Jornadas Odoo 2015 - Charla con Odoo S. A

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Text of Jornadas Odoo 2015 - Charla con Odoo S. A

  1. 1. Jornadas Odoo 2015 Olivier Dony @odony
  2. 2. Agenda o Odoo 9 Features o 2015: Strategy o Editions & Licenses
  3. 3. Odoo 9 Features
  4. 4. Odoo 9 Features o Website Builder o New Editor o Versioning o A/B testing o New Building blocks o Multi-website o Customization tools
  5. 5. Odoo 9 Features o Themes o Ready-to-use o Customizable o Building blocks o Dynamic o Blogs & eCommerce o Themes Store
  6. 6. Odoo 9 Features o eCommerce o Customer portal o Digital products o More payment acquirers (Authorize, Ogone, Mercury, ...) o Fedex, UPS, ... integration o Ebay & Amazon integration
  7. 7. Odoo 9 Features o Contracts management o Recurring contracts o Fixed price o Time&Materials o New portal o Options and extra
  8. 8. Odoo 9 Features o Subscription management o Plans o Recurring invoices o Options and setup fee o Portal o KPIs and dashboard
  9. 9. Odoo 9 Features o New Design o Clean o Easier to navigate o Faster o Fully mobile and responsive o Simpler filters and dynamic groups o Better dashboards
  10. 10. Odoo 9 Features o Odoo Sign o Online signature o Drag&drop fields o Multiple roles o PDF Preview o Templates
  11. 11. Odoo 9 Features o Project Management o Customizable o Forecasting o Timesheet on tasks
  12. 12. Odoo 9 Features o Invoicing & Payments o Send by email o 24000 bank synchro o SEPA Payments o OFX, QIF, CSV, CODA import o Check deposit & printing o Batch deposit o Follow-up
  13. 13. Odoo 9 Features o New Accounting o Dashboards o Reports + XLS export o Reconciliation o Fiscal year closing o Simplified configuration o Assets
  14. 14. 2015: Strategy
  15. 15. 2015: Problems Accounting Sales Purchases Manufacturing Inventory Current ERP Systems are Accounting centric ... ...
  16. 16. 2015: Problems But modern companies face new challenges... Accounting Sales Purchases Manufacturing Inventory ... ... Customer Services Communication eCommerce Marketing they need extra apps on top of their ERP
  17. 17. 2015: Strategy Modern companies are customer centric and require integrated apps for customer related functions: POS Mass mailing Lead tracking Sales consolidation eCommerce After Sales Communication - ...
  18. 18. The Odoo Approach Modern companies are Customer Centric Customer Sales Purchases Manufacturing Inventory ... ... Customer Services Communication eCommerce Marketing Accounting
  19. 19. Next steps Odoo 9 Q3 2015 (Odoo online) Q4 2015(On premise)
  20. 20. Odoo 10: reaching perfection o Focus on usability o Reduce implementation cost (config, on boarding) o Product but also platform, documentation, translations.. o With user in mind o Boost productivity (do more with less effort) o Reaching perfection o Thousands of small details (rather than new apps) o Improvements on community apps o Apps store (a way to finance community work)
  21. 21. Focus on User Experience o Marketing o Focus on user experience: new website, tutorials, documentation, feedback, translations (rather than acquiring new users) o R&D o On boarding o Planner o Fix customer pain points o Sales o Renewals team Customer Success Team
  22. 22. Editions & Licenses
  23. 23. Odoo 9: Two Editions Odoo Community Odoo Enterprise OE base account crm project stock ... account_dashboard account_check_print web_mobile project_forecast ...
  24. 24. What you need to know Detailed list:
  25. 25. Community + Enterprise Odoo Community is the foundation of Odoo Enterprise Success of one will bring success to the other Evolutions of Odoo Enterprise will be based on evolutions of Odoo Community and most of the core features are in Odoo Community More people using Odoo Community means more people who might want to upgrade to Odoo Enterprise
  26. 26. Community + Enterprise We want Odoo Community to be the best open source management software in the world (not a secondary product) We want extra features in Odoo Enterprise to upgrade some of the users success of Enterprise invest in Community
  27. 27. Licenses of Odoo 9 Odoo 9 Community LGPLv3 - can be used/modified/distributed by anyone Project fully hosted on GitHub, access to anyone Source code Bug reports (also via Odoo Enterprise) Pull Requests Translations on odoo/odoo master up-to-date!
  28. 28. Licenses of Odoo 9 Odoo 9 Enterprise Proprietary license applies to Enterprise Apps only Using requires Odoo Enterprise subscription Modifications are allowed Distribution only to Odoo Enterprise subscribers Project fully hosted on GitHub, access to all partners Source code Bug reports (also via Odoo Enterprise) Pull Requests Translations on odoo/enterprise (+ some customers)
  29. 29. License Combinations 3 main licenses: LGPL, AGPL, Proprietary Some combinations of these licenses are not valid because GPL prevents distribution if licensing terms conflict. The Odoo Apps Store will be able to verify the validity of the combinations.
  30. 30. Licenses Combinations (1) Proprietary Apps cannot depend on AGPL Apps, only on LGPL and other Proprietary ones
  31. 31. Licenses Combinations (2) AGPL Apps cannot depend on Proprietary ones, but it works if they are relicensed as LGPL
  32. 32. Licenses Combinations (3) Odoo's official interpretation of the licenses and their intention is that using Proprietary Apps and AGPL Apps at the same time is OK, as long as they don't depend on each other. See definition of Corresponding Source in AGPLv3 and the GPL FAQ entry #AGPLv3CorrespondingSource
  33. 33. Questions? @odony
  34. 34. Thank You @odony