, companies can improve this level of relevance and keepresponse levels. prospects moving down the path towards a sale, while collecting valuable information about the effectiveness of their organizations marketing efforts.The level of marketing investment will dictate howmuch testing and how often monitoring should occur, This white paper outlines how you can create landing pages that willbut the findings can pay great dividends. move online visitors to prospects in three steps.There are dozens of additional opportunities toimprove the effectiveness of digital marketingthrough the use of landing pages. Alternative testingoptions, personal URLs, social elements, dynamiccontent and real-time communication - all areachievable with todays technologies.To find out more about these options and how Creating Results can help improve your digital marketing efforts, visit Results provides clients with a strategic approach for marketing to adult consumers seeking a higher quality of life.We have earned praise, referrals and awards for our successful marketing and unique understanding of adults. From the initial research through the strategy and creative development, and on into the complete implementation and ongoing performance analysis, we strive to make our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace.7 3. CREATING RESULTS, LLC WHITE PAPER SERIES This decision needs to take into account the characteristics of the end user and the true value of the offer or product being promoted. Likely desired outcomes include downloading information, online registration or simply following a link to another page within the site.If your target is a mature consumer, remember that the 50+ market is more apt to call a sales center from a website and are more protective of their personal information than their younger counterparts. Whatever the desiredDont make this mistake: Allstate outcome, it will only be effective if the prospect believes the opportunity isdidnt create a landing page. As a result, there is no reference to the offer worth the effort. that brought prospects here and far too many ways to leave the site, fast.STEP TWO: DEVELOPMENT Creating Results gives this landing page a good rating - it isContent very focused and draws on demographic If theyve made it to the landing page, prospects want to learn more. Take data from the referring site. this opportunity to provide only relevant, straight forward information that is valuable and dripping with credibility.According to Marketing Experiments Journal, clarity of the value propositionDesign is the most important factor inWhen designing the appearance of a landing page, do not spend determining whether a customer buyseven a pixel promoting anything beyond the brand, offer and specific or not. The mature audience responds desired outcome. best to straight talk, so avoid the fluff. If the goal is to have someone callWhile the 50+ market is quite comfortable online, they are more likely a sales associate, ask for the actionto make navigation errors. Therefore the look, feel and language needs to outright, but clearly explain what is in itmatch that of the advertising. This includes colors, fonts, imagery, use of for them.white space and graphic treatments. Precious seconds are saved by quicklyassuring visitors they have navigated to the right place.Make it as personal as possible.Reference the page from which theyContent should be arranged in a clear hierarchy, keeping text to awere referred, recap the offer in the minimum. A single, engaging photo is superior to multiple, smaller images.advertisement they clicked, tap the If there is a registration form, keep the number of fields to seven or fewer.behavioral and demographic data fromthe sites, search engines or internal Even the navigation bar should be eliminated. On a standard webpage, thisdatabases. Use whatever is available to navigation helps visitors find where they want to go on the site. With a show visitors that time has been invested to learn about them. This will helplanding page, it should be assumed that they have already arrived. Finally, if develop the client / seller relationship that is sought by this mature audience. the preliminary design requires any amount of scrolling, start over. 5 4. CREATING RESULTS, LLC WHITE PAPER SERIES STEP THREE: EXECUTIONSteps to Ensure a Successful Landing MonitoringSTEP ONE: PLANNING Prior to launching a series of landing pages, make sure that a monitoring tool is in place. Many analytics tools are freely available Understand Online Behavior and are quite user-friendly. Minimally, ensure that unique visitors, click-When planning a landing page, it is vital to understand the specific online throughs and conversions are tracked. Time-of-visit, session duration, behaviors of your specific target markets. Start with the segmenting used to repeat visitors, geographic locations and click-tracking can alsoplace digital advertising and then research each profiles internet habits. Focus on one clear desired outcome. provide invaluable information. This page design was ranked best by Creating Results team for the engaging photo and the As experts in marketing to Baby Boomers and Beyond, Creating clear call to action.Results recognizes and stresses that each segment will be different.However, a unifying characteristic of the online population isimpatience. Regardless of an online users age, the average digital ad is SMOOTHER LANDINGS CAN HELPlucky to get two seconds of attention. YOUR MARKETING TAKE OFF Time-of-attention only increases to eight seconds for landing pages. While this white paper focusesFor Westminster at Lake Ridge, As with online advertising, emails on online advertising, the value of a Continuing Care Retirement can get prospects to a landing page Do not expect visitors to scroll, landing pages is much greater. As Community outside of Washington, with just one click. The National peruse a laundry list of navigation part of an integrated marketing DC, a landing page became theMuseum of Americans at War options or even read the copy. program, well-executed landingvehicle to invite prospects forsent an email soliciting feedback Animation, flashing elements and pages can boost the effectiveness a test drive. Westminster is from a target group, driving traffic background music do nothing but of the whole campaign.targeting people in their 70s,to a landing page with survey distract the mature audience and an age group still motivated byquestions. rob your site of precious seconds of Creating Results has directed newspapers. A special insert attention. You can only expect that prospects to special landing pagesoffered an overnight stay to get a mature (40+) visitors will evaluate a from a variety of off- and on-linefeel for the community. It drove sites merit on their initial impression mediums, including newsletters, those interested in packing their of the overall design and maybe direct mail, email, signage and pajamas to a special landing page skimming of the headlines. traditional Landing pages need to match visitors expectations, preferences andtastes before the content will be reviewed. Otherwise, bouncingoccurs, or visitors quickly leave the site without any interaction. Noclicks, no registration, no activity of any kind, and thus, no opportunityfor future sales. Setting ObjectivesAs time is of the essence, a landing page only has the ability to focuson a single business objective. The advertiser must identify the desiredoutcome of a landing page visit. This is the prospects single on-site activitythat will provide the greatest benefit. 3