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  1. 1. Create GET your website. We took the Y out of the DIY. JUST CHOOSE. DONT CREATE. DIY sites give you tools to Create your web site We - simply - deliver you your web site. Eat the cake and have it too. Via - the innovation we bring to you.
  2. 2. Here is why we took the Y out of the DIY: - An overwhelming majority of people needing a web site arent web site creators let alone experts. Yes, even when the DIY tools don't need you to know HTML and CSS - there is a lot more to a web site. UI, UX, Colors, Fonts, Placements, editing etc, are some of the things that you would expect from a PROFESSIONALLY done web site. After all, the last thing you want is your web site to have an *amateurish look -n - feel. - Creating a web site by non technical users themselves is too much to ask for And it's a lot to ask for. - If you need a PROFESSIONAL - bespoke - site - doing it yourself is an uphill task. A lot is involved. Dont take our word for it. Just ask the 98 % of the WIX
  3. 3. The Lure of the DIY - It all started with the Home Improvement Business. And the argument was, why pay a professional to do your bathroom or kitchen, roof or AC, when you can do it yourself. And the claim was (and is) - that all we the people need is the Tools and the HOW to manuals. - The DIY movement spread from Homes to Cars and now to almost everything else that could be done by a professional. - To be sure: Saving money isn't a bad idea.
  4. 4. The Challenge. The Problem. And the Innovation. - While its true that for the majority of us, DIY web site builder route is hard, confusing and time consuming, there are SUBSTANTIAL savings involved. - While none of us want amateur written all over our business web site, most of us would like to save on the costs involved. The costs of getting a site done professionally, is - for a lot of us - a lot. - The challenge is to - somehow - get the same quality web site that the big boys have for their business - while getting it at a cost that is easier on our wallets. We took the challenge. We use the same - AI - technologies that Google uses to
  5. 5. YES. NOW YOU CAN EAT THE CAKE AND HAVE IT TOO Now you don't have to make the trade off between cost and quality Now you can get your bespoke web site done. Yes. Tailor Made. and Professional Grade - for the Price of a DIY site. And the best part is: we want you to have the fun of choosing from thousands of designs we created for you ! Yes of course we retained the D and the I parts for u Ok JUST DO IT.
  6. 6. The Process. And your Role. True to our Tag Line: Just Choose. Dont Create: All we ask of you is to Choose from the beautifully designed, responsive websites. No need to worry about Javascript or CSS. SEO or Parallax. UI or UX. We got all that covered for you. And yes. No more dragging and dropping buttons or HTML elements that all the DIY sites such as: WIX or Weebly. Squarespace or JImdo. Yola or rest, ask of you. Essentially, these DIY website builders, give you half-baked Templates, and they expect and want you to drag n drop the html elements. Albeit graphically, but they are asking you to create and edit your web site. With nomolisa, you don't have to do any of that. And, to make it better for you: Just upload or email, your specific content when you are ready. And we will do it for you.