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  • 1. Kerberos tripod barriers

2. Reception area of a head office 850 members of staff and visitors a day. Ministry of Economics, 8.00 am 250 employees start work at the same time. A busy international airport 2700 passengers pass through each boarding gate every day. Quick, reliable, user friendly 3. Kerberos tripod barriers take care of access control in a wide variety of situa- tions, supporting reception staff in their work. Our proven control systems have no problem managing pedestrian flows even at peak times. Throughput rate =up to 45 persons per minute Security level = Staff supervision = yes Versions with collapsible arms provide free escape routes in both directions in emergencies. Thanks to a patented system the collapsed arm can be auto- matically reset after the emergency situation has passed. This is activated by authorised staff. 4. Why Kerberos tripod barriers? collapsible arms with automatic resetting function unit opens even under pressure suitable for installation in escape routes suitable for outdoor installations We recommend matching automatic swing doors to provide access for people with reduced mobility. 5. Fields of application Office and administrative buildings Ministries, government buildings Industrial plants Airports Banks and financial institutions 6. In lobby area to support reception staff Unit on mobile stand for temporary use A smart solution for any entrance Integrated with card readers for boarding gates Multiple units in large lobby area With matching swing door for people with reduced mobility Access to company site, outdoor installation 7. Kerberos tripod barriers Five versions, multiple options We have developed a special tripod barrier line for access to public facilities, such as sports stadiums, swimming pools, spas, leisure parks, museums or public toilets. Please ask for our PSS-products. Kerberos TPB-E02 Housing Base columns Arms Collapsible arms Power-assisted drive Outdoor installation The classic among Kabas tripod barriers, available with stylish rounded or straight base columns stainless steel stainless steel, rounded optional: angular shape stainless steel / aluminium optional optional yes Kerberos TPB-S01/S03 Housing Base columns Arms Collapsible arms Power-assisted drive Outdoor installation Compact, slim and light, featuring stainless steel tube base columns and 2 housing versions coated aluminium stainless steel stainless steel optional standard yes Kerberos TPB-C01 Housing Base columns Arms Collapsible arms Power-assisted drive Outdoor installation Timelessly elegant with ergonomic oval shape and additional back plate stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel optional standard no 10200E82008 8. Kaba Ltd Unit 27 Bates Industrial Estate Harold Wood Romford Essex RM3 0HU Tel: + 44 (0)870 000 5292 Fax: + 44 (0)870 000 5293 Email: Kaba Ltd Lower Moor Way Tiverton Devon EX16 6SS Tel: + 44 (0)870 000 5625 Fax: + 44 (0)870 000 5397 Email: