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  • 1.My 90-second Cover Letter Presentation

2. Hello there. Im Kevinjohn Gallagher... ... an exec-level Business & Digital Transformation Consultant with almost 20 years of experience. I have used my Project & Product Management expertise to work with global organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, AOL, BP, Samsung, BBC, Adobe and MTV. I love proving that adopting a pragmatic Agile approach can result in a spectacular Return on Investment, while transforming any business or product. 3. Who Ive delivered for: Adobe American Express Aral AT&T Audi BBC BP British Government British Army BT Bungie Burberry Cisco Deal or no Deal Drupal Edinburgh Fringe Endemol Guardian Johnson & Johnson Ladbrokes Lush MSDN MSN MTV Oxfam NCR Nike Orange Samsung SC Johnson Scottish Executive Shell Standard Life Bank Vodafone William Hill Wilkinson Sword 4. Headlines. 5 years at director level. Managing a variety of stakeholders while successfully executing multi-million dollar programmes for global FTSE 100 companies, by embedding a pragmatic Agile approach. 10 years in management. Delivering web, mobile, e-commerce, video, brand, marketing, eCRM, strategic consulting and enterprise-level CMS projects within interdisciplinary teams. 15 years as a proven leader. Experience as an expert across digital, financial services, entertainment, gaming, FMCG, gambling, technology, television, adult, education, and not-for-profit sectors. 5. What Im looking for: Im looking for the biggest challenge of my life. Not too much to ask for, is it? I want to work with an evolving opportunity: that challenges people from day one. where a technical solution is not enough. where buzzword-based demos have no relevance. where the business perception has to move the most. where everyone is excited about the concept, but few involved grasp the actual next steps. where iterate and innovate are synonymous. 6. What people say about me Just a few kind words from people I have worked with: Kevinjohn marches to the beat of his own drum; but his knowledge of product definition, feature prioritization and the difficult trade-off processes is amazing. Kevinjohn was the business design authority on our highest profile organizational change programme. His deep digital expertise from both a strategy and execution standpoint was crucial to our delivery. His ability to communicate with engineers, creatives and C-level stakeholders galvanised the uptake of Scrum by translating our goals into a believable delivery strategy. 7. Thank You If you havent received my CV with this presentation, please get in touch or download from my website: Phone: +44 7788 718382 E-mail: intro@KevinjohnGallagher.com Website: www.KevinjohnGallagher.com LinkedIn: KevinjohnGallagher Skype: KevinjohnGallagher