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  • 1.TimeManagement:The Art ofGetting Things DoneCoach Thom Finn

2. TimeManagement:The Art ofGetting Things DoneCoach Thom Finn 3. Who is here.. How many supervise others? How many in full time/near full time sales? How many are in full time near full timecustomer service/customer support How many are self employed (S-E) How many have a very clear specific goalin their organization like this: 4. Who is here how many of you have been or read orattempted to improve your TM before how many of you like my tie how many keep many details up in your head? How many have a job where they have toREACT to phones, customers. the boss, otherteam members, where there job is to react to thewhirlwind around them 75% or more of thetime. 5. Expert by necessity Planning is easy. Executing is hard How it usually starts out for me Sales Client No sales steps/Need Sales steps Not Direct enough for 2013/need to learn how No Selection/Start De Selection Plan GoalTasksExecute Understand, Buy In, Whirlwind 6. Expert by necessity 90% of time Time Management My Choices A) Beat them B) Scream at them C) Start Coaching on TM THEN results 7. Why didnt you get it done? 8. Expert by necessity No Blame, No fault, Nothing Bad Bigger Whirlwinds in 2013 9. You Are Not: Are: Stupid, lazy, unorganized Facing a whirlwind Hopeless Too many demands Incapable of getting it Not suited for traditionalTM maybe a little ADHD 10. Tools not Short Cuts Tools Tricks Principles/Disciplines Promise fast results Rules Band Aids Address the ROOT Treat symptoms notproblemroot cause 11. 4 Tools Help LeverageExecute stuff Inter dependent Master them one tool at time 17-30 days. Try, Try Try again At end, decide which tool you want to start with 12. To Make Sure You Get the MostOut of Your Learning ...IKNOW 13. The 4 Tools Of Execution 1. The Coach Thom style TASK LIST 2. The Default Schedule 3. Office Hours 4. Simplified Project Management 14. Paper vs. Technology Debate with a volunteer In 15 seconds, I can writebut Faster, easier, more creative Defeats the purpose if technicallychallenged Loose the BIG idea 15. Loops Cause Stress Looping, repeating, round and round 5 loops and your are stressed 16. The Coach Thom StyleTask List Loops stink. Priority systems dont work in 2013 Ignore your CAPACITY Capture the details right away How long will this take WHEN will you do it More than a to do listor a multitasking.. 17. Multi Tasking is Evil. Prove I can save you half the time. Exercise part 1: write down the sentence Igave you AND the numbers I give you.Note your time Multi Tasking is the Biggest Lieyou have ever been taught. 1 2 3 4 5..27 What was your time? 18. Multi Tasking is Evil. Exercise part 2: write down the sentence I gaveyou ONE LETTER AT A TIME ImmediatelyFollowed by ONE NUMBER at a time. M 1 U 2 What was your time? 19. The Coach Thom StyleTask List CAPACITY or INVENTORY management Use your inventory/resources wisely Forced quick prioritization Saying NO Saying NOT NOW Focus only a few smart things 20. The Coach Thom StyleTask List 3 columns #1 SPECIFIC Task Grab those ideas asap and record them Underestimate how fast brain processes Ancillary thoughts wont be lost Natural sequential nature of your brain 21. The Coach Thom Style Task List 3 columns #2 HOW LONG in minutes FORCES you to address capacity and considerinventory #3 WHEN will you do it FORCES you to address capacity and considerinventory Prevents biting off too much 22. The Coach Thom StyleTask List Warehouse or Parking Lot As big as you want Good idea but not now Store in your warehouse Next 4th of July Next time I hire a receptionist. 23. The Coach Thom StyleTask List Group Example Give me a SPECIFICtask How Long in minutes WHEN will you do it #2 #3 And #4 24. The Coach Thom StyleTask ListAny time you have a Task -a to do- it goes hereIt DOES not go anywhere else.It does NOT go on a PDA, IPHONE, Blackberry.Loss of control of your time and tasks causes stress. 25. Optional Tool: A JournalUse it for anything and everything.Me? Coaching clients-listening and notetaking in addition to their planSo Ill put my notes in the front part of thebook.Label the top of the page with the details-like client, date 26. Exercise to Lock in the Learning 6 minutes Brain Dump as much as you can in 6minutes SPECIFCS of the task HOW LONG in minutes WHEN will you do it The winner is she/he who get the biggestdump 27. Before we move on. Is this clear? Can I clarify? Tell me how I can help increase buy in? What will keep youfrom using it? 28. The Coach Thom StyleTask ListNever Ever Ever LooseWhen you are done with a page or even a page of TO DOsget a great big giant magic marker and CROSS IT OFF!This is NOT a calendar nor does it replace one..keep using your paper calendar, your Franklin Planner, your PDA..for appointments only. 29. Optional Tool: A JournalANYTHING in your life where you want torecord notes should go in the front with thedate and a title.For faster reference, you can add theseitems to your table of contentsIdeas for staff meetingStuff you want to torture your assistant with 30. Optional Tool: A JournalOr maybe Im in a workshop and want to take and seminar name at topOr maybe Im packing for a Conference and I want to make a note of what I need.Or maybe Im writing out my menu plan to keep under 1000 calories a day.. 31. Tool: Default Schedule Default- fall back on Done in advance The Story of WiseThom and SimpleThom Wise Thom leavesnotes for simpleThom 32. Default Schedule.. more.. The Wise you: un-rushed, Default- typical,calm, thinking PROActively, working Smart, regular, but notquiet carved in stone- Leaves instructions so flexible, starting pointthe Simple you can justshow up and see whatneeds to be done.. 33. Tool: Default ScheduleInterruptions in your professional life.High SchoolDid you sit in Math Class all day or all week? Then move onto Gym?Try to set up your week like a High School Class Schedule.Flip chart- what are some examples of the classes you SHOULD be taking?.gym class/planning class/Prospecting class/Meetings class 34. What Changed from School? 35. Tool: Default ScheduleReactive ProactiveHow you spend it is up How you spend it isto OTHERSup to YOUBIG whirlwind Small whirlwindCatching balls Throwing BallsHotel Owner/Manager Business CoachOnly a few classes on Lots of classes on thethe schedule scheudle 36. Tool: Default ScheduleThe MOST IMPORTANT CLASS YOU CAN TAKE: PLANNINGEven if you work the Complaint Department at USAIRWAYS, you must find time for Planning.Every day- 10 minutes.Ideally the last class of the dayOr first thing in the morning.Review your appointments, go through your notes,update your Task List 37. Creating YOUR Default Schedule Step 1: Start with a blank week-fill in the daysyou work, the times you work Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday7009001100100300500 38. Creating YOUR Default Schedule Step 2: Going back, and using blocks of time,put in when you must react (MUST) .MondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday Saturday700 Staff MeetingStaff Meeting Staff Meeting Staff MeetingStaff Meeting DeparturesAnswer900 PhonesAnswer PhonesDeparturesAnswerPhonesAnswer Phones Departures 1100100300 Check ins Check insCheck insCheck ins Check insCheck ins500 Check ins Check insCheck ins 39. Tool: Default Schedule Because in reality-we have these musts You saw some of mine, what are yours? Rule- The Musts Cannot take up yourwhole schedule For our goals and our exercise shoot forno more than 50% of your total DefaultSchedule Need to time EXECUTE 40. Creating YOUR Default Schedule Step 3: Next using only 25% of what is left over,fill in your Important Reaction Items .MondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday Saturday700 Staff MeetingStaff Meeting Staff Meeting Staff MeetingStaff MeetingFUP/Admin FUP/AdminFUP/Admin FUP/ADMIN Departures FUP/ADMINAnswer900 PhonesAnswer PhonesPayroll Departures FUP/AdminAnswerPhonesAnswer PhonesPayrollDepartures 1100TrainingPayroll SalesCallsFUP/AdminTrainingSalesCalls100TrainingSalesCallsFUP/Admin SalesCalls300 Check ins Check insSalesCallsCheck insCheck insCheck ins Check insSalesCallsCheck insCheck ins500 Check ins Check insCheck ins 41. Creating YOUR DefaultSchedule Step 4: Take what is left and create yourPLANNING time, or your OFFICE HOURS (OH) MondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday Saturday. 700 Staff MeetingStaff Meeting Staff Meeting Staff MeetingStaff Meeting FUP/Admin FUP/AdminFUP/Admin FUP/ADMIN Departures FUP/ADMIN Answer 900 PhonesAnswer PhonesPayroll Departures FUP/Admin Answer PhonesAnswer PhonesPayrollDepartures1100TrainingPayroll SalesCalls FUP/AdminTrainingSalesCalls 100TrainingSalesCallsFUP/AdminSalesCalls 300 Check ins Check insSalesCallsCheck insCheck ins Check ins Check insSalesCallsCheck insCheck ins 500 Check ins Check insCheck ins 42. Tool: Default ScheduleThe Importance of the Buzzer.ClassDismissedFrom Lunch to Home Ec.The CLOCK! 43. Tool: Default ScheduleI Guarantee youll find minutes in a day, hours in a week and DAYS IN A MONTH by running by the clock."I dont want to be a slave to the clock". You wontyoull have more time to do the things you REALLY want to do,Students-What are some things you want to do but dont seem to have time for? 44. Tool: Default ScheduleThese tools will keep you focused!ADHD expertBright shiny objectsYou will be more plan-full and get theimportant stuff done.ANDyoull save a lot of emotional energyANDyoull get the wonderful feeling ofaccomplishment by looking at the stuffcrossed off. 45. Default Schedule Use it over and over.. Starting point, a pattern, a jig, Some can use the same patternEXACTLY from one week to the next. Others (Sales?) will have to alter itslightly Minority may have to adjust it more.. 46. Calendar vs. Default Schedule Calendar Default Schedule Appointments- INCLUDES the itemsmeetings, sales calls, from your calendar Personal dates But also includes the Vacations, etc Reaction, the Important