Invigorate Your Customer Experience Through Social Learning

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  • 1.Customer Experience
    Invigorate Your CustomerExperience Through Social Learning
    Featured Webinar
    Presented by Mzinga & Knowlagent
    August 2011

2. Introductions
Mike Merriman
Director of Strategic Services Mzinga
John WolfChief Operating Officer
3. Wed love your participation
Session Follow-Up

  • Being social is about interacting & engaging each other & sharing ideas so the best way to understand it, is to just do it!

4. Dont feel limited: Join in the chat & feel free to tweet about our discussion.(#mzinga) 5. We also know some of you will prefer to listen; thats cool tooAfter the event, the following materials will be made available to all of you:

  • Presentation slides

6. Webinar recording 7. Chat transcript3
8. Todays Agenda

Today's workplace is diverse, distributed and full of context shifts. Companies with existing investments in learning will look to squeeze even more value from this expenditure.
More techniques and technologies will emerge that incorporate social software, and the lines between learning, talent management and human capital management systems will continue to blur.

10. Forces Changing Learning Dynamics
BusinessDrivers for Social Learning
Source:Constellation Research
11. Employees Arent As Engaged As You Think
2011, Blessing White, Inc.
12. Measuring Employee Engagement
2011, Blessing White, Inc.
13. What is Social Learning?
Process Attributes that Foster Learning
Democratic StructureOpen Communication
Diverse Participation
Various Knowledge Sources

  • Organizational Alignment

14. Productivity Gains 15. Improved Satisfaction & Retention 16. Increased innovationCommonPurpose
that enables
Social Learning
Collaborative Relationships
Generates Knowledge About
Facts, Values, Teamwork, Problem solving, Opportunities
17. Continuous Learning Model Provides GreaterRetention
18. Linking Learning with Social delivers results
Enhanced efficiencies
Improved Productivity
Increased Competency
In workplaces with combined formal & social learning, employees
Can gain direct access to information they typically spend 12hours per week gathering
Perform tasks 41% faster than with formal learning alone
Complete tasks 30% more accurately than with formal learning alone
Source: US Department of Labor
19. Where Social Learning Thrives
Employee Experience
Customer Experience

  • Partner on-boarding

20. Ongoing partner education 21. Ongoing partner engagement 22. Developer & partner networks 23. Peer support 24. New client acquisition 25. Customer on-boarding 26. Ongoing customer education 27. Ongoing customer engagement 28. Customer networking 29. Peer support 30. Social recruiting & on-boarding 31. Engagement & collaboration 32. Mentoring 33. Talent & leadership development