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John Mccullough Oakville General Manager of SESCO

John Mccullough Oakville

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  • John Mccullough OakvilleGeneral Manager of SESCO

  • University of TorontoGraduateJohn McCullough of Oakville knows that getting a good education is highly important. A graduate of the University of Toronto class of 1981, he earned his Bachelor of Arts and has grown to be a successful and highly regarded professional in the electrical distribution field because of his strong educational background.

  • District D Squash Player One of John McCullough of Oakvilles favorite sports is squash and he plays for the local District D team. Squash requires John McCullough of Oakville to have quick reflexes as he responds to the rapidly moving ball, and he finds that the sport keeps him agile. John McCullough of Oakville and his squash partner work hard to be in sync with each other on the court. John McCullough of Oakville enjoys spending time with his teammates and playing in local squash competitions.

  • Enjoys Hockey Growing up as a child in Canada, John McCullough of Oakville always watched a lot of hockey on TV and frequently played the sport with his friends. Because he is an athletic individual, John McCullough of Oakville continues to play hockey as an adult and has played pickup hockey with his colleagues from the electric distribution company for the last 12 years. The group gets together frequently to play friendly games and enjoy time together outside of work.

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